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Uganda Prepares for Its Second Gay Pride

Despite all odds, the fearless continue …. and the least we can do as an international community is support this imperative statement… By Melanie Nathan, June 04, 2013. Last year, despite the climate of fervent anti-gay hostility, Ugandan volunteer LGBT activists accomplished what seemed impossible – they launched the first every Gay Pride celebration in […]

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GAY U.S.A. BLOG August Updates

In addition to this BLOG, Editor Melanie Nathan contributes to other BLOGS, such as The Advocate, LGBTQ Nation, GAY STAR NEWS and others; and much of her writing about U.S.A. equality news can be found in her BLOG at GAY U.S.A. the Movie, which she is co-producing with filmmaker Kristina Lapinski.  Lapinski can be seen […]

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My Tweet Conversation with Anonymous About Hacking Uganda Government for Gays

The Western Evangelicals brought the Gay hate and the West brings the Hacking protests making Anonymous synonymous with the Evangelicals who caused the gays harm in the first place By Melanie Nathan, August 17, 2012 Pinkk @Ninj4 joined in justifying the  hacking of Uganda’s Government sites, for the group of loosely connected hackers who call […]

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Anonymous Should have cut off the identity of the man as I have done here. I use this photo with permission of David Robinson who owns the Copyright.

Anonymous Hacks Ugandan Government in Support of Gay Pride but Uses Harmful Photo

Activists Question Motives and More harm than good? Anonymous used Photos from My Advocate Article that can hurt the gay man depicted. By Melanie Nathan, August 15, 2012 Ugandan government websites hacked and defaced include the official website of the Office of the Prime Minister. The following is an excerpt from a message posted to […]

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The Stories Of Shirley Tan and oter families

Immigration Equality Fails Binational Same-Sex Couples Again

Immigration Equality Seeks to blame Obama Administration for its own ineffectiveness and fainting mission By Melanie Nathan, February 23, 2012 Andrew Harmon at the Advocate reports that The Obama Administration held talks with LGBT groups on January 30, and the “big ask” was rejected.  “While the administration has taken affirmative steps in recent months to […]

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Fred Karger Republican Presidential Candidate Fights for ENDA

By Melanie Nathan, Dec 02, 2011 Yesterday, Fred Karger launched his issues campaign.  It was my pleasure to write an article for the Advocate that posted at the moment of Karger’s launch. While still a staunch Democrat and supporter of President Obama, I believe that I am still obligated to provide Fred Karger, the first […]

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Shirley Tan Advocate Magazine’s Activist of the YEAR!

I am documenting this note in the hope that you will remember that Shirl and Jay are innocent bystanders who got caught up in a situation and have been inadvertent activists. If anything goes wrong it will not be for lack of trying on their behalf to help others. It would have been much easier for them to remain silent.

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