David Bahati lies about homosexuals recruiting kindergarten children

By Melanie Nathan, January 05, 2012.

bahatiLies can indeed be proved through impossibility.  I stumbled across this report in the Ugandan press, Red Pepper Tabloid, which I previously missed.  I am reporting it here because it is absolute evidence that the assertions made by David Bahati, which form the basis of his anti-gay legislation in the Ugandan Parliament, are indeed nothing short of crazed.  What person in their right mind would believe that a 4 year old could be “recruited” into homosexuality?  One cannot even “recruit” a 4 year old into heterosexuality.  To bring such young children into this type of insinuation and this  allegation by Bahati is proof positive that he has confused homosexuality with pedophilia.

Homos Targeting Kindergartens, Says Bahati

Posted about 61 days ago by Gloria Kemigisha |
Ndorwa West MP David Bahati (right),  Bill Clinton posing for a picture with Gay Right’s Activist Frank Mugisha (center) at a party.

Known for his homophobia, Ndorwa West MP David Bahati has now warned parents to take extreme precautions as homosexuals are busy targeting new recruits in kindergartens. Bahati delivered the message on Sunday while presiding over Kampala Kindergarten Association end of year concert held at Didi’s World – Kasanga in Kampala.

When he took to the podium, Bahati said that the theme of the day ‘motivation leads to independence’,  was rich because of its relevance to the children gathered who without doubt are the future leaders. At this point he expressed his discontent with the impunity gays are propping up to recruit toddlers in nursery schools.

“We now have a problem with homosexuals who are targeting nursery kids. We must fight them seriously and bring it to an end. As teachers, be on the look out to protect the moral fabric of the nation as we in Government find way of fighting this depravity,” he said.

His remarks come at a time when MPs in Parliament have intensified immense pressure on passing of Anti-gay bill. Speaking to press yesterday, Bahati again reiterated that the bill is before the Parliamentary Legal and Affairs committee. But he vouched that he will ‘energize’ to see the bill passed before the year ends. “Right now the bill is before the committee we shall debate it in this session and before end of 2012 we shall come up with a resolution,” he said.

Bahati’s speech came some sixty days ago, at a time when he was desperately trying to forge passage of his private member Bill in Parliament, The Anti-Homosexuality Bill.  The otherwise known Kill the Gays Bill, which includes the death penalty and harsh prison terms has been languishing in Uganda’s Parliamentary system since 2009, and may appear yet again on the Order Papers (Agenda) when Parliament reconvenes next month.

Despite numerous requests by international media and activists, including myself directly to Bahati, the MP has failed to provide any proof of these type of assertions.  Noting that this so called “recruitment” is a complete fabrication is important, because it is upon this basis that Bahati authored and promoted the Bill in the first place. Accordingly the entire foundation of the Bill is phoney.  Already there are laws in place in Uganda to protect children against “defilement” and to protect children from pedophilia.

The real motivation for the Anti-Homosexuality Bill has been the furthering of the mission of religious zealots in the form of Evangelical Christians, to rid the world of homosexuality, using Uganda, a country with serious problems of corruption and poverty,  ripe for use as a launch pad for the sinister mission.  See my article in LGBTQ Nation.

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Scientific Evidence re homosexuality:

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