Exclusive Photos Funeral of Lesbian Rape Murder Victim Noxolo Nogwaza

Exclusive Photos: Funeral of Lesbian Rape Murder Victim Noxolo Fiyona Nogwaza

Melanie Nathan,  May 02, 2011; Photos by Zanele Muholi©

We all stood on a mound of God’s Earth and held the Rainbow Flag – We held it close to our hearts and flew it high above the hallowed ground – now home to a battered and a savagely brutalized body – while we screamed into the sunny African sky – farewell beloved sister.

Noxolo – may your beautiful and loving soul, child of G-d, soar in peace free and safe; and the ravages of your murderous exodus pale to the brightness of your new star.

Your suffering shall not be for nought, dear sister, because we will fight till the last lesbian draws her last proud breath – for justice sought is righteousness gained and your legacy will empower our promise and indulge our pursuit.

No child of God should have suffered to the extent you did, our dear little sister;- and we cannot understand why – yet we know what we must do- while we find justice, advocate for change, we must hold your family in loving embrace, because we are people who love, nothing more and nothing less. We are not the ones who hurt or cause pain – we are the ones who talk about love and it matters not who we love….

Global sisters stand as one -in solidarity – on that mound of sand next to the hole that refuses your soul,

Make your voice heard because Noxolo is me, you – we are all one!

Rest In Peace NOXOLO – brave and beautiful sister, Child of G-d.


Note: The meaning of the name Noxolo is Peaceful

Kwa-Thema, Gauteng South Africa, Funeral March

At the Grave site of Noxolo

The Coffin of 24 Year Old Pride Organizer Noxolo

Noxolo ‘s Friends and Family Mourn at Grave site

Funeka Soldaat speaks at the funeral of Noxolo Nogxowa. “Lesbian youth don’t even reach age of 30 due to brutality and hate crimes

Family & Friends

Morners at Funeral of Noxolo

Rev. Diteboho Sentoeli who preached the word of God and advised all the parents to pray for their LGBTI children… who are at risk..

Lesbian Activists Look at the Place where 24 Year Old Lesbian Noxolo’s brutal rape and murder took place

South African Activists Attenf Funeral – on extreme right in green is Zanele Muholi who provided Melanie Nathan with these Photos

Great thanks to my Sister Zanele Muholi -Internationally renowned  activists and photographer:
Thank You and in Solidarity to All who are in this fight to defeat savage hate and injustice MEZA.

The body of Noxola Nogwaza, a 24 year old lesbian was found on Sunday morning. This is just 4 weeks after the body of 20 years old Nokuthula Radebe was discovered and which has not even been reported in the media.  The pain of these brutal attacks grows and my heart goes out to their family and friends.  May both Nogwaza and Nokuthula Rest in Peace. Note the South African Main Stream media has failed to cover this – even in the wake of the the Government seeking to establish change via a series of meetings between activists and the MINISTRY of Justice and Constitutional Development.  The next meeting is scheduled for May 03, 2011.


By Melanie Nathan
[email protected]
Facebook Melanie
twitter @oblogdeeoblogda

All Photos above are  used with permission of copyright owner, Zanele Muholi 2011- who reserves all rights thereto.©

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