Kid Activists

Baby Bad

By Pikachu Guest age 6 years, Feb 29, 201

A few days ago I was at the Farmer’s Market and I was holding a chicken when a baby knocked down the Petting Zoo fence and landed on me and the chicken. That baby could have killed me and the chicken. That baby was not being watched by the parents or the people who owned the pet zoo.

Birds Falling

By Pikachu Guest age 6 years, Jan 01, 2012

Today I saw a black dot fall from the sky. I thought it was a bird. I thought someone shot it because it was going down. Remember my last post?  About animal societies.  Who ever is reading this please reda my last post, which was my first one.

I think the black dot was a bird. Sometimes birds tuck their wings when they are going down. I think hunters shoot the birds. Please please don’t shoot birds.

People should not shoot birds because its Gods creatures and they are not quite humans. They are like humans because they have souls and hearts and they have a reason to live.

So anyone who did that, please please please please stop it now.

That is it for now. Be back soon in a different report.


By Pikachu Now aged 7, August 05, 2012

You know how everybody has to be outside having fun on summer days; but everybody today is stuck at home because its foggy but it is kind of blue.

Kids are not out today because its super foggy. But it is summer. But there is also some blue. With every minute I am saying this it is getting more blue.

I am seven now – and I have no idea why I am putting this on this. I am gonna send it now. end of my conversation. The End.


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