Bigots stalk, video and harass at Boston Youth Pride

By Cathy Kristofferson, May 18, 2013

bypI started this piece months ago when there was risk of the delegates from Uganda being exposed at the Scott Lively trial in Springfield MA by those who have the vile habit of exposing members of the gay community in some misguided attempt of shaming them…  ‘straight’ I suppose.  I am reviving it today because it has been reported that once again SPLC-designated hate group MassResistance has been stalking, photographing, and videotaping participants at Boston’s Youth Pride.

Youth Pride events are where young people should have a sense of safety instead of the fear of being exposed.  I wonder WHY hate groups like this are allowed to stalk under-aged youth, take hundreds of pics and vids without consent, ignore consent refusals by youth who attempt to cover their face and ask them NOT to take their picture, year after year?  So again this year, they were asked by event coordinators to leave and they refused.  Why? They think videotaping under-age youth to post on the Internet without their consent and against their will is the same as handing out condoms to underage youth.  Yes, that’s their defense!

The main suspects of MassResistance are these three (all pictures of them are mine so please disseminate to anyone who needs to know!):


Also, again this year I’m sure we will hear reports that they have ‘infiltrated’ the Boston Area Gay and Lesbian Youth (BAGLY) Youth Prom the nation’s oldest and largest LGBT Youth Prom.  But that won’t be why they are there… just more harassment.

I won’t link to any of their pathetic tabloid-style ‘expose’ pages because I don’t care to provide their site any traffic but needless to say they are scum because of them.  Threatening youth with exposure which could very well lead to any or all of the possible negative outcomes of being forced to come out to their parents risking violence and/or homelessness is a despicable past time.  Many of us activists have dealt with the likes of MassResistance for a while now but people – gay community and allies alike – that come out to pride, or legislative hearings, or other events that these people stalk, never imagine the possible results. And the youth should not be subjected to this.

bh_photo1bh_photo3 Today new haters from Benedict’s Hammer also attended Boston’s Youth Pride to harass the youth chastising them to repent, attempting to connect being gay to pedophilia and NAMBLA, along with the usual pack of lies they perpetrate wherever their type go.  But we need to realize that a lot of this may be new to these youth who trek to the Boston Common from all over the state, from small rural towns and the larger cities, just to be with “their people”.

Next year more of ubh_photo5s adults from the community need to attend to a create human wall for the Youth March and to generally be around to intercept the harassers.  Last year I went with my “<— HATER from MassResistance” sign ready to stalk the stalkers but couldn’t find them.  Shame on me for letting my guard down.  See you next year, Brian and company.  And maybe I’ll actually attend Boston Pride this year just to update my photos of you!

If you are at Boston Pride or likely any Pride celebration, legislative hearing, gay-anything event in Massachusetts or the surrounding states and you see any of those three pictured above give them a piece of your mind.  I know I will.  Because now that marriage equality is locked up here in the New England states these folks are going to be searching for new venues to haunt.  Let’s discourage them.

bh_page1 bh_page2 bh_page3


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2 Comments on “Bigots stalk, video and harass at Boston Youth Pride”

  1. Melanie Nathan May 18, 2013 at 6:30 PM #

    Intimidation by adults of youngsters is reprehensible.

  2. Erica May 18, 2013 at 6:49 PM #

    I (a woman) was there volunteering with an organization I’m a part of, and I brought my husband. He’d never been to a pride event, but his younger brother is gay and he wanted to check it out to support the youth. He couldn’t understand why these adults were there basically harassing and condemning kids. We stood behind these people for a few minutes, and he wanted to engage them and point out that LGBT people haven’t affected our heterosexual marriage at all. I luckily convinced him not to waste his time. Its very disturbing.

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