Ugandan President Museveni Warns Obama and Cameron on Promotion of Homosexuality

My Response to the Ugandan President’s London Interview as noted in Ugandan Daily Monitor.
By Melanie Nathan, 02/26/2012

The President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni says Uganda “does not persecute gays, but resents promotion of gay activities.” According to the Uganda Monitor, this is the first time the President, who was in London for a one-day conference on Somalia, is publicly responding to recent separate announcements by the US Secretary of State, Sec. Hillary Clinton, and UK Prime Minister David Cameron that their countries would tie aid to the respect of the human rights of sexual minorities.

President Museveni now warns the US President Barack Obama and other Western officials against seeking to “impose western culture, particularly homosexuality, on Africa.”

Although Museveni himself admitted that homosexuality has always existed in Uganda, his remarks indicate that he does not comprehend that homosexuality cannot be imposed upon any culture and that sexuality is determined on a spectrum that exists in every single culture, regardless of creed or race, and without exclusion.

It is how the country treats its homosexual and lesbian citizens that has become questionable in Uganda; and Uganda has become the subject of international criticism because of harsh laws it seeks to impose on the sexual minorities who have the sexual orientation, homosexuality, the propensity for same-sex attraction.

Currently a bill is pending the Ugandan Parliament, known as the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, (AHB) authored by a vehement anti-gay fundamentalist, David Bahati, who has gone on the record touting his extreme Christian religious beliefs as the basis for the Bill.

The Bill, which has become known as the Kill-The-Gays-Bill, is what sparked off the vocal concern of Western governments including the US and the UK.

Appearing on the BBC’s Hard Talk program Museveni said Uganda does not persecute gays and lesbians as alleged by the Western media and governments. He warned against recent pronouncements by Washington and London that their future aid, including to Uganda, would be withheld because of infringement of LGBT human rights in the Country.

What Museveni does not understand is that the mere criminalization of homosexuality is indeed persecution, that it institutionalizes discrimination, by his government.

Museveni said further regarding the question of aid being cut, “That would be their biggest mistake. They should be very careful about black Africa. Black Africans are very humble people; we never impose our views on anybody else. We are not like Europeans and Arabs who want to impose their views [on others].”

He then made this admission, stating “homosexuals – in small numbers – existed in Africa long before the continent came in contact with Europe and they were either tolerated or ignored.  The difference between Africa and Western Europe is the promotion of homosexuality, as if it is something good.”

Museveni fails to note the fact that  that it was indeed the Western interference that Uganda seems to find acceptable that caused this horrific state of affairs in the first place.  It was the Evangelicals from the West who interfered in Uganda when it came to the idea of homosexuality as an issue at all.

Notwithstanding the existing “laws against the order of nature” homosexuals for the most part were not mistreated and Ugandans did allow homosexuals a measure of peace of privacy until the US evangelical clergy showed up on its doorstep.

Perhaps Ugandan politicians would never have heard nor touted the the concept of “promotion,” a made up myth, but for US Evangelicals, who lit the issue ablaze when Scott Lively appeared at a conference in Kampala.  Having befriended Ugandan MP, David Bahati, spinning a yarn for a group of church goers and parliamentarians, Lively blamed homosexuality for almost all evils in the world, citing the American evangelical anti-homosexuality agenda.    There is video to prove this event.

It was then upon this particular “western influence” that Uganda took up the anti-gay cause of the American evangelicals and introduced the AHB.

Bahati met Lively and others, and then and later visited America, staying at the home of evangelicals Jack Klenk and his wife, as their guests. The Klenks, amongst others, are members of the breakaway Truro Church and recently visited  Uganda, meeting Bahati and funding Ugandan projects such as libraries’ and clinics in the name of monies raised by the Truro Church. Yes indeed that is precisely the fact of the western influence, that Museveni is willing to accept and enjoy – “we will buy you libraries as long as you indulge our anti-gay agenda.”

It seems that if Museveni wants to accuse the West of any undue influence, he is looking in the wrong direction.

It is a complete falsehood to accuse America and the UK (The West) of “promoting homosexuality” and exporting the idea of promotion to Uganda, when all that has happened is a vocal objection to the anti-gay Bill and threats to cut aid if it persists.  In fact as in the words of Ugandan Bishop Christopher Senyonjo, the only thing America has exported to Uganda on this issue is “hate! “(see  article and video below)

Bahati bought into the Westerner Evangelical terminology – and we can assume that Museveni did too. Surely the fact that extreme Christian dominance in Uganda on this issue is indeed the import! Museveni begs the question “is it un-African to be a Christian? Was Christianity not a Western import?

The usurping of fundamental Christian ideals is what is un-African and not the idea of natural born sexual orientation, which has been part of Ugandan culture for centuries. Now to throw the idea of promotion into the mix when the West speaks vocally against discrimination and a bill that institutionalizes persecution is simply a misguided deflection of reality and perhaps a mechanism to continue to scapegoat the issue to distract from Museveni’s  a 25 year reign as a despot.

To put it bluntly there is no such thing as the “ promotion of homosexuality.”  A person is either homosexual or not. What Museveni, in his ignorance is referring to, is the West seeking to educate Ugandans away from religious bigotry which they have bought into,  and advancing the protection of human rights that have been trampled upon by religious zealots such as Lively, Klenk and Bahati.  So perhaps an astute argument could portray this as West vs. West and not West vs. Africa!

Bahati has been on the record, acknowledging that it was indeed the influence of the Evangelicals that set the AHB in motion. In my many personal conversations with Bahati, he has made it clear to me that his idea for the anti- homosexuality Bill emanates from his religious belief that the Bible says same-sex attraction is a sin. Surely Museveni realizes that the Bible is a Western  import to Uganda?

Museveni cannot seem to separate the idea that homosexuality is as African as it is Western and that coupled with the fact that promotion is simply not a possibility, renders his motions to the West meaningless.

The West, and The UN have made it clear, that apartheid against homosexuals will not be tolerated. As much as many of us activists fear backlash against the LGBT populations in countries in Africa where the threat of withholding aid can be counterproductive, we realize speaking out against the Bill is absolutely imperative. What Museveni ought to understand is that once the AHB is enacted certain Western interests will not be legitimately able to function in Uganda.

Barclays Bank, Starbucks, Citibank, hotel chains,  etc will not want to risk employing gays while at the same time have undertaken international diversity acceptance programs. Imagine Barclays Bank will be seen as operating criminally in Uganda for “promoting” homosexuality”, simply because it offers worldwide employees same-sex benefits?

And yet in his misconception about the realities of this so called interference by the West Museveni goes on to say:-

“Such a move would be unpopular with most African countries, Mr Museveni said in the Thursday interview. “The issue [of homosexuality] is mishandled by Western countries and their activist groups, said Mr Museveni, “I don’t support promotion of homosexuality, but I do not support persecution or discrimination of homosexuals.”

Nowhere in the Bill or in any conversation has anyone in Uganda explained precisely what is meant by “promotion.” The danger of the term is insurmountable. even a lawyer defending a client on charges of homosexuality could feasibly be accused of promoting homosexuality via the exercise of his oath and legal duty.

If Museveni hasd any sense, instead of blabbering off on London TV at Obama and, Clinton and Cameron,  he would spearhead the decriminalization of homosexuality and speak out against the AHB, finding some way to put it to rest before it goes too far.

President Museveni ought to understand that people are gay or not gay and to call advocacy for a minority “promotion” is a cop out; he ought to face the reality –  that his country is currently seeking to pass legislation that will in effect persecute its homosexual and lesbian citizens.  If it does then the Western response is fair game!

Bishop Christopher on Homosexuality in Uganda from on Vimeo.


63 thoughts on “Ugandan President Museveni Warns Obama and Cameron on Promotion of Homosexuality

  1. To be blunt, Africa is a bunch of 3rd, 4th, and 5th world countries and will never get to modernity and reality in this lifetime. To live in the Dark Ages while attempting to appear as viable in 2012 is bordering on the vulgar! Bumbling Idiot that he is, Mooseveni should have better stayed at home and hidden his anti-gay ‘agenda’.

  2. Typical white liberal racist response. Africans and African descended folk abhor all forms of genocide. Homosex is another threat to our existence.That is why a majority of African Americans do not support same sex marriage.It is genocide disguised as pleasure. the most dangerous of all of forms as genocide.
    GOD has called homosexuality an abomination.GOD cannot lie.It is their civilization and country,so how they rule their country is their business.
    To attempt to blackmail them to deny the truth of GOD’s word is evil beyond description.
    I’d rather be hated for telling the truth than loved for telling a lie. peoples eternal souls are at stake here.
    Mat 5:10 Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    Mat 5:11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.
    Mat 5:12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.
    Your persecution of Christians is a blessing.Yes indeed, All TRUE believers are extreme in their faith.

    1. Thank you for visitng my site, as a much as I disagree with your position, I decided to show the world how people like you think – and have put your comment up for people to see just why I fight as heard as I do, regardless of your direct slander of my name and reputation, with your name calling.

      You expose a point of view that is unfortunately out there so thanks for sharing it so my readers can see who and what supporters of Kill the Gays Bill are! I do not appreciate your comment calling me names and find that a poor way to express yourself, yet I have the good grace to give you your uncensored voice! I could have denied your comment on my site – but did not!

      Thank you for giving me the power to expose your point of view. You are the very reason I advocate for justice and freedom. I hope you enjoy your right to religious freedoms while other remain persecuted and attacked because of it!

    2. Go stultify yourself, A$$h*le!!! Try looking up Christianity and see if you fit in anywhere. Good Bible-thumping and Scripture-quoting. Now try and LIVE the Word as Jesus Christ instructed you to, Nimrod!
      Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

      1. i do by the Grace of My LORD and Saviour, Jesus the Christ. Who side are you on. You probably are a Jesuit priest, tell the truth you knight of malta.The Kingdom of Heaven has come near you Useless theologian…

        1. can someone be so kind as to translate. Are you asking jesus Christ whose side he is on? If so I think I may have the answer for you!!!

            1. You can see I censored your post prifunk. You did not do as I asked. You are welcome to comment one more time and if you use the words I have asked you not to use – your posts will automatically be guided into the trash, Your choice either start your own BLOG with your spewing or say something worthy of posting. LAST CHANCE – …whereafter you are no longer welcome here on MY site

        2. Sorry, not even a Jesuit, but I´d be proud to be. They do more positive footwork for Christ than you do with your Bible-quoting. Knight of Malta? Is that the newest Vatian beverage? Hmmm, thought not.

          1. On the assumption (which is always dangerous) that he is addressing me because I am a minister ordained and preaching the Gospel, he might be questioning what church I belong to. I have no idea where he would get the idea that I might be a Catholic priest or knight of Malta, whoever that might be. Bill sounds a bit deranged in his church histories or is assuming everyone is a ghost of the Knights Templar, as mentioned in the DaVinci Code. And then again, Bill might even be questioning Jesus as to whom Jesus thinks Jesus is. Simply put,Bill is another finger pointer.

    3. Believe me, if you ¨christians¨ were truly persecuted, you wouldn´t be commenting here, much less having ANY communication with the outside world! We are being nice… now!

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  4. The people of Uganda have a right to sanction or not to sanction a behavior they consider perverse.
    So-called “homosexual lifestyles” are not accepted in most African societies. In traditional African societies “homosexuals” are left alone. Personal private behavior is generally not a public concern unless they begin to rudely “shout their “homosexuality from the roof tops”.
    Many western “homosexuals’ use this issue to slander millions of African people.
    In her quest for “freedom and Justice”, Ms Nathan does not seem to be concerned with racial slander coming from one of her “own”.
    Ms. Nathan seems to welcomes vulgar racist rants…………

      1. one of your own is the first guy to comment about africa being a bunch of 3rd. 4th n whatnot countries who are this and that….surely you have seen the comment.dont pretend you haven’t just because he is one of your own meaning WHITE!!!!!

        1. I am not sure what you mean by “one of your own?” I fond that remark racist in itself!I believe human kind is ALL ONE! There is No such thing as “one of my own.!”

          1. Seriously love u bunch! lol… i like ur style and the mind set with which u reply to these messages

    1. Homosexuals are not usually interested in African American issues.AFRICAN SOCIETIES are not equipped to handle ssm.Euros are using the homosexual agenda to destroy Africa.homosexuality would be genocide in africa.

      1. I think you need an education or at least be so kind as to provide some NON BIBLE references to enhance your perspective. I am “homosexual” and I am very interested African American issues – is there anyone else out there??? AH you probably all ask why I give this the bloke the time of day…. well truth be known this is my relax time. Its like reading a comic book for me – amusement my villains are slightly askew… By the way I have no clue what this guy is trying to say – so if you are reading this response, please feel free to comment in your first language And I will have it translated for you! Thanks for trying anyway. What does “homosexuality would be genocide in Africa” mean exactly???

        1. With all due respect to you you are not, Black folk love GOD first and foremost and life,we dont support anything that doesnt exalt life.the truth that you are fighting against is the fact homosexuality is not a life has led to the destruction of every nation that attempted to support it.
          if you cared about our issues then you will understand why we cannot oppose GOD to support satanic oppression digused as a sex act.
          most human beings have some type of fetish or another, how you orgasm is your business,dont make it mine.i have my own issues.but i will not allow you to teach my Children to Disrespect GOD and his WORD.
          The truth is…. Heteros dont not need homos to exist. put 2 samesex homos together in their own land, come back in 100 yrs. they will not be in existence.
          Thank you for your insults.

          1. You are most welcome, they are fully deserved. Just remember, Sweetcheeks, those heteros you so worship also produce those sweet, darlin´little gay baby girls and boys. (Let´s see how long it takes to snag a wild one with this idea!).

          2. Update:
            My, how two months changes things. Black churches and pastors are now beginning to support gay marriage and support the GLBT community more and more. Your opinion ages as we speak. Where will it end? 😉
            Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

          3. I was in a same-sex lesbian relationship and was able to get sperm from a sperm bank and make a kid – . Gay people have a desire to procreate. Some us a relative’s sperm or egg, donor sperm or donor egg, or gays and lesbians share procreation amongst couples…. its easy to do, Many of us have adopted kids from orphanages and your POINT WAS?

          4. those black pastors will be put back in order immediately. already many black pastors are backing down from their support of folk will leave a church that preaches sin.

            1. who told you that ? Making it up? AND they are perfectly “in order”. The realize that Ben jealous and Julian Bond et al from NAACP are correct to consider LGBTI equality a matter of civil rights and separate from the Church – so get over it – its enough already. Calm down its time for equality and time to move forward. The Church has NO business in the secular law. Now get a life for yourself and leave ours alone!

          5. Amen, amen, and Amen, Melanie. The hateful christian thumpa is at it again, lolol. He has no control over true Christians, only his own little following. Dakotahgeo, Pastor.

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  6. that dartheavader guy or whatever it is, is clearly racist and you Ms Nathan are allowing him to name call and give racist comments here without even saying anything.its ok for him to be racist and name call but its wrong for the other guy to name call.he was not even calling you names, he was calling the first guy to comment…

    1. Please let me explain that sometimes it takes 24 hours or more for comments to get through moderation – so if you do not see an immediate approval it means it is awaiting moderation which can take time!. I sometimes allow people to make racist and homophobic comments because when they do such a thing it EXPOSES them and racists like them. I believe when people make racist comments they end up looking stupid and they expose themselves as racists – I am happy to allow people to look bad. That said let me make it clear – I find the anti-homosexuality and anti- white and anti-black remarks equally abhorrent! Unfortunately people use Christianity as an excuse to hate gay people – I find that equally abhorrent

      1. I plead guilty to the above charges! I think we have the same mindset but I have dealt with the anti-gay bigots so long, they get the best of me and my patience is limited. Let´s just say that when the American christian Taliban ceases to Bible-thump people with their own misinterpreted concoctions of Scripture, I will be more than happy to cut them some slack. When they discontinue using the Bible as a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) against ALL of God´s chilren, I will be more than happy to cease and desist my harrangues. Thank you for your blog, Melanie. Blessings and Peace!
        Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

        1. Thank you for making your voice heard – I understand your frustration though I don’t always agree with the verbiage…I validate your feelings and your path fully!

          1. Your response indicates how out of touch you are with black folk have always known that the naacp is useless, has been since Thurgood Marshall left. black clergy has to answer to black congregations. and many christian democrats will not be voting in this election. black folk are resentful that our heritage and our life and death struggle are being insulted by the homoists.
            None of your arguements for ssm is valid.GOD hates homoism.most homoists deny the truth of sane person would do that.
            you know in your heart that it is a perversion. NO LAW that mankind makes will validate it in GODS eyes.
            Homoists want to make everyone share in their perversion.
            fear the repubs?… not… black folk have endured slavery and Jim Crow as well as stupid white folk,. we can endure the GOP the next 4 years.
            see if you can respond with some intelligent discourse instead of emotional folk have been sick of democrats anyway especially since they are GOD haters.

            1. Prikfunk says – “black folk have been sick of democrats anyway especially since they are GOD haters.” Well that is an intelligent remark by our erstwhile friend – !! So Black democrats are NOT going to vote for President Obama? You give an awful lot of power to us Gays – you are saying we gays control the will to vote of black American Democrats. LOL ! So jobs – economy – social matters- environment are all matters black people in America DO NOT CARE about – is what you are saying? Okay if so thanks for attributing that much power to us gays.

              Bottom line – President Obama will get the black vote again and all the support he needs and his desire to provide secular equality to gays will not stand in the way.

              Another bottom line – You have no clue what is in my heart – but since you assume let me make myself clear – In my heart I know that G-d created me equal to any other person and values my sexuality accordingly – after all my sexuality was designed by G-d.

        2. it isnt going to get any better for you in these days Sir, there is gonna be a whole lotta thumpin goin on.
          Bible Thumpa

          1. LOLOL… oh yeah! And it’s doing sooo much good building the Kingdom, right? Thump on, non-productive christian!

      2. no christian ever hates anyone because some of us are worse than you as people. It is the love of Christ Jesus that enables us to say what we say because we understand that satan hates you. he is a master deciever and no human can withstand his deception without Christ Jesus. you are either ignorant or willfully lying against the knowledge of Christ.i have a black daddy and a black momma hence i am. your parents were not homo but hetero. that makes you a liar against the truth.
        Since what you say cannot stand up against the word of GOD. you are reduced to name calling(well GOD must be anti-homosexual be cause he spoke so clearly about it), is GOD ignorant to you?
        Considering your shoddy attempts at biblical understanding,you may want to keep your discussions secular,it may be abetter arena for you.
        if you can clearly point out any hate in me show me. if not you are just babbling.
        SSm is an assault on the WOMANs position in creation.
        Jesus is LORD FOREVER!!!

        1. It´s not hard to identify the hate in you when that´s all there is to you. You even make Jesus embarrassed to know you!

    2. Melanie, regarding being able to procreate as gay people, thank you, thank you, thank you! Procreation among GLBT people has been going on for 30+ years, not to mention adoption! Thank you for setting the record ‘straight,’ so to speak! These conservative Neandrathals (sp) just never learn!
      Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

        1. S-P-E-R-M B-A-N-K spells sperm bank. V-A-G-I-N-A spells Vagina – . Lesbian goes to sperm bank. Chooses sperm with high intelligence and with similar ethnic make-up to her beloved wife. They go to doctor office. Doctor injects sperm into lesbian Vagina, OOOPs lesbian pregnant- no accident. 9 months later baby is born! We did it – our relationship produced a beautiful baby – Baby is now 7 years old…. Baby is well adjusted and goes to school where everyone treats her the same as any other baby! Baby showing signs of being heterosexual – she loves her dolls and talks about her boyfriend “BEN who stole my heart.” Parents hope for baby that one day she will marry the person of her choice and procreate via her choice! Wow life is good for us lesbians….. we can chose the sperm and ….. well that is only part 2 of the story. Part one would have been about the kind male donors who provide sperm to banks everyday in the name of G-d and procreation and modern science!

          1. What you are missing Prikfunk is the cycle of accomodations…. the fact that the evolving same-sex revolution has been embraced by moder science – that we work in harmony to ensure reproduction of our species . i have no doubt that G-d is not only intrigued but applauding G-d’s own ingenuity – the making of a creative humankind that would ensure procreation. Clever clever G-d to help facilitate reproduction for all the diverse sexualities places on earth in HIS Name!

          2. i am joyful that you have a beautiful daughter that you love.
            however it is a foolish premise to think GOD blesses sin. life is not good for you lesbians and i know better and you know better. What you are speaking of is a basic primitive satisfaction of carnal desire.but spiritually as i am sure you will find out it is bankrupt.
            as children grow up in this world they will have a desire to know their origins who is my daddy, who is my daddy’s mom and pops, what did my daddy do when he was was a child.these things are important to children to see their connection to society as a whole.failure to connrct to society leads to phsycopathic behavior
            i mean you Boast before the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY that you are smarter than HE is. and in HIS LOVE FOR YOU he will show you your error.
            you only know what they told you about the sperm that was dont have any idea about about the personality,history,genetics long term or short term.(hard to determine even if you know the parents).
            if she would ever need a transplant it would be difficult situation indeed.
            The human connections and embrace and passions that create a living soul are absent.
            Science has always been fallible and will continue to be. any unbiased person is aware of will tell you a whole different scenario tomorrow.
            The truth is GOD is not a liar. what He says is always correct.
            you are always asking for “NON-BIBLICAL” blah- blah- blah.
            unless you are a fool you would understand that you CANNOT separate the Creator from HIS creation.
            homoism cannot reproduce. it was the hetero process that created your child… sperm and egg… not egg and egg.all you homoists are doing is having had to leave your partner and take the sperm of a man inside your vagina. all your partner could do was watch. your partner has no connection to your child as you will find out.
            i dont hate you you are not worthy of hate, i pity you, for you have exchanged the truth of GOD for a lie.
            i like you Ms.Nathan, and when you become committed to Truth, you will grow beyond your wildest Dreams.
            GOD LOVES YOU and so do i.But He will allow you to choose DEATH. AND HE WILL CRY AS YOU ARE LEAD AWAY FROM HIM.

            1. I like you too and I pity you too. because you live a very fearful life. I am happier than you because I am not afraid. I do not fear the wrath of my GOD. I love GOD. I am safe in GOD’s world. The World GOD wanted me to be happy in. I think I would rather be dead than live in fear the way you do. I have two kids. One is a sperm donor baby and the other adopted from an overseas orphanage where she was abandoned by straight people like you! Or cruelly unable to provide for their child because of a cruel world to children that has very little to do with gays or lesbians. You arguments about society therefore do not hold weight. I would have as more trouble finding donors and biological family for my straight made adopted child than I would for my sperm donor baby. Many donors are “known” donors. Again rendering your argument unthoughtful and foolish.

              In fact if you go to a sperm bak you get so much history on so many levels and so many tests are done – much more so than an off chance straight meeting where people are impregnated through straight sex which goes on all the time.

              There is no such thing as HOMOISM and if you use that uneducated word in another post I will not put it up. remember I moderate all my posts and most gay bloggers would never put what you have written up as they would consider it crap. I am only engaging you because I believe in exposing your way of thinking, lest my community and other fair minded thinkers forget we are surrounded by some haters and homophobes who use the Bible to spew their fear, hate and more than likely internalized homosexuality.

              I would not be surprised one little bit if you have fantasized about being with a person of your same-sex or about two people of the opposite sex being together sexually. OH and by the way – I put the sperm into my wife myself. It IS possible. Oh and by the way many women are unable to have orgasms while having sex with men.

              Your arguments are all so foolish. I am not sure why you keep coming back. I have an answer for everything you throw at me simply because I am living my life and you are NOT – in fact you are all conjecture and not even an observer!

            1. You are a coward Prikfunk coming on my site with a false name and not having the guts to use your real name. You know who I am – you come on MY BLOG and call me names and spew your disgusting hate in the name of GOD? I told you I am not putting up your swearing and cussing. You should be ashamed of yourself quoting GOD’s word and then using such foul hateful language at me. I am going to ban you from my site if I see the word HOMOISM or those other hateful words again. This is probably the last time I am going to respond to you because of the hateful venom you spew in your last comment which I refuse to put up here for people to see. Of course of you had the courage of your convictions you would use your real name. But you do not. OH and FYYI the Bible was NOT written by GOD LOL!

              1. Prikfunk – My GOD does not hate – neither do I – I believe we were made in GOD’s image. To me that means if you hate your unGOD-like . The only sin is HATE. You seem well accomplished. You are in so much pain about others and what they do and who they are. Please go and visit other sites where you feel more at home. Clearly this is not the right place for you. I have negaged you not fir a minite thinking tyou would change but rather to expose you and you fell for it. it is now time to leave.

            2. It must be very lonely in Garner North Carolina? You do not seem to have much to do other than to spew your hate on a lesbian site?

        2. Oy veh!!! You are really more stupid than I gave you discredit for!!! Of course males don’t produce eggs, except in the case of seahorses. No wonder you Neandrathals are losing the GLBT hatred cause. Keep it up… we appreciate your help in furthering our cause! (Doofusses…all of these right wing blokes!).

  7. the problem that the homosex spirit faces is GOD.The homosex spirit has to LIE against the truth.there were no homos in the Garden of Eden.satan brought the homos with him.if you you truly LOVE GOD then LOVE HIS WORD they are inseparable.if GOD says it is an abomination it is so…HIS Desire is to protect HIS creation.
    There is none good but the FATHER,it is HIS GOODNESS that we speak of, not our own.Humans are battling all sorts of demonic oppression and iniquity. but we cannot force our depravity on other people.
    It is with great love for humanity that i write this. Now folk with evil hearts will attempt to twist this into something else,call it hate… but it is cool.GOD searches the heart of every man.i am not here to convince any one of anything only to speak HIS truth as it is written… YES ,I am…. a Bible Thumpa and when i am done Legions more Bible Thumpas will arise and continue until the Chief Thumpa returns.
    The Kingdom of Heaven has come near to you….Jesus is LORD forever…..

    1. MS.Nathan,
      there are going to be so many black repubs in this election.all this equating my people with an abomination of folk are angry.those that vote dem will stay home. as you recall blacks voted for obama but voted against ssm in Cali and NC.
      white men hate white women anyway.women are going to have to homo males for benifits that were set aside for women.but it may be more important for you to be a lesbian than a woman.

      1. LOL hehe Thats why I allowed this comment LOL hehe. By the way stop sending me hundreds f lines of Bible quotes. I have a Bible and am able to read for myself. I am not going to put up Bible quotes on my BLOG if you want to do that start your own BLOG. Thanks.

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  9. [Thanks Melanie. Great blog. Seen this web item? I ran into it on the wonderful web.]

    OBAMA PROMOTES – comment cut beyond the point by editor of BLOG

    1. Sorry but I do not allow my BLOG to be used for hate speech. If you have a valid point you would like to make rather than quoting extraneous hate speech I would be happy to hear it!

  10. Melanie, I so admire your patience with Prifunk. He sounds alot like AMERICA, white devil, and/or Randy131 on other pro-GLBT sites who are hateful people. One cannot reason with these misguided persons because there is a missing links in their thought process, where they want to argue rather than confronttheissues at hand. Everyone knows that Bible-quoting is no longer a workable solution to today’s problems. Again, Kudos to you and your good workhere!!!
    Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

    Who, truly are the real enemies of our young peoples’ lives and destinies –now and in the future –is it the global homosexual establishment/NWO or “the straights”, persecuted as homophobias? Even when we choose to remain silent, the future will show us who the real enemies have been, like it is already evident.
    HOW CAN A MINORITY GROUP, less than probably 2% of the global population today, dictate from Washington, how the rest of the world must live, work, and self determine? The white house/west, continues in its quest to push a demonic agenda into the throats of our nations -undermining OUR LEADERS, defiling of course our children and young people through COMPREHENSIVE SEXUALITY EDUCATION –CSE, aimed at destroying a protective culture and its family-centered value system.
    By promoting a hi-breed family idea that benefits LGBT proponents, they surely are the real enemies of the world today, not poverty, AIDS, civil struggles, bad governance, etc. Lets not be adamant with intellectual talk, research and debates –like this of course.
    DOES IT NOT CONCERN you dear friends that aid, development, governance and the economy of the world is now conditioned around a minority group? –engineered, of course by the LGBT global machinery.

    THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS. THE ANTI-CHRIST HAS STARTED TO PUSH HIS UGLY HEAD TO THE GLOBAL FRONT! Watch and Pray. Yes, we shall be persecuted, but God’s grace shall abound. “We must preach the truth of the Gospel”. The world needs JESUS, period!
    When the rapture happens, we shall be gone forever, and then TRIBULATION WILL START, woe to those who will be on the wrong side of the King. We can’t rejoice in this kind of satanic wickedness. HIV/AIDS has been a scapegoat to push this evil agenda.
    Lets not be naïve friends!!! Nehemiah 4:14,

    1. God is love and lucifer is hate. The ONLY lucifer I see are those who HATE. They are Lucifer’s messengers and agents here on this earth. So I would suggest if you just leave gays alone and STOP the hate STop the persecution STOP the torture of this children of God ( as are all those born on this earth) – then you will have no problem. If you display YOUR hate through insults, assaults, bullying, persecution, jailing, murdering, firings from jobs, expelling from school, mob justice etc – then YOU ARE IN FACT LUCIFER and his agent of hate -. So just stop the hate talk = otherwise you are the LUCIFER. Not the peaceful people looking only for love. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE. But yet you JUDGE. YOU ARE LUCIFER- not that gay who is Gods creation.

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