Out4Immigration-like an Ever-ready Battery….

Melanie Nathan’s comment:- While some organizations focus on fundraising and remain furtive in their strategy, citing “we know best” while purporting to advance the cause of binationals in their self appointed autocracy, Out4Immigration remains consistent in its plan – a transparent one- and as always made public here is a note from OUT4Immigration posted by Amos Lim, unpaid volunteer at the helm:-

Amos Lim from out4Immigration

Amos Lim from out4Immigration

Week 34 – Please sign on to sponsor Uniting American Families Act

 Out4Immigration is an all grassroots organization and our letter writing campaign is now in its 34th  week.  We have had successes in our campaign by getting more cosponsors on board.  We are also constantly adapting the campaign from feedbacks that we received from our members and from our allies. There are people who are interested in doing more than just simple cut and paste and after some discussion, we are incorporating those request into our letter writing campaign.

You now have three options in using the names and addresses of the targets we provide:

1) Send the Out4Immigration form letter (posted here) by changing the areas in bold only. If you choose this “form letter” option, you can sign the letter as a member of O4I and use O4I letterhead.

2) Write your own letter to these targets telling your personal story. If you choose to do this, please know that you must do this as an individual, not a member of Out4Immigration, and you cannot use the O4I name, letterhead or any other branding.

3) Send each target a self-made booklet that tells your story, shows pictures of your family, includes letters from your employer or others in the community identifying their support for you and the UAFA. Again, you should send this an individual, although you can use news clippings and links to organizations that advocate for same-sex binational couples like O4I,  Marriage Equality, –  See our toolkit: http://tinyurl.com/o4i-toolkit1 for more ideas. Obviously, this option will take up more of your time and money — and will have to be sent via snail mail. 

Each week we try to provide a general email address that will accept emails from anywhere in the world (not just the representative’s constituents).  However, some Reps and Senators have chosen to limit their email and you won’t get through unless you live in their district. That’s why we also provide a fax number and the snail mail address.

Whichever option you choose (and please, choose at least one!) know that you are making a difference — and please don’t give up!”

Please join out4Immigration in its quest to help our gay and lesbian families in exile, in hiding or living in uncertainty. we should not have to choose between our heart or home.  Also remember we are all one heart beat away from falling in love with a foreigner.

see additional commentary on this post at http://lezgetreal.com/?p=22326

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