South Africa – Gays and Lesbians Protest Bail for Accused Rapist

South Africa – Gays and Lesbians Protest Bail for Accused Rapist

Victim of Brutal Rape

4-7-10;  Melanie Nathan;

‘Gay and lesbian activists waved placards “no bail for rapists” and “bring back the rope”, at the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, in support of Millicent Gaika, a Lesbian who was brutally assaulted and raped, and to oppose bail for the accused perpetrator of the “corrective rape” attack.

The 43-year-old suspect, who under South African law cannot be named publicly until after he enters a plea in the case, appeared to be injured when he entered the Court room.

He is accused of pulling the woman into his room, beating and raping her, while saying he would teach her a lesson for being a lesbian.  The latest revelation is that he also threatened to kill her.  by killing her. Updates from out previous reports reveal that the accused was actually beaten by the neighbors who broke down the door to save the badly injured victim.

According to the Cape Argus reports, the prosecutor, Nazley January, asked for the case to be postponed because there was not enough information for a bail application.

Magistrate Hafiza Mohamed postponed the case to April 13. In the meantime the accused will be held in a Prison hospital.  The victim was admitted into hospital yesterday for both internal and external injuries.  She is being cared for by Ndumie Funda, the founder of Luleki Sizwe, an organization formed to support victims of homophobic rapes in townships.

While even the suspects family mentioned their opposition to bail and their embarrassment, cases of this nature have reached epidemic proportions in South Africa and the Government remains inept not only in failing to protect its citizens but also in its failure to recognize that this type of crime falls into a HATE CRIME category, an aggravating circumstance, requiring extraordinary treatment through appropriate laws for sentencing; as well as community outreach, teaching tolerance and educating men that no matter how many times they rape a woman their mission will not be accomplished.

It is not possible to make a lesbian straight through rape and rape is purely an act of criminal violence and brutality.

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