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Gunmen Attack Russian Gay Club

By Melanie Nathan, Nov 16, 2013. Two men attacked a well-known Moscow gay club “Central Station” tonight. Intruders at first threatened the club visitors, and when the guards refused to let them into the club, shots were fired. The attack on the club occurred at about 5:00 am. According to the club management, the men […]

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Tuxedoed Gay Activist Seizes Stage at London Symphony

GAY ACTIVIST ONCE AGAIN DISRUPTS CONCERT CONDUCTED BY PUTIN SUPPORTER VALERY GERGIEVAT THE BARBICAN IN LONDON Posted by Melanie Nathan, Nov 01, 2013. London, November 1, 2013— The opening night of London Symphony Orchestra principal conductor Valery Gergiev’s new concert season at the Barbican in London was disrupted last night (31 October) by a protest […]

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Queer Nation Disrupts Russian Government Officials at Investment Forum

SEE VIDEO Posted by Melanie Nathan, October 28, 2013. New York, NY (October 28, 2013) — Gay activists directly confronted Russian government officials over that country’s anti-LGBT laws during a forum to promote US investment in Russia, disrupting a panel promoting investment in Moscow.One after another, three members of Queer Nation rose to question the […]

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New Yorkers to Protest with Divest Moscow Message at Russian Officials’ Meeting

Queer Nation to Protest Russian Government  Financial Officials at NYC’s Princeton Club New York, NY (October 24, 2013) — In the latest in a series of high-profile protests against the Russian government’s anti-gay laws, LGBT rights group Queer Nation will demonstrate outside a New York City meeting of Russian government officials. The protest will take […]

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Putin bans meetings and protests during Sochi Winter Olympics

By Melanie Nathan, August 23, 2013. In an atmosphere of LGBTI oppression and calls for the removal of the Winter Olympics from Sochi, Russia because of recent anti-gay laws, an ABC News reporter is tweeting that Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned all meetings, protests and demonstrations during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. […]

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Donald Trump holding Miss Universe in Russia will earn him Vice Czar of Homophobia Crown

How Many Carrie Prejeans will be at Miss Universe in Russia? By Melanie Nathan, August 10, 2013. Russian President Valdimir Putin has earned a new name – Putin ‘Czar of Homophobia.’ His new anti-gay law and the increase in homophobic violence has led to calls for sanctions against Russia, from boycotts of Russian vodka to […]

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The truth about Russian Vodka Boycotts, Stoli Stolichnaya and ALL OUT Boycotts

The Facts About Stolichnaya \ What Stolichnaya Execs, its PR Firm and Ad Agency Say About the Brand – What Stolichnaya Execs, its PR Firm and Ad Agency Say About the Brand By Melanie Nathan, August 08, 2013. Updates August 11, 2013. – In its attempts to separate itself from the Russian vodka boycotts, Stoli […]

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10 Actions you can take against Russia | shocking video of Russian Gay Teen torture

10 ways to STOP the Russian terror of Gays By Melanie Nathan, July 26, 2013. Anti-gay sentiment and violence against LGBTI people has been a Russian habit for some time. However in recent months it has escalated with lack of basic law and order, exacerbated by Vladamir Putin’s legislative onslaught through various laws that criminalize […]

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Hypocrisy of Edward Snowden | If he was gay Putin could arrest him

by Melanie Nathan, July 15, 2013. Does Edward Snowden know that if he said one pro-gay or LGBTI supportive word Putin could arrest him and he could go to jail? I find Snowden’s actions in complimenting the Russian authorities and their human rights record self serving, unnecessary and nothing more than one big Putanic arse-lick […]

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Renewed calls for Olympic boycott as gay arrests continue in Russia

An action to demonstrate the danger of  the new anti-LGBT laws By Cathy Kristofferson, July 2, 2013 Amidst current graphic protests, there is a renewed call for the boycott of the Sochi Olympics, as gay arrests continue in Russia following President Putin’s signing into law the nationwide so-called “anti-propaganda bill,” banning the so called ‘promotion’ […]

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Same gender couples risking arrest apply for Marriage Licenses in Russia

by Cathy Kristofferson, June 28, 2013 Today 5 same-gender couples applied for marriage licenses in the registry office in the Admiralty Side, a district of St. Petersburg, Russia.  Officials at the registry explained that the licenses are only intended for couples of opposite gender and sent them on their way.  This is a bold move in […]

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Police detain Russia's leading gay rights campaigner Yuri Gavrikov during an unsanctioned gay rally near the City Hall in Moscow, Saturday, May 25, 2013.

Moscow Gay Rights Rally ends in violence and arrests

By Cathy Kristofferson, May 25, 2013 Update May 26  – Video add down below We reported earlier here on OBLOGDEE about Ukraine’s 1st ever Gay Pride March happily occurring despite multiple political attempts to derail it.  The folks in Moscow were not so lucky. Today in the Russian capital of Moscow, activists and opponents clashed in an unsanctioned […]

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Topless Protestors in Germany lunge at Putin in Protest at Trade Event

European protestors, the group Femen take their protests to an effective extreme – at least I think so – certainly noticeable and passionately expressive. This makes American protests in the vein of Code Pink and GetEQUAL seem tame. I say ‘way to go and thank you FEMEN! By Melanie Nathan, April 10, 2013. A must […]

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Pro-Democracy Russian Movement Homophobic Rejection of LGBT Protestors

“He was then taken away by the police out of the demonstration and told he will not be allowed to use the rainbow flag in the protest any further.”  30 December 2011 | By Guest Dan Littauer LGBT political activists in Russia are reporting abuse  at Pro-Democracy rallies across the country through  gay protestors being […]

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