Shirley Tan, Melanie Nathan, Jay Mercado leaving the PLaza D.C. For the hearing.


 Before we headed out to the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. The Tan Mercado family was all spruced up and ready to testify. They were not nervous, just willing to take care of business. Shirley testified with a bravery rarely seen.

I met Shirley when she had mere weeks to her deportation and the moment I received the case I commented that I thought it would be the case that would “blow UAFA out of the water.”  I was right! Shirley’s extraordinary story brings with it the elements of family and brutality and every reason for compassion, clearly noted by Senator Feinstein’s verbiage in Private Bill # 867; however although this story has had this effect and this wonderful family has won our hearts, we cannot forget the people including  the broken couples with some in detention as we speak. who have nbo solutions, not even interim solutions like Shirley Tan.  It is critical for Gordon Stewart, Shirley Tan, Martha McDevitt-Pugh our American brothers and sisters who represent not only their own plights but the heartbreak of many thousands more of us in this situation.  Please call o your representatives to sign on for this legislation.  Tell them how important it is. Some legislators have not yet even heard of this bill.   nadler and melanie nathan

If you are in a State where a Senator has not signed as co-sponsor PLEASE write your enator and call on them  – also by phone to get this Bill passed.

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