Lesbians Chase Rapist at South African Court Case

Mob of Angry Lesbians Chase Rapist at Court-in Corrective Rape Case of Millicent Gaika

By Melanie Nathan, November 10, 2010.

Perhaps some street justice would resolve the situation with the coward,   said the first comment that followed this information release, sent by Ndumie Funda from the Wynberg Magistrates Court Wednesday, after Millicent Gaika’ s rape case was set for a second day of testimony, but then postponed to next year. Her assailant who left her inches from death is out on bail and Milicent continues in abject fear, living close to the man since May when the incident occurred.

This was to be was the second  day for Millicent to testify abut the brutal attack against her by perpetrator Andile Ncoze;  again she was alone in court facing her perpetrator.  Again the courageous  witness got there by public transport with her mother. The case started at 10am, the perpetrator lied to the magistrate saying he was having a relationship with the victim,

Ndumie Funda who was at the Court today, reports that  “During the tea break Millicent came out court  very angry,with tears rolling down from her eyes  to tell me what Andile said to magistrate ; I then told the angry mob of township lesbians and supporters . All hell break loose they chased the accused  who ran inside the court seeking help of the prosecutor and the  police and they said to him there’s nothing they can do.                                                             Andile Ncoze

12.30pm the case was postponed to 1 February 2010. War broke out as the angry mob of lesbians wanted  to beat Andile Ncoza; he ran and locked himself in the toilet for about an hour,people were waiting for him he got escorted by police to the taxi rank.

We’ve got a new investigating officer his name is Investigating officer Sonday
this is his number 082 5221068/case number is 54/94/2010.Today is our first meeting with Sonday together with Millicent and her mother.Will keep all of you updated .That’s the dog that raped Millicent’s picture

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