Gaika Rape Case Postponed Puts her Life in Danger

Updated Millicent Gaika’s Case Postponed|While her Life is in Danger

By Melanie Nathan, Nov 10, 2010

From Wynberg, Cape Town –  I  reported that  Millicent Gaika again takes the stand in her brave endeavor to find justice; against her rapist  caught in the act, trying to kill her. Millicent is there to show that women who are deemed inferior in that culture and the chattel of men, are in fact the true warriors;  she is there for every victim that has suffered under the misnoma – “corrective rape.” (UPDATED)

BUT that did not happen. Her case has been postponed to Feb 11th; reason unknown at this time.  This is outrageous in the face of the fact that her assailant is free and her neighbor and has threatened her life.  Prosecutors should apply for the bail withdrawal based on threats to her life, since she has been trying to testify.  Millicent as already felt suicidal in the face of abject fear and rejection by the authorities.  Imagine living for the next three months having to look over your shoulder for fear of the same happening again in the name of reprisal and hate.

This is typical of the Justice system in South Africa when it comes to cases of this nature. Recently a case where four men were held for murdering a lesbian in a hate crime, the case was continued 31 times. That case is four years old.

Since posting my piece last week about Milly’s first appearance, and her bad treatment by the South African Authorities, thousands have read our article.  Hundreds of E-mails and letters of support and good wishes have poured in for Milly about her courage and tenacity.  One person also started a Facebook page for Millicent which garnished 170 supporters in a short time.  I have passed on all readers good wishes to her in Cape Town.

Milly is terrified to testify and she has felt suicidal, unworthy – Our Readers outpouring of  support has helped Milly to see who she really is – a courageous warrior and a symbol for any survivor of such heinous torture.   She travels on a bus to Court – the same bus that the perpetrator – out on bail and her neighbor- will travel to go to the Court.

The Video below is an extraordinary insight into how the survivors of this horror live in the poverty stricken townships.  It is a MUST watch  – The Video starts off speaking German – however when the actual report comes on there is some English. But the pictures are worth more than words.  So please persevere and sit through the first minute.  It creates a picture that will help readers with insight that is hard to imagine.

The Video is a piece that went out on German TV l with an interview with Ndumie Funda of Luleki Sizwe, and the  co-founder  theatre performer Pam Ngwabeni.   Ndumie has been helping to support Millicent Gaika since the day she was raped and beaten.  The conditions for survival have been harsh.  At one point the two room shack was flooded and yet the 15 inhabitants, most survivors of rape had nowhere else to go.

I tried to get the embed code from Germany but my request remains unanswered – so the best I can do is refer readers to their site.   So here is where it can be watched:-

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO at this link below

Melanie Nathan (MEZA)
[email protected]

SUPPORT MILLY  HERE:!/pages/Millicent-Gaika-Support-Page/159448417423659

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