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Anti-Gay Truro Church Ramps Up Latino Outreach with New Hire

By Melanie Nathan, July 03,2015. Truro Church in Fairfax Virginia, under the leadership of  Rev. Dr. Tory Baucum, is extending its anti-gay tentacles into the local Hispanic community.  Truro’s newest staff member, Jose Garrigo,  accompanied by his wife Lidia, will be joining the staff of Truro Church in September, ramping up the anti-gay split away […]

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Reality Check As Uganda Court Rules Against Anti-Homosexuality Act

This article First appeared on HUFFPO Gay Voices on AUG 0.1, 2014   Article First appeared on HUFFPO Gay Voices on AUG 0.1, 2014 By Melanie Nathan, August 05, 2014. Today, in a packed Constitutional Court in Kampala, Uganda, a panel of five Justices ruled unanimously that The Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2014 (AHA,) is unconstitutional. […]

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Can Someone Please Tell The Ugandans Its Impossible to Recruit Gays

BY Melanie Nathan, April 09, 2014. To Team Museveni, Bahati, Lokodo, Kedaga and the rest of you who do not understand homosexuality, and support putting gays in prison forever. PART 1 We are not soldiers. We cannot be recruited! We are human beings. We do not choose our sexual attractions. We are attracted. We cannot […]

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Ugandan Minister Has A Hunt the Gays List

Lokodo Hunts while the West Sleeps | U.S.A. must act immediately to open its doors to LGBT Ugandans seeking refuge. By Melanie Nathan, February 06, 2014. If we in the Allied countries had our response to Nazi Germany to do all over again, perhaps the persecution of Jews would not appear on page 6 of […]

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Ugandan Parliament proceedings for Kill-The-Gays-Bill passage released

By Cathy Kristofferson, February 3, 2014 Today, the website Parliament Watch Uganda released the Hansard, the Parliamentary proceedings, of the Dec 20th 2nd reading of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill (AHB). Proponents for the AHB lead off with the tired old need to defend marriage as between one man, one woman argument but quickly got to: “There have […]

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NRM Uganda to Hire Doctors to Decipher Whether Homosexuality is Abnormal or a Choice

Are gays nuts or sinners seems to be the question at hand given the Ugandan context? By Melanie Nathan, January 24, 2014. The NRM, Uganda’s ruling political party, under President Yoweri Museveni discussed the newly passed Anti-Homosexuality Bill at a caucus today. Word has it that the NRM has resolved that they will hire consultant […]

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The Text of Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill as Passed

By Melanie Nathan, January 02, 2014. Here is the first insight we are getting into the text of the Anti-Homosexuality Bills as passed by Uganda’s parliament compiled by a Human Rights coalition, which notes its not the official Bill and includes a disclaimer that it emanates from observations in Parliament.  One notes that the version […]

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Defiant Ugandan LGBTI Community Vows to Fight The Anti-Gay Laws

“Finally we want to assure you that despite this setback we are not broken AND never will… We refuse to be marginalized!” By Cathy Kristofferson, December 23, 2013 Following the passage through Parliament of The Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill, the LGBT community held a Press Conference today, which was reported here on OBLOGDEE, earlier. Here is the Ugandan Coalition’s […]

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Courageous Ugandan LGBT Community Holds First Press Conference Since the Passing of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

By Melanie Nathan. December 23, 2013. Amidst years of controversy, the Ugandan Parliament passed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill last week. Today the LGBTI community of Uganda raised its rainbow flag with pride, as it held its first post- AHB- passage press conference in Kampala. The hope is that the Ugandan media would listen to the statements […]

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David Bahati lies about homosexuals recruiting kindergarten children

By Melanie Nathan, January 05, 2012. Lies can indeed be proved through impossibility.  I stumbled across this report in the Ugandan press, Red Pepper Tabloid, which I previously missed.  I am reporting it here because it is absolute evidence that the assertions made by David Bahati, which form the basis of his anti-gay legislation in […]

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Kill the Gays Bahati implicated in possible murder of fellow MP

By Melanie Nathan, December 22, 2012. [email protected] Those of us who have kept a keen eye on Ugandan member of parliament David Bahati since 2009 when he first introduced the infamous Anti-Homosexuality Bill, otherwise known as the “Kill the Gays Bill” all believe that the man, David Bahati is quite capable of murder or that […]

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mel arrest me too

Talking Today to Ugandan MP David Bahati

Author of Kill the Gays By Melanie Nathan, Dec 03, 2012. Ugandan Member of Parliament, David Bahati and I have not spoken in quite a while, and I thought I would give him a call today to discuss the impending Anti-Homosexuality Bill’s vote this coming week. We used to speak regularly. I always thought that […]

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Uganda Kill the Gays Bill succeeds as ploy distracting from corruption and straight pedophilia

U.S. Evangelical Christians and Uganda’s corrupt politicians symbiotic relationship revealed By Melanie Nathan, November 24, 2012. I first wrote this piece back in August and have updated it and reposted it afresh to reflect the current news, that the Anti-homosexuality Bill is headed to parliament and being debated and will likely see passage next week.  […]

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Uganda Coalition of Leaders Promote Kill the Gays with Lies

Meeting of Ugandans perpetuates U.S. Evangelical homophobic lies about homosexuality with calls for Passage of  Kill the Gays Bill By Melanie Nathan, November 10, 2012. This past week Uganda’s prominent homophobes and proponents of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, otherwise dubbed the ‘Kill The Gays Bill‘ clustered in conference to push for passage the dubious legislation which […]

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Video Sexual Abuse of Girls Ignored while Ugandan Government Attacks Gays Instead of Heterosexual Pedophiles

By Melanie Nathan, August 15, 2012. They came to Uganda to preach against homosexuality; the American Evangelical Christians, exporting hate. And they succeeded in influencing legislators to come up with a Bill that has been introduced several times into the Ugandan Parliament, where it continues to languish, known as the Anti-Homosexuality or Kill the Gays […]

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Ugandan Minister Launches Crusade Against Human Rights and LGBT NGO’s

By Melanie Nathan, June 20, 2012. Uganda’s persecution of its LGBTI community is heating up with recent lashing out on the part of one Minister who has decided to take the law into his own hands by breaking up peaceful lawful meetings and trying to de-register NGO’s. Ugandan Fr. Simon Lokodo, a catholic priest with […]

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David Bahati M in Uganda and author of Kill The Gays Bill believes Linda should die for being a lesbian

United Kingdom Petitioned not to deport lesbian Linda Nakibbuka to Anti Gay Uganda

Posted by Melanie Nathan.  June 02, 2012 A  campaign has been launched by the Movement for Justice, for the life of Linda Nakibbuka, an Ugandan lesbian at risk of deportation from United Kingdom to Uganda, a nation where both female and homosexual activity is illegal. The petition was launched to try and stop the deportation […]

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Ugandan President Museveni Warns Obama and Cameron on Promotion of Homosexuality

My Response to the Ugandan President’s London Interview as noted in Ugandan Daily Monitor. By Melanie Nathan, 02/26/2012 The President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni says Uganda “does not persecute gays, but resents promotion of gay activities.” According to the Uganda Monitor, this is the first time the President, who was in London for a one-day […]

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Ugandan Law Society Speaks out Against The Bahati Anti-Homosexuality Bill

By Melanie Nathan, February, 23, 2012 The Uganda Law Society (ULS) has warned that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009, if enacted into law in its current state, would institutionalize discrimination against those ‘who are, or thought to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender’ and have noted that it would be contrary to human rights. The Bill […]

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Uganda’s Homophobic Parliament vs Concerned Spiritual leaders | Return of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill |

“If you are Lesbian, when you come to Uganda to entice our young people to join you in the immoral vice of homosexuality, we shall arrest you….” Y. Bihande by Melanie Nathan, 02/10/2012 This week the Ugandan Parliament got one step closer to legalizing persecution in its country.  David Bahati, the MP from Nordwa province […]

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Uganda Parliament to Debate Anti-Homosexuality Bill Next Week

The Anti-homosexuality Bill has become known as the Kill-The-Gays-Bill and has caused an international outcry. by Melanie Nathan, 02/04/2012 7:00 AM Uganda’s, Anti Homosexuality bill of  2009 is due for debate when parliament resumes business in Uganda next week, according to a source who made contact with me.  This Bill includes the death penalty for […]

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Adviser to Ugandan President Speaks Against Hillary Clinton’s Pro Gay Tone

by Melanie Nathan, December 11, 2011 Last week Secretary Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama in a statements and  memo, respectively, called for sweeping pro LGBTI foreign policy and human rights recognition, noting emerging assistance for LGBT organizations and asylum seekers, worldwide. Calling discrimination of homosexual and transgender people “one of the remaining human rights […]

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South Africa: DIRCO’s Dithering Defense of Homophobia in Africa

Now is the Time for South Africa to Recall Anti-Gay Ambassador Jon Qwelane from  “Kill-the-Gays-Bill” Uganda – Melanie Nathan’s scathing attack on DIRCO, ZUMA and ANC Administration “In light of Bahati’s Kill-The-Gays Bill, the virulent homophobia so prevalent in Uganda, and the constitutional imperative placed on President Zuma, we call for the immediate recall of […]

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Ugandan Woman Branded by Iron for being a Lesbian faces deportation from United Kingdom

05/31/2011, by Melanie Nathan The Guardian UK is reporting a case similar to many others, which we have reported upon in the past. The Asylum claim of a Ugandan lesbian, attacked by three men in her home country, has been refused by UK immigration authority.  In fear of  fraud, the UK authorities have been known […]

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