Is Uganda’s Kill the Gays Bill Going to be THIS year’s XMAS gift?

So was the promise really for THIS Xmas?

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 5.56.52 PMLast year around this time Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga promised the Anti-Homosexuality Bill as a Xmas gift to Uganda. But it never happened. The controversial Bil, otherwise known a ” kill the Gays Bill”, continued its dirty dance on the Order Papers, Uganda’s Parliamentary agenda for some months and then seemed to gently swish away to nothingness. But now we may say  she’s baaaackkkkkkkkk….

This report in today’s Ugandan press:

Parliament- Parliament reconvenes today (NOV 05) to a tight legislative calendar that may see the passage of the controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill before Christmas and provide funds needed to fix the ‘ailing hospitals’ and guarantee food security in the country.

Fresh from Canada, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga last year promised to pass the Anti-Gay Bill as a ‘Christmas gift’ to the Ugandan people.  However, this did not happen even as sources close to her office blamed a congested agenda.

As the House reconvenes today, top on the agenda will be the consideration of a key government motion that seeks among others to borrow close to $37million (about Shs100 billion) from Arab Banks and Opec fund to rehabilitate and expand district hospitals starting with Kayunga and Yumbe hospitals.

Uganda remains embroiled in poverty, child trafficking, rape of kids by straight men, high rate of prostitution by women who cannot afford to feed their families, a corrupt government and yet they are still speaking about the impending gift of the anti-gay Bill, a whole year later.

And with News like this one wonder really – are the Ugandans going to waste their time with a minority that just wants to be left to love in peace when there are problems like this? –

Museveni’s unfulfilled pledges – The President has reportedly not delivered on 817 pledges with an estimated cost of more than Shs12.9 trillion.…

Parliament- The Old Testament, Numbers 30:12, teaches thus: If a man vows a vow to the Lord, or swears an oath to bind himself by a pledge, he shall not break his word. He shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.

President Museveni has not kept true to that particular biblical teaching, according to a report by the parliamentary Committee on Government Assurances. The report was leaked to the Daily Monitor by a member of an opposition party who cannot be named for fear of retribution from colleagues.

According to the committee, the President has not delivered on 817 pledges, not to the Lord, though, but to Ugandans, since coming to power in 1986.
The report is up for launch today at Parliament.  read more

As of today I have yet to see The Anti-Homosexuality Bill on Parliament’s Order papers.

Ugandan authorities continues to arrest gays without any cause or law to back such arrests. The persecution continues as many LGBT people remain in hiding, for fear of their lives, after being outed in public by tabloids. You would think the Ugandan Parliament and authorities would realize that using the anti-gay law as a distraction from the real ills of Uganda is no longer a viable proposition. They should realize that if they were to pass the bill, their economy will be impacted as they will be subjected to boycotts and their travel industry will come to an abrupt halt. More importantly if the Bill were to pass, it would probably be smashed into unconstitutional pieces by the Ugandan Courts.  Lets see if it re-rears its ugly little head…

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