Corrective RAPE South Africa | Dear Min. Radebe, Minister of Justice

Melanie Nathan Nov 24-2010 – Continuing to fight for Justice for Millicent Gaika and to find safe protection for Milly and Ndumie Funda and other victims of the horrendous crime of  “corrective rape: – in South Africa.

Minister Jeffrey Thamsanqa Radebe, MP
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Dear Sir, Hon Minister of Justice Radebe

I am an activist and writer for LGR Media in the United State of America.  We have been covering the moving  story of a woman by the name of Milicent Gaika, a victim of so called “corrective rape” a young and talented soccer player.   She was raped by accused Andile Ncgoci Who is standing trial in the Wynberg Court. The rape occurred in Gugelethu – where I believe an International couples were also the subject of an horrendous crime. In writing this e-mail  my mission is mixed  – I write as an activist for change and also as a writer in the hope that I can deliver an article that will show some positive results through the answers and action we seek.

Particularly egregious is the crime of so called “corrective rape” which is a specific hate crime. Here is an article I wrote which went viral abroad and people are getting mobilized  to boycott SA because they believe that Ms. Gaika has been so badly treated by the Prosecuting authority and the police, as being indicative of a serious lack of solicitude for LGBT people in your country, notwithstanding the fact that equality is written into the SA constitution.  This is exacerbated by the recent UN vote where SA voted to remove the caveat regarding the arbitrary execution of LGBT people in Africa.

This case is one where a victim to a brutal crime has become subject to the further victimization by her perpetrator and in essence, and with respect your Department of Justice.   The accused who raped her for 5 hours and then tried to strangle her with barbed wire before neighbors burst in and caught him, is free on bail of R60.00.

Andile was re- arrested because he broke his bail conditions by threatening the lives of the victime and her caretaker, Ndumie Funda and witnesses. When his family heard that he was re-arrested they threatened the life of Ndumie Fund of Lulekwe Sizwe- a brave woman who with no money is taking care of 15 rape victims in a tiny flooded  shack and these victims have no resources whatsoever,;  not even safe transport to the court to testify.

This same victim, Ms. Gaika  was raped some years back by 4 men who are now serving 14-15 years. She is a courageous warrior and her government is turning its back on her and the people who are taking care of her.

Imagine being on the same bus as the person you are testifying against for rape and attempted murder?   This must change. Both the victim and her caretaker have been suicidal with fear.

Today, sadly I reported on another young rape victim – her name is Bulelwa and her  funeral is next week in Port Elizabeth. She committed suicide because there were no resources to take care of her and help her and she had to look at the 4 men her raped her everyday.

Sir, please help the victims of these brutal  crimes – especially the vicious hate crimes where the very dignity and will to live is stripped from good people -who deserve to face life without further victimization.

Now Sir the world is watching –

These are my questions and I will be writing a story about the response I get:

1) Is the President aware of these crimes in  Gugulethu and elsewhere specifically relating to the  so called “corrective rape” a terms coined in SA because of the extent of the problem?

2) What is President Zuma doing to bring more education to the public;

3) What resources is your Department of Justice willing to provide to Millicent gaika and Ndumie Funda as a matter of urgency.

4) Can they receive security and protection for your authority?

5) Can your department please investigate why Andile received such small bail and why he was released after breaking bail conditions on a lie to go to a funeral?

6) Can you ensure he is rearrested an bail withdrawn until trial outcome.  He was caught in the act – he should not be on the street.

7) Can authorities provide arrest warrants or warnings  to  ANDILE family members who are threatening the witnesses.

8) Is there a witness protection program.

9) Is there money from the government to provide for the care of traumatized and ill victims and their caretakers.

Having practiced law in South Africa back in the 80′s and a as one of the founding students of the WITS Campus Law Clinic, worked at The Urban Training Project, where I was privileged to work with people like Sydney and Felicia Kentridge,  Arthur Chaskalson, and as a close and dear friend of Judge Edwin Cameron – it is of great interest to me personally to see that the fight and struggle of the 70′s- 80′s was not in vein when coming to the welfare of all citizens in South Africa who deserve equal treatment in all aspects of their lives, including in the Justice system and humane treatment as victims of brutal hate crimes.

Thank you and I appreciate your kind attention Sir, and with great respect I hope there is a way to calm and this most distressing situation and to prevent further suicides and violence.

Most Sincerely,

Melanie Nathan

Note: I intend to Publish this letter.

FAX to – cc.

President Barack Obama, The White House, via LGBT Liason Brain Bond
The Secretary of State of the United States of America

Hilary Clinton

Senator Barbara Boxer (CA)
Senator Dianne Feinstein (CA)

Senator Patric Leahy (VT)

Senator Joe Liberman
Senator Al Franken  (MN)
Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey (CA)
Congreswoman Jackie Speier (CA

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (CA)
Congreswoam Tammy Baldwin

Congressman Barney Frank


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