Congratulations Amos Community Hero

I have had the great pleasure of working with Amos and really enjoyed his company this past weekend when we attended the OCA conference in San Francisco.  Amos is so easy to work with and a wealth of knowledge.  Its almost as if his name is synonymous with LGBT immigration equality. 

IMG_0865Congratulations to Out4Immigration founding board member Amos Lim!  Amos has been named this week’s Community Hero by Energy 92.7FM and AT&T in San Francisco for his work as a leading activist for equal immigration rights in the US with Out4Immigration. For many years now, Amos, who came to America on a student visa and his American partner, Mickey, have been blazing trails for the rights of same-sex binational couples first with a bill in Congress called the Permanent Partner Immigration Act (PPIA), which later became the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA; S.424; H.R. 1024).

In 2006 the couple, along with a handful of others, founded Out4Immigration to further the cause. In this capacity Amos, now a permanent resident of the US, has transformed into a tireless activist for LGBT immigration rights.  He has built coalitions with other LGBT and immigrant groups, spoken at community forums and given numerous interviews and published op-eds on the need to include LGBT people and their families in comprehensive immigration reform and to end the archaic and cruel HIV travel ban. Amos regularly meets with local, state and national elected officials to ask them to support the UAFA and got the city of San Francisco to pass an ordinance urging support of this legislation.

He is now currently working on getting the state of California to do the same. Amos is also a member of the City of San Francisco’s LGBT Advisory Committee where he advocates for the immigration rights of LGBT families. Amos Lim is a community hero is every sense of the term. He demonstrates what it means to believe that there is a wrong to be righted and to take action in an area where few others have been brave enough to go. Thank you Amos, from everyone at Out4Immigration. You have always been our hero, and we are happy to share you with the rest of the community! (Kathy Drasky)logo fr out4I 

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