Ugandan Chris Mubiru Sentenced to 10 years in Sodomy Case

By Melanie Nathan, September 17, 2015.

Buganda Road Court in Kampala, Uganda, has sentenced the former soccer manager of the team Uganda Cranes, Christopher Mubiru Kisingiri, to 10 years in prison and ordered him to pay restitution of fifty million Ugandan Shillings, approximately $14,000 USD.

Mubiru sentencedIn the highly controversial case, Mubiru was found guilty of having carnal knowledge, committing an act against order of nature, contrary to Section 145(a) of the Penal Code Act, with an 18 year old,  Emmanuel Nyanzi.

The court found that the act was not consensual as Nyanzi was apparently drugged.  Mubiru was found innocent in a second charge, with another man, where the act was apparently consensual.

Mubiru has been given leave to appeal the sentence by the Court.

MUBIRU was convicted earlier this month – READ MORE.

5 thoughts on “Ugandan Chris Mubiru Sentenced to 10 years in Sodomy Case

  1. Your headline is deceitfully misleading.

    Remembering that your aim is to trash Uganda at every opportunity and so it must be mentioned in the headline, the following would be more appropriate:

    “Ugandan Sentenced to 10 years for Gay Rape”.

    Why mention the name of the convict in the headline?

    1. Well let me explain and it does not take a rocket scientists to figure out that my header was 100% correct given the charges. So mr. genius – here is a question – was he charged with RAPE? NOooooooooo he was not – and yeeeeeeees maybe he should have been had all those elements of that crime been there! BUT they charged – convicted and found him guilty under the Penal Code – right? Hence “sodomy Case” because the penal code references the act of “carnal knowledge – against the order of nature”. So my header is correct in accordance with what occurred. Just because you think he shpould have been charged with “gay rape” doe snot mean that is what happened! AND WHY not mention the name in the deadline? It helps in seo’s or did you not know that?

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    A troubling story…

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