Person of the week is one David Woods of San Diego, Posted December 03, 2015.

In the wake of this weeks horrendous massacre in San Bernardino, where 14 people were slaughtered by a man and woman who had way too many guns and ammo, a certain Mr. David Woods, owner of the tax preparation business in San Diego, responded to my comments about gun control.  After I said I wanted the USA to be a safe place for my children, he suggested I stop breeding.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.02.09 PM
David Woods I presume?

Hopefully this exposure on Google search will shed light on who people are dealing with when they ask David Woods to do their taxes.  If you are in agreement with Mr. Woods that I should not breed – enjoy his services.  If you think this is a nice way to talk to a woman who in fact adopted her baby from Vietnam, then enjoy the company of a like minded individual.

People have their first Amendment right to speak their mind as freely as they wish – an American value! People have the right to choose their tax consultant – an American value! When people speak their mind they must bear the consequence of their choice of speech, the latter usually a reflection of their heart and mindset!   When such is hateful and harmful and hurtful – the world and San Diego has a right to know. Now you know David Woods’ heart.  It is clear that David Woods is a man incapable of decent discourse – I dont think he will be doing my taxes – nor that of my children!

Woods Financial Services, 3962 Jewell Street, T107, San Diego, CA 92109  –  [email protected], Telephone781-267-4489

Here are the screenshots:

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.49.04 AM


Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.57.52 AM

PEOPLE who Use the N Word or Use language that indicates racism:

Posted May 01, 2015: Barbara Jean Weber, from San Francisco, a possible Giant’s Fan uses terminology such as “Can’t Stand you!! N Lover!!” Do you think that is racist?  She was referring to a talk show host, Chip Franklin’s discussion, today – about the Freddie Gray murder, police who were charged with his murder and the situation in Baltimore. I wonder if anyone would be willing – in  the Bay Area, California, to give Barbara Jean Weber a job? Facebook page:

Her husband’s name is Karl. I wonder if he shares her sentiments about African Americans?

Proof: Barbara Jean Weber sent this Facebook message to talk show host Chip Franklin:

Barbara Jean Weber

Facebook Barbara Jean Weber

People who have supported the death penalty for GAYS and where they are now: U.S.A.

Posted September, 2014: Dean Wycoff -Owner, TechSmart Air Conditioning, Inc.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 6.52.57 PMPROOF:-




Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 6.45.13 PM

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