Another Breaking News…. UAFA – Senator Leahy

leahy at desk10. 41 AM PDT ;  Senator Leahy’s office announced today that there will be a hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding Uniting American Families Act (UAFA).  Please stay tuned.      Scheduled for June 03, 2009 in D.C. I will be travelling to DC to attend.   


The Senate Committee on the Judiciary has scheduled a hearing on “The Uniting American Families Act: Addressing Inequality in Federal Immigration Law” for Wednesday, June 3, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. in Room 226 of the Senate Dirksen Office Building.         By order of the Chairman

See Immigration Equalities Announcement

Please inform your representatives about the hearing.  Perhaps bi-national couples should flood their Senators with requests that their stories are told or submitted.  Acr Now.  If you need help contact me:

UCSF TALK IMMIGRATION PANEL.jpg extra copy.jpgmel headshotHOW YOU CAN HELP:
1. Contribute to Binational Advocacy Fund – see details below
2. Write your Congress person and Senator and tell them you are excited about the UAFA HEARING by Senator Leahy scheduled for June 03, 2009; Cut and Paste or use below as a sample letter;
3. Travel to DC on June 3rd  – to support the hearing – contact Immigration equality and ask how you can help once there, or organize as many people as you can to stand outside your Reps office with signs saying
“UAFA is Urgent; Support UAFA Now!” There will be Press and your presence is encouraged. Keep an eye out here and on site for any information.

Melanie Nathan

Note: We  are working on another case where a binational woman is suffering seriously in detention.     If you are able, please contribute to a Fund to Help her and other Bi-Nationals  so that the work we do on their behalf can continue to be pro bono. Contributions are used to pay personal advocacy expenses:
Private Courts Inc.
Binational Advocacy Fund
PO Box 1108
Woodacre, CA  94973


Dear Representative/ Senator(inser name)
I am very pleased that Senator Leahy has announced a Judiciary Committee hearing for June 3rd on the issue of Uniting American Families Act, (UAFA, H.R. 1024, S. 424.)  I respectfully request that your office do whatever it can to support this hearing  and the quest for passage of UAFA, on our behalf, either by obtaining written testimony from our state constitutents currently forced into exile to be with their spouses/ permanent partners as a result of exclusion under the Immigration Laws in our Country; by co-sponsoring the bill and calling on your colleagues to do so too; by contacting Senator leahy to express support and thank hom on behalf of us, your consituents.”

Your name and address.

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