Shocking Report Reveals Uganda Police Abuse Gays

 By Melanie Nathan, February 27, 2015.

Ugandan Police report Chapter fourA new 27 page report has been published indicating grave violations and human rights abuses in Uganda by Ugandan Police towards people arrested under suspicion of being LGBTI.
The report categorically notes that the Ugandan police harass and physically abuse gay (LGBTI) people in custody. Chapter Four Uganda documented several cases of men suspected of being homosexual having intrusive physical examinations.

Homosexual acts are illegal in Uganda under old British Penal Codes. After the Anti-homosexuality Act which was enacted to ensure harsher punishment for homosexuality and so called promotion thereof was invalidated by the Courts, plans to introduce new harsher legislation have been resumed.

The report entitled Where Do We Go for Justice? Noted that officers routinely refused to look into cases reported by gay men and lesbians.

It found several instances when the police instead turned against them because of their sexuality, charging them with crimes such as indecent exposure, sodomy and having sex against the order of nature.

They were harassed into signing false and self-incriminating statements and some of the 21 people interviewed by researchers also talked of being beaten by the police or prison wardens.

I have also received several reports directly from people who experienced this abuse and have submitted the reports to African HRC and other organizations for documentation.

The report calls upon Police and Government to treat LGBT people with dignity and fairness and to stop the abusive treatment which are serious human rights infractions.

Read more at  and for link to full report.

3 thoughts on “Shocking Report Reveals Uganda Police Abuse Gays

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  3. The worst torture you get when you are immured as gay in Uganda, is that at times they don’t even want to mix you with other inmates. “REJECTION” and truly this would even hurt more for you wont even have anyone to share with the pain your trying to endure. Let us break the silence. like our slogan goes, SILENCE=DEATH.

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