Lezgetreal Breaking Announcement -Hanson and Dinah Make Sweet Music

Salt-N-Pepa, Courtesy Club Skirts

Mariah Hanson &Friends with Katy Perry

CLUB SKIRTS PRESENTS THE DINAH® CELEBRATES ITS 20TH MILESTONE ANNIVERSARY  WITH A MUSIC LEGEND: SALT-N-PEPA Headlining Saturday Night’s “Hollywood Party” At the Palm Springs Convention Center .
by Melanie Nathan,  : –  
Palm Springs, CA – Mariah Hanson, founder of Club Skirts Presents The Dinah®, has just announced another HUGE headliner for the 2010 highly anticipated Dinah weekend held March 31 through April 4 (www.TheDinah)  in the sunny Oasis.  Joining the stellar line-up is the legendaryGrammy Award-winning American hip-hop trio Salt-N-Pepa who will rock the house during Saturday night’s “Hollywood Party” at the Palm Springs Convention Center. 

As the first all female rap crew, Salt-N-Pepa historically changed the face of the music scene. The groundbreaking cult band has broken many records in the music industry and is, to this day, credited as being one of the first rap artists to cross over into pop mainstream, laying the groundwork for a number of other female artists in the likes of TLC, Destiny’s Child and Beyonce.  

Selling over 15 million albums and singles worldwide, Salt-N-Pepa became the first female rap Grammy winners; the first female rap act to go gold or platinum; and the first female rap act to have amulti-platinum album.

“Much like The Dinah has over the years changed the face of lesbian event production, Salt-N-Pepa have changed the face of women in music. We herald them as the perfect headliner for our signature event,” says Hanson.     

Blending the old with the new, Hanson is commemorating The Dinah’s milestone 20th Anniversary by delivering a never-been-seen before star-studded entertainment program – a sure crowd-pleaser and show stopper event! 

After all who else but Hanson can bring together on the same stage, under one roof for one weekend ONLY, the hottest, sexiest and most talented music divas of yesterday and today – from Ke$ha, the current # 1 Billboard charting artist in the country (who stoleLady Gaga’s “most downloaded song on iTunes” record), Paradiso Girls, Lolene to music legend Salt-N-Pepa?  

This year club Skirts Presents The Dinah® is not just breaking grounds, it is making history!   www.TheDinah.com 

Note:       K$sha was announced as anothe scoop  Headliner at http://lezgetreal.com/?p=24549

 some weeks ago and now this adds to the extraordinary line-up for the weekedn long series of lesbian entertainment and  events.
Pictures Courtesy The Dinah/ 1. Salt-N-Pepa and 2. Mariah Hanson on stage with Katy Perry at The Dinah. 


Melanie Nathan

By Melanie Nathan,

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