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San Francisco Pride Pink Brick Nominees Include Donald Trump

By Melanie Nathan, Feb 04, 2016. The annual San Francisco Pride Pink Brick award probably sits as a badge of honor for those in the anti-Gay world.  But one wonders how a man like Trump will spin his honor.  After all he is named alongside the luminaries of hate, and should he win, could be […]

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Florida Historic First Hearing on LGBT Nondiscrimination

The Florida Competitive Workforce Act enjoys bipartisan support Posted by Melanie Nathan,  Feb 04, 2016. The Florida Competitive Workforce Act (HB 45/SB 120) will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee next Monday, February 8th at 1:30 PM. The meeting will be held in Room 110 of the Senate Office Building.  “This is a huge […]

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Carlos Guillermo Smith

FL House Committee to Vote on Bill Could Lead to ​Extreme Anti-LGBT Legislation

Senate Judiciary Committee has stated support for expanding the bill Posted by Melanie Nathan, February 03, 2016. The dangerous and so-called Pastor Protection Act (HB 43/SB 110) is scheduled for its last vote before reaching the House Floor in the House Judiciary Committee tomorrow morning at 9:00a.m. The bill passed through its first Senate committee […]

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Is Hatem Abuddayeh Intersecting at Creating Change 2016

Hatem Abudayyeh has been with the Arab American Action Network (AAAN) since 1999, and was appointed Executive Director in 2003. The son of Palestinian immigrants who themselves were leaders in Chicago’s Arab community, Hatem was born in Chicago. Back in 2010 the FBI raided the home of Hatem Abudayeh, in connection with a terrorism investigation at Creating Change 2016

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Naming Participants in the Creating Change 2016 LGBTQ Jew Bash Fest

The Mob: Who screamed for Israel’s destruction; who displayed hate above unity of purpose; who knew exactly what they were doing and who were the nochschleppers ? SCROLL DOWN for names. By Melanie Nathan, January 30, 2016 Last week the halls of The Hilton Hotel in Chicago, became the scene of a near riot.  The […]

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LGBT Leaders Call on Task Force for Independent Review of Creating Change Debacle

By Melanie Nathan January 28, 2016. I am proud to be a signatory to this letter addressed to the LGBTQ Task Force. I am also proud to stand with noted and admired leaders in our community.  The letter speaks for itself.  Thank you to Roberta Kaplan and Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum for leading the effort on […]

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Will LGBTQ Task Force Survive The Creating Change Controversy Financially

By Melanie Nathan, January 26, 2016. When the National LGBTQ Task Force found itself in the midst of an Anti-Semitic tempest, at their Creating Change Conference this week,  San Francisco activist and blogger Michael Petrelis was curious about the organizations financial health and so he explored.  It seems its heading for change, perhaps downhill!  Carrying […]

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Equality California Calls Out National LGBTQ Task Force for Disservice to LGBT Movement

“…. conference organizers failed to defend these organizations and correct the false information and gross distortions….,” EQCA By Melanie Nathan, January 26, 2016. Equality California (EQCA) has posted a strong and pointed statement, calling out The National Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Task Force, for its poor handling of the debacle at Creating Change 2016, […]

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National LGBTQ Task Force’s Halfhearted Condemnation After Creating Change Attack on Jews

ious protest that led to the shut down of a Jewish Shabbat and reception event at Creating Change Conference 2016, Rea Carey of National LGBTQ Task Force issued a statement which is headed “National LGBTQ Task Force Condemns Anti-Semitism”. But that is not really what her statement says given the veils and context. Instead its a mish-mash of zero apology and a myriad of ineffectual excuses, hiding behind verbiage which, by virtue of its context, halfheartedly condemns Anti Semitism. The below statement by Rea Carey of National LGBTQ Task Force leaves a lot of questions and much to be desired.

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LGBT Protesters at Creating Change Call for the Destruction of Israel

Has Creating Change taken on a New Meaning: Does that Change involve LGBTQ America Supporting Anti Semitism? By Melanie Nathan, January 21, 2016. This week will go down in history as one of the saddest and most destructive, ever, in the lives of LGBTQ Jews.  We became the target of antisemitism disguised as protesting alleged […]

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Apology and Settlement in Transgender Woman’s Employment Discrimination Lawsuit

“We are extremely grateful to the EEOC for taking on this important case on behalf of our client and working side by side with us to achieve a settlement that marks yet another Title VII victory for transgender employees,” Weiss said. “The Jillian T. Weiss Law Firm

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Melanie screenshot of LGBT TASK FORCE JEW ban

National LGBTQ Task Force Reverses Decision to Cancel Jewish Reception

Carey: “when faced with choices, we should move towards our core value of inclusion and opportunities for constructive dialogue” By Melanie Nathan, January 19, 2016. Yesterday the internet exploded when many in our LGBT community expressed hurt and anger at the National LGBTQ Task Force’s decision to ban a Jewish event, to be held by […]

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Famed LGBT Voices Blast Task Force For Banning Jewish Event from Creating Change Conference

The Hypocrisy of Rea Carey and the LGBT Task Force : “Our vision for the future of the movement is one that is broad, inclusive and dynamic” – and yet they ban a pre-arranged and once accepted  Jewish event within days of the Conference. See Call to Action below! By Melanie Nathan, January 18, 2016. […]

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Bishop Cantebury

Anglican Communion Restricts US Church over Gay Marriage and Ugandan Archbishop Runs Away

The rifts over homosexuality blew wide open in church in 2003 when the Episcopal Church, the Anglican body in the United States, consecrated the first openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson, in New Hampshire.

It is this decision that the conservative church leaders including Ntagali have been fighting.

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Landmark Ruling as Transgender Woman’s Employment Discrimination Case Heads to Trial

Eleventh Circuit Overturns Lower Court Decision in Chavez v. Credit Nation Auto Sales, LLC  Posted by Melanie Ntahan, January 15, 2016. Tuxedo Park, NY- The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit has ruled that a transgender woman may take her employment discrimination case against a Georgia auto sales company to trial. The decision (click here) in […]

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HUD Wants your Input on New Rules for Transgender Shelter Seekers

Transgender activists, Trans Community and all who care please take note of this call to action by the Federal Government and leading organizations! Posted by Melanie Nathan, January 14, 2016. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently published a new regulation that it is considering adopting, one that would, for the first […]

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Trans Smith Family Lambda CO Case

Lambda Legal Sues Boulder County Property Owner for Denying Housing to LGBT Family

Posted by Melanie Nathan, January 14, 2016 Lambda Legal today filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against a Boulder County property owner who violated the federal Fair Housing Act and the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act by refusing to rent a housing unit she owns in Gold Hill, Colorado, to a same-sex couple, one of whom is transgender, […]

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Protest as Lesbian Hate and Transphobia Haunts South Africa

PROTEST: Tomorrow, Jan 12, 2016 LGBTI activists are holding a rally and will march to the Mafatsana Police Station By Melanie Nathan, January 11, 2016. Two recent horrific murder cases elucidate the horror that lesbians and trans people encounter when faced with what is still considered endemic homophobia, lesbian hate and transphobia, in South Africa, […]

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Israeli Gay Couple Discover Surrogate Baby Mistake

Wrong Baby From Surrogate Mother in Nepal Posted By Melanie Nathan, January 08, 2016. Several weeks after completing the surrogate birth process in Nepal, a gay Israeli couple learned that the baby girl they’d been told was theirs and had been caring for is not their daughter. The error was revealed by the routine tissue […]

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Kinsey Takes Helm on Marin Board of Supervisors

Judy Arnold becomes First Vice President, Damon Connolly Second VP Posted by Melanie Nathan, January 06, 2015 San Rafael, CA – The Marin County Board of Supervisors conducted its annual reorganization on January 4 and voted District 4’s Steve Kinsey as its President during his final year as a Board member. Kinsey, first elected in […]

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DHS Immigration Raids Reverse Policy of Deporting Felons, Not Families

By Hassan M. Ahmad, Esq, January 05, 2016. The Department of Homeland Security has begun launching raids against undocumented immigrants with recent orders of deportation. This reversal of prioritization shifts DHS’s focus to those who pose the least threat. The planned raids won’t focus on people with criminal backgrounds, or those who are threats to […]

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Judge Rules Against FedEx in Same-Sex Benefits Case

Posted by Melanie Nathan, January 05, 2016. Yes there is still fallout from DOMA and it is scandalous to note that FedEx did not have the decency to apply the Edie Windsor case retrospectively. So now let fairness, equality and justice prevail, with thanks to these Plaintiffs, NCLR, Feinberg Jackson Worthman & Wasow, the Civil […]

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Rev Mpho Tutu Marries Prof Marceline Furth

The couple will have a wedding ceremony in Cape Town in May this year. By Melanie Nathan, Jan 01, 2016. It is indeed a happy new year for the Tutu and Furth families, as Reverend Mpho Tutu and Professor Marceline Furth were married earlier this week. Rev. Mpho Tutu is the daughter of the Archbishop […]

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TLDEF Condemns Indiana Bill Targeting Transgender Youth and Adults

Bill Would Punish Transgender People with Jail Time for Using Bathroom Posted by Melanie Nathan, Dec 28, 2015. New York, NY – The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF) denounces an Indiana bill singling out transgender students and adults for discrimination. Introduced by Republican state Sen. Jim Tomes, Senate Bill 35 would prohibit transgender students in […]

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Our Annual HEROES and ZEROES 2015

By Melanie Nathan, December 25, 2015. A big thank you to our friends and supporters who have supported OblogdeeOblogda, and my work at The African Human Rights Coalition and Peacemaker Museum World Tour. Here are our TOP TEN Heroes and Zeroes of 2015! Please note you get to choose an 11th! Our Annual Heroes and […]

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Xmas Love from LGBTI Refugees in Africa

By Melanie Nathan, December 24, 2015. #‎THANKSfortheLOVE‬ ‪#‎Heartbreaking‬ I am very very touched by the outpouring of holiday love from the LGBTI refugees who are in contact with me and many who have not previously been in contact with me- from many parts of Africa. I had no idea that many people knew about our […]

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New York Times Sparks Breitbart Article Scapegoating against LGBT Human Rights Advocacy

By Melanie Nathan, December 22, 2015. Who has hurt African LGBT people more?  Is that the question?  Ask yourself always – where did it start and unless one fails to place a story in its absolute and full context, then we can be assured there is no truth.  The New York Times published a somewhat […]

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Transgender Man Wins Health Insurance Coverage for Gender Transition

Victory! Union Affirms Ongoing Coverage for Transition-Related Care in Health Plan By Melanie Nathan, December 22, 2015. New York, NY – The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF) has secured insurance coverage for a transgender man’s medically necessary care after his union-sponsored health insurance plan refused to cover it.  Adrian Sealy works in a […]

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Slum in Kenya where urbanrefugees have been compelled to stay

Hillary Clinton Policy Plan does not go far enough for Global LGBT needs

December 19, 2015 Melanie Nathan, Executive Director, African HRC Candidate for the Democratic U.S. Presidential nomination, former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has outlined a comprehensive LGBT policy plan for domestic and global LGBT issues. While we at African Human Rights Coalition are grateful to Secretary Clinton for her recognition of the plight of […]

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Exiled Gay Pastor Struggles to Survive After Being Outed by LGBT Christian Ministry

This is for those Other Sheep who recklessly expose the names and faces of LGBTI people in Africa. By Melanie Nathan, December 09, 2015. A few months ago, I was contacted by a man identifying himself as a gay pastor from an African country.  The man sought emergency help. He was on the border between […]

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