Update on Alleged Immigration Raids in the San Francisco Mission

Know your rights

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 2.54.15 PM.pngToday people have expressed concern about possible ICE raids in the Mission, San Francisco . We have been informed that this was not a general  Immigration and Customs  Enforcement raid but a specific search for two individuals.

Activists report that ICE agents came to Good Samaritan Apartments in the Mission in San Francisco looking for two specific people. When they were unable to enter the building because it was locked, they went into the Good Samaritan Family Resource Center next door.

The ICE agents asked the staff about the two individuals, and did not mention names. A  staff member told the agents that they were a family resource center and that no one resided there. The ICE agents then apparently left. It seems that no one was arrested or detained. Please rest assured, there were no ICE raids in the Mission today.

According to activists –  community immigration attorneys have been on call all day, just in case needed.

If you do see ICE arresting or detaining anyone in the future, please call this number: 1-844-878-7801 and local immigration advocates will investigate the situation further.

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