Resistanbul – Call to actions from Istanbul LGBT Pride

By Cathy Kristofferson, June 20, 2013

IstanbulPrideWeekTurkish LGBT rights activists and organizations in Istanbul have posted requesting our support and solidarity.  We have previously blogged about their threatened Pride Parade here on OBLOGDEE. Now due to the Taksim Gezi Park actions and resulting police crackdowns both their June 23rd Trans Pride March and the  June 30th LGBT Pride March are under threat of both the original police/security forces suppression and now from attacks by those protesting the protesters in the Park.

The LGBT BLOK has been very visible in their solidarity with the Taksim Gezi Park movement. This will likely add to reactionary targeting of their marches.

istanbulflagFurther fanning the flames of homophobia, this Tuesday Turkey’s Ministry of Family and Social Policies launched a new exclusively heterosexual “Being Family Project”. This new project was then promoted by PM Erdoğan with is typical hetero-normative messaging of “the coupling of a man and a woman is crucial for the continuation of the human race.”

resistanbulRemember this year’s Istanbul Pride Week theme is RESISTANCE!

Their Facebook event reads in part: “For the 21st İstanbul Pride Week which will take place between the 24th and 30th of June 2013, we decided on the theme of “Resistance”. We invite all of you to join us in 21st year of our struggle. Come and join us so that we can, despite our divergences and conflicts, through solidarity and alliances, continue to cherish our differences and experiences, raise our enthusiasm, feel the rhythm and voice our resistance louder and stronger than ever!”

Here is the request for support and solidarity from the 21st Istanbul LGBT Pride Week and March Committee.  It contains simple asks that we can all take part in.

Dear Friends,

LGBT rights activists and organizations in Istanbul need your support and solidarity. As you may have followed on social media and some international channels and newspapers, for close to three weeks, as LGBT block in solidarity with several different groups and organizations, we have been resisting to defend our right to peaceful assembly. Since the last 1st of May, Governor of İstanbul effectively closed Taksim area to all kind of marches and peaceful demonstrations by brutally attacking protestors.

Our next big events, Trans Pride March on June 23rd and the LGBT Pride March on June 30th in Istanbul are threatened under the current circumstances. These two events bring together thousands of LGBTs and allies in Istanbul and we are concerned for our safety.

What can you do to support us?

•You can spread our call among your contacts

•You can participate in both of our marches and invite your friends & colleagues

•You can send protest letters to the Turkish Embassy in your own country claiming your concerns about the safety of LGBT activists in the coming Pride marches.

•You can show your solidarity for our cause carrying the logo of our resistance during your own pride marches Resistanbul Pride March or you can organize press declarations in front of Turkish Embassies in your cities.

In solidarity,

21st Istanbul LGBT Pride Week and March Committee

For further communication: [email protected]

Their hashtag is #resistanbulpridemarch for both Facebook and Twitter when spreading the news.

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Cathy Kristofferson,  ,  @GE_MA_Lead

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