Israeli Politicians Vow Equality

Israel’s politicians give an unprecedented pledge to legislate pro gay laws

 Representative of Israeli political parties promise more action on LGBT rights during a panel debating the upcoming elections and gay rights
06 January 2013 | By Dan Littauer, Shabi Gatenio
During a panel discussion, Israel’s politicians give an unprecedent pledge to legislate pro gay laws

During a political panel organized by the Aguda, Israel’s largest LGBT rights group, representatives from the country’s leading political parties vowed to improve LGBT rights.

Politicians representing seven different political attended an election LGBT panel of Otzma, the Aguda’s LGBT political division, where they promised to actively promote and work for improving LGBT rights in Israel.

The panel was the first ever held in the country (4 January), ahead of the country’s general election next month.

The ruling party’s, Likud-Beytenu, Minister of Culture and Sport, Limor Livnat, was a key speaker at the panel and surprized many of its attendees by vowing she will do her utmost to get her party to officially legislate for same-sex marriage.

Livnat stated that the task will not be easy as the party’s member views are split on this issue, but many support marriage equality.

However, out gay Israeli MP Nitzan Horowitz, from the left wing Meretz party, criticized Livnat and other parties by saying there is a gap between what the general public feels and legislation in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament.

‘When it comes to the Knesset, it is if there was a steel wall, there is a coalition discipline and legislative attempts hit a wall of opposition, sometimes irrational.

Horowitz gave an example of how a recent bill against discrimination in schools was scrapped with a religious party in coalition with Likud-Beytenu objected.

Livnat replied that ‘there is a difficulty, and this difficulty will be solved only when the Likud-Beytenu will be stronger and would not need certain parties as coalition partners’.

Photo: Alex Guri


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