San Francisco Castro to Protest Russian Anti-Gay laws

Sunday Protest | Gay Oppressor Russian Orthodox Church lives in the Castro

By Melanie Nathan, August 21, 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 4.37.33 PMThis Sunday morning as San Francisco’s Castro awakens to its persistent rainbow flags, the heartbeat of gay America will show solidarity for Russia’s persecuted LGBT community. Who could have imagined that the Russian Orthodox Church would nestle itself in the land of gay glam. Yes believe it – it is true – the Russian Orthodox Church, complicit in the persecution of Russia’s gays,  has found its nest in the CASTRO and that is where we will be, bullhorns, flags and banners, chanting our disgust at Russia’s anti-homosexual propaganda law.

Protesters will peacefully challenge the Russian Orthodox Church over its support for Russia’s anti-homosexual propaganda law that has led to rising violence and anti-LGBT bigotry in that country.

Castro Russian Orthodox Church
Castro Russian Orthodox Church – St. Nicholas

Who: and Gays Without Borders  
What: Picket line and speak out  
Where: St Nicholas Cathedral 
Location: 2005 – 15th Street, between Church and Market Streets
Date: Sunday, August 25, 2013
When: 11:00 AM

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill I, who lives in Moscow, is a leading proponent of the law. Patriarch Kirill is a longtime supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the two leaders both strongly back the recently enacted anti-gay propaganda law that bans any pro-gay statement or demonstrations in public or private and on the Internet. The law, which was enacted in June, has drawn international condemnation.

Speaking in the English-language Moscow Times on July 21, Patriarch Kirill said of same-sex marriage:

“Those who are true to their conscience in fighting these minority-imposed laws are subject to repression. It’s a very dangerous sign of the apocalypse.”

The St. Nicholas Cathedral in the gay Castro district is under the control and direction of Patriarch Kirill, who in December 2010 appointed Father Leonid Kazakov of the St. Petersburg diocese to lead the San Francisco church. Emails and voice mails to the church were not returned.

This action is designed to show the love and beauty of LGBT people through the display of the rainbow flag, our international symbol of acceptance and respect for our community. And here is a big advance THANK YOU to all the neighbors of the Church, gay and straight,  who have agreed to fly their flags in solidarity with our cause.

On Sunday, August 25, starting at 11:00 am, which is after the worship service at St. Nicholas’ church, members of the LGBT community will speak outside the church on the public sidewalk for acceptance and respect for the Russian LGBT community and call for the repeal of the anti-gay law.

Rainbow flags will be displayed on the sidewalk and through windows of the neighbors.

Thank you to community organizers for their hard work in putting this together. Now we are asking you to show up and participate.

Please note we may have a very special visitor – negotiations underway!

See you there!

Melanie Nathan
[email protected]

87 thoughts on “San Francisco Castro to Protest Russian Anti-Gay laws

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  2. Why can’t Russia have it’s own policy and outlook, why must the west dictate their internal policy. It’s non of the United States business what they do internally. If those living in Russia don’t like it leave. Those who are not Russian but out. – Besides the legislation is merely to protect innocent children from influences the citizenry considers not morally health…..

    1. Russia is the signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and has also ratified a number of other international human rights instruments, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (fully) and the European Convention of Human Rights (with reservations). These international law instruments take precedence over national legislation according to Chapter 1, Article 15 of the Constitution.

      First of all it is NOT legislation to merely protect minors. Secondly minors needing protection from what? My daughter has 2 moms – does that mean she needs protection from the anti-gay law. The only thing minors need protection fro is adults who abuse them and being gay is not abusive. if anything minors who are uncertain about their sexuality should be able to speak to adults and get counseling. The counselor should be able to tell the minor that if they are GAY that is okay. But you seem to buy into the underlying lie that ALL GAYS are pedophiles. That would be the only reason to protect gays from the widely undefined term “propaganda.”

      The fact that Russians as you say consider gays “morally unhealthy’ and then suggest having that opinion is okay -all of which know is proven to be based on myth and lie – means that yu think the world should buy into the “domestic” lie . So that means a country can decide all black people are less than white people and they should therefore have different benches, smaller wages, be slaves etc. etc. And because that is what the people in the legislature believe that would be oka and the world should not have its say.

      3. The NAZi laws started in similar fashion, Just one little silly law that everyone could make an excuse for? Then it leads to the next more onerous law and the world still turns a blind eye and then boom murder and mayhem because scapegoating that little group has served everyone’s purpose – really well!

      4. It is not merely an internal matter. To say such is to say that each country can legislate genocide if it so chooses and if I sound extreme in my example then you believe that being gay and having your sexuality legislated against is not a human rights issue. well it is a human rights issue because the evidence of resulting homophobia and persecution is rife.

      THAT all said, the Russians can call it anything they want and they can be morally inept and I can go to sleep at night and say oops they are draconian in their thinking – but I see the harm they are causing to – even their own people – and nothing can justify my silence and I have an absolute right and to protest them. I must stand on the street corner and yell for boycotts to isolate the country that chooses to persecute a minority of its citizenry because I believe that so strongly. I have as MUCh of a right to protest based on my principles as they do to make bad ugly laws.

      But let me add – their right to their sovereignty on certain issues and this may turn into such one – can be challenged in international tribunals if there is a breach of International treatise etc.

      Russia is the signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and has also ratified a number of other international human rights instruments, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (fully) and the European Convention of Human Rights (with reservations). These international law instruments take precedence over national legislation according to Chapter 1, Article 15 of the Constitution.

      1. None of the international legal instruments that Russia became a party to states that Russia has to recognize, protect and even favor gays. Human rights?

        Russians are also human beings who have human rights and they prefer not to subject themselves and their kids to the influences that they consider morally harming and destructive. They have the right not to have their children being subject to promotion of non-traditional relationships. They have the right to recognize marriage as the union of one man and one woman. They have the right to uphold their own moral values largely based on the religion that has been in the Russian land for more than 1000 years. That is what Russians are like: people with their own opinion which does not need to be favored or supported by other countries, because they can stand for for their opinion.

        Muslims can have multiple wives, while many Americans can find this offensive, immoral and something that they could not accept for themselves. Nevertheless, Muslims continue to have their rights, and no country in the world forces them to reject their views because the US or the EU citizens think that Muslims should have monogamy. This is a matter of tradition and values to Muslims to keep polygamy and they keep it.

        Russians, on the other hand, cannot accept the promotion and favoritism provided to gays, and it should only be up to Russians to decide how they want to treat/address this matter. If some of the gay couples are not satisfied with the way things are in Russia, they can always find a place for themselves in the EU or the US or any other country which will support their views.

        I am wondering…will the Americans still call it freedom and be proud of themselves when, let’s say, when the Muslims get to the Supreme Court and get a favorable judgment, recognizing the right to marry multiple persons as the legal right in the US. Why can’t this happen? Muslims are also minorities who think differently than traditional Americans, and now with the increased gay protection can also get their rights protected…

        I am wondering if this is what the Americans think about liberty and freedom….when they tell the little girl to go to men’s restroom if she believes she is a boy? Why would the little girl even have such an idea? Right, because she lives in the society which tries to erase the differences between a man and a woman. And this is not about equal employment or equal pay. Nothing’s wrong with that. But definitely there is something wrong when the child does not know if she is a girl or a boy…Can’t you see where this can lead eventually? there is something wrong with people not seeing how their nation can be destroyed…from the inside and by themselves.

        But, of course, you have the right to choose. And people should be responsible for their actions which will affect future generations. Americans chose to support gays, transgender, educating children about this. In several years they will see the results which either will make them happy or not.

        Russians also will bear responsibility for their actions. They chose a different way of addressing these issues, the ways that they believe will be better for their nation. They also have the right to choose and this right cannot be taken away from them.

        1. Sovereign countries and their choices should always be the subject of International scrutiny –
          If a law is based on myth and lies about the minority then it is the duty of the international community to come to the defense of that minority
          Based on your flawed argument – any country would be at liberty to make a law calling for slavery or extermination and simply because they believe the BASIS for the law we as an International community should bow out and be silent?
          International communities have an obligation to express their own ideal of morality and must isolate countries as a matter of principle if those countries grossly impinge upon their International treatise such as The INT DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS.
          The flaw in your argument rests in the premise and the basis for the laws in Russia – based on myth and lie – it has never and cannot be proven that gays hurt minors – and your comparing religious dogma to basic human rights.
          By the way – the refusal to allow an adult person to counsel a confused gay teen hurts much more than a kid who is born gay thinking that he is abnormal.
          The science disproves the basis of the Russian law and hence the law infringes basic human rights. If the very premise of the law made sense then it may be different and your argument may have some value. However the purpose of a law based on myth is to make the minority a scapegoat target then we have a duty to speak out or we will see further persecution against gays.
          The moral argument does not work if it is based on lies.

      2. Why LGBT community chooses the Orthodox Church for such an insulting action? Why not to go to Russian Consulate? Or simply anywhere else? Go to Market st. as you usually do! This is a huge mistake – shows the lack of culture and poor education and intellect protesters and supporters have. Would the protesters go to a Muslim church?? Nope! Never actually, because it’s not a “PC” and you are simply scared of potential conflict. This action is a cheap and not smart way to get an attention.
        Instead, write letters, speak on TV, merry Russian gays, whatever… Do not insult the Russian Church ( and don’t show the lack of your personal culture)!

        1. We choose the Russian Orthodox Church because it is directly involved in the Russian Anti-gay law. It was the Church that called for the moral myths and lies that serve as the underlying notion that gays are bad. Putin in signing the anti-gay law is licking the butts of the Church. The second reason is the Church is LIVING and breathing in the Castro amongst the gay flags. If they want to tell lies about gay people then they should go and LIVE somewhere else or they should be ready for the protest. It is going to be respectful and all we are going to do is wave rainbow flags outside the Church. If the Russian Orthodox Church does not like rainbow flags to be waved in the Castro then they should go somewhere else.

          The ONLY disrespect I am seeing is the hypocrisy of a Church that moves into a known gay area and then expects us to sit back and listen to the lies they are spewing about gayys. There is NO SUCH THING as “gay propaganda to minors” like the Russian want us to believe. I have a rainbow flag in my house and I tell me kid that being gay is okay – that is not going to turn her into a gay person. That is only going to help her understand other gay people and live in harmony not in conflict.

          My kids have 2 moms. They love and adore their moms. It is time the Russians learnt that being gay is not harmful its not hurting anyone, and its not a disgrace. we will remind the Church that our thousands of kids who live with gay parents are kids who are not gay themselves, do well in school, are great contributing members of societ.

          When the Church learns yo respect gays and stop demonizing them is when the world will be a better place.

          1. You have no idea about things you are writing – neither about who is licking who’s butt, nor about who said what. Sorry, but there is a big mess in your head. ” If the Russian Orthodox Church does not like rainbow flags to be waved in the Castro then they should go somewhere else. ” – you never heard a word of neither members of this particular church nor from the main priest of that church of what they like or what they do not like. If you do not like what main bishop of Russian Orthodox church in Moscow thinks and says – that does not mean that you have to go to ONE tiny church in SF and insult it’s religious peacefulness. You keep repeating all the same sentences like being brainwashed (sorry), but the problem is not in Putin and not in Russian Orthodoxy. And least of all – not in a peaceful little church on the edge of Castro district – who’s visitors coming quietly and leave quietly – and PERSONALLY YOU as well as other Castro inhabitants – never ever heard a word of dislike form the priest or visitors of the church. Disrespect – is what you will show this Sunday. That’s all. Disrespect to yourself first of all. You have no idea about Russian reality, culture and mentality – that is why you think that Church or Putin are oppressing LGBT in Russia. If rights of LGBT in Russia – is what you care of – spend some money – go to Russia and LEARN first. Your children and their 2 Moms – is your private life, so there is no need to keep repeating this – its not an valuable argument in debates about social, cultural and philosophical aspect or Russian society.

            1. My life with my 2 kids is as public as any heterosexual who walks down the street with their 2 kids. Why should I have to be private about my life. You know nothing about being gay except that you think its not okay and so you think I must creep into a closet with my kids. Russia and its Church indoctrination is the cause of persecution of gays in Russia right now. If the Church was big or small I would be outside on Sunday waving my rainbow FLAG. I have every right to protest the Russian Orthodox Church’s influence to hurt gays. Just like I did the Catholic Church. I know more than you think. I know the American Russian Orthodox Church has had its divisive schisms with the Russian ones’ but I also know ho appointed this sweet little new priest and so this Church is a perfect place to peacefully wave my rainbow flag on Sunday.

              BUT tell me – why do yu think waving a rainbow flag outside a church on a Sunday morning will hurt the church? I think it is a wonderful act of friendship and peace to welcome them into the Castro? We will be there waving rainbow flags and saying GAY IS OK> Who does that hurt? You seem to buy into the rhetoric that being gay is not okay – so we must not wave our flags?

              1. “You know nothing about being gay except that you think its not okay and so you think I must creep into a closet with my kids ” – where did I say that being gay is not okay? Or that you have to hide In a closet? Where do you see any of this in my words? Yes, you crave this picture because this will justify your fight.
                I am simply trying to help to turn the fire you are burning in into something positive and productive.
                If you wanted to welcome Russian church – you are late and you know it. The days Church formed there – you didn’t care about it. As well as you don’t care about old ladies there and not even hesitating saying this out loud (poor manners really. This – I truly think is NOT OK). You don’t care about anyone around you, if that one is not LGBT. See – you live in a circle of violence, Melany. ( And are translating it to your kids by the way). Someone hurt you, you want to hurt that “other”. You are at war constantly your own lonely war against the whole world, that doesn’t care about you in fact. Yes, some people “care” that you are gay. Be better! Be higher! Show everyone your good side, your kind side, not your vindictive side. You will never win this vendetta, Melany. Listen what any religion says ( there were smart people there) – keep being good – only this way you will change this world. Show people how good gays are – so they will change( this is harder than fight old ladies and the “little priest” that you seems to be hating.
                Go to Russian patients at hospitals least at SF, cos you won’t go to Russia, and HELP. DO something good for human beings – and you will change this homophobic world to a better one.
                And again, you are the one who makes decision to divide the world on LGBT and “straight” or not. Your life with your children is YOUR PRIVATE LIFE . And any heterosexual’s family life – is THEIR PRIVATE life.
                Your public life – your achievements as human being, (not as a particularly sexually oriented human being), and what you will leave after yourself.
                Your public life speak better to the world, than aggression you nursing in yourself.
                I do not believe when you say this: BUT tell me – why do yu think waving a rainbow flag outside a church on a Sunday morning will hurt the church?
                You perfectly know why and whom that will hurt – and that is why you are coming there. You are coming there to hurt, cos you were hurt, and gays in Russian are being hurt( not by Putin’s law actually).
                If you really do not understand, explanation: to come to Church not being invited with a “protest” against what the leader of the Church is saying – is an offensive act to believers. Doesn’t matter the topic of disagreement.
                You have better, polite, respectful and productive ways to say what you think must be said. And you know those ways. It’s your choice – you want to live in a fight and continue this circle of violence or not.

                1. You really made me laugh with your condescending attitude. You have zero idea what i do with y life or my time and you want e to visit a hospital with Russian people in it because that will serve a higher good. Why dont you read my BIO. Go to my Publisher page on my BLOG and then go to my CV which is linked to that. Take a look at what i do and tyhen come back and tell me to visit a hospital again. I dont need you to lecture me on being a human being. Why dont you go spend a week as a gay person in Uganda or a lesbian being raped to “correct” her sexual orientation in a township in South Africa – Dont tell me what to do when you have no clue what i do. This visit to t=he Russian church is a drop in the ocean compared to what i do.

                  I spendf my time all unpaid trying to get people out of countries where they are being persecuted. I am a lawyer by profession who cares less about $450 X6o hours per week per hour when I would rather spend those hours helping an 18 year old flee their home because their own mother is trying to poison them… for Godsake get a clue. You are condescending, and not very smart about your reflections – do your homework before you comment with such authority on someone else’s life. You dont even have the courage to say your real name here and for that reason anything you say carries very little weight. If you want to engage me any further hereafter, save for an apology, you will have to come clean and not hide behind your anonymity – then lets see how brave you are in your commentary.

            2. I dont expect anyone from MINSK Belarus to understand anything about one’s First Amendment Rights in the USA and if you did you probably would not be living in such a repressive society. Unless you prefer oppression. Gays are hated where you live and that is what this boils down to Mr/s. Intellectual.

          2. To be fare,why than you are not protesting at Evangelicals churches somewhere 50+ miles away of SF? Their position is very similar to Russian’s orthodoxy about this question. Catholics pronounce same views. Once again, the target you chosen – tiny quiet church – is a wrong one. You will show nothing to the world, nor help gays in Russia. You will just do some disrespectful useless noise. Again, STUDY the subject not from SF Chronicles to judge about it, but from within.

            1. We have protested plenty of churches. When the Catholic Pope found himself a new homophobic cardinal we wen there. We are protetsing a Russian Orthodox Church because – Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill I, who lives in Moscow, is a leading proponent of the law. Patriarch Kirill is a longtime supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the two leaders both strongly back the recently enacted anti-gay propaganda law that bans any pro-gay statement or demonstrations in public or private and on the Internet. The law, which was enacted in June, has drawn international condemnation.

              Speaking in the English-language Moscow Times on July 21, Patriarch Kirill said of same-sex marriage:

              “Those who are true to their conscience in fighting these minority-imposed laws are subject to repression. It’s a very dangerous sign of the apocalypse.”

              The St. Nicholas Cathedral in the gay Castro district is under the control and direction of Patriarch Kirill, who in December 2010 appointed Father Leonid Kazakov of the St. Petersburg diocese to lead the San Francisco church. Emails and voice mails to the church were not returned.

          3. I see that any opposing opinion brings more wood to your fire and strengthening you belief about how great this idea is🙂 You have to try thinking about the problem not so straight-forward. Putin and Church are not the reasons of homophobia in Russia, Europe, and the whole other world. Homophobia has an international face and was formed way before Putin, and Christianity in general. Gays in Russia are being victims of violence not because of “Putin’s law”. Russian society was homophobic for CENTURIES. As well as “Western society”.
            All mass media you listed will do NOTHING to Russian society’s, Putin’s or Main Russian Priest’s opinions and beliefs.
            Now very important – “Putin”( I hope you are not truly believe that Putin does it all) and “Church”( there are many religions in Russia) are not that influential for the majority of people who you call “Russians”. Homophobia was formed long time ago, people who are living now in Russia were mostly formed in non-religious society. This is ANOTHER world, very different that you are used to, and very different that you are imagining. But is seems that you do not care or really want to know the flows and streams in Russian world. You seems to be repeating the same words to each of your opponents, which make us all see that you accept just one picture of reality – the picture that suits you and is in your imagination. And for all different opponents you have that one picture with the same words. That is why this protest will make just useless nose. LGBT communities have some common and some very different problems in each country(society). Deeply studying the society’s is a key. In other words, very simple, – you will fight against the Russian people in general and Church prayers in particular during this “protest”, not against Putin, Church, or , most important, CAUSE OF A PROBLEM.
            p.s. Sounds like seeing yourself on TV will flatter you ego. When you say that you don’t care about feelings of old Russian ladies from that church you sound rude. Too bad that no one had explained you in your childhood that when you care about 3 old ladies, you care about the whole world.( Yes, the WHOLE WROLD, not just LGBT world. Do not divide the world yourself onto 2 opposing camps). When you kick one person in order to save 100 – you lose.
            Read some Dostoevsky – “No one good purpose in the world costs a one teardrop of a child”.( not a good translation of myself, but I’m sure – you’ve got the message).

            1. Nobody said Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church were the first- where did you get that idea? However they have opened themselves up to be the first to be on the receiving end of boycotts as a result of their recent new anti-gay laws, all based on myths and lies about gays.

              And what kind of activist would I be if your opposing view did not bring wood to the fire. You seem unable to cope with the fact that I cannot be swayed to your opinion. Hence the fire may rage. So be it. I am not going to change my view based on your comment. Did you expect that?

              I did not say Putin and Church are the reasons for homophobia – but they are exacerbating it.

              Everything you are saying could have been said about Apartheid and the South African government doing nothing to change their laws. But with snactions and over time it changed.

              So are you trying to silence me and other LGBTI activists? Are we supposed to accept that homophobia is okay. That certain laws do not make it worse? What is your point?

              As a member of the international LGBT community and well known for my writing I get many emails and many are coming in from gay Russians saying thank you for what we are doing.

              So who do you speak for? Some may agree some may not – so you wnat to silence me?

              The little old ladies will go to church just like they do every Sunday. Then they will leave the Church and they will see a few people waving rainbow flags. Pray tell how might they be hurt? What is so offensive about people waving flags outside a church – how does that hurt anyone. Oh and I did I tell you we are going to be singing “Somewhere Over a rainbow” The most pain that will be inflicted on anyone will be my lousy singing voice.

              So who are we going to hurt?

              My free speech ? You are worried about 3 little old ladies being offended by rainbow flags and in that moment want to deny me my first Amendment rights?

              So I moderate my comments and have out all your comments up. Clearly I am not afraid of an opposing view. But what really bothers me about your comment is that you have yet to tell me how the rainbow flags outside then Church IN THE CASTRO – the very GAY CASTRO is going to hurt the 3 lil ol ladies pray tell???

              1. You’ve been told already WHY and HOW it will hurt old ladies and children there-because you when you are standing by the Orthodox church with your flag and singing your songs after the Sunday mass( most elevated mass of the week) you are offending their religious and cultural feelings. If you truly care “WHY?” – you should go lean some cultural sensitivity to understand that. You are demanding everyone in SF to study LGBT related subjects and to be gay-sensitive . Than bother to learn abut the culture and customs of the community you are coming to express your protest. You are choosing the WRONG place for the action.

                There isn’t courage in coming to a small religious community that does not harm gays. There is no sense calling to the church and leaving voicemails. Get the courage to come to Russia, bring your message to Putin and Kirill – make your point there. By the church you will NOT bring your message to Putin.

                Do you think you are making any good for gays in Russia??After actions like this people who don’t like gays will hate them even more. Because they will think that gays ( like you) are aggressively insulting their religious feelings. That’s all you will accomplish. You will RASE more misunderstanding and rejection amongst Russian speaking community within SF and outside. Since you do not care about Russian community, I am letting you know – you will increase a rejection amongst people in Russia who already think that “to be a gay is not ok”.
                There will be more gays hurt in Russia not because of “Putin’s laws inspired by Kirill” but because of stupid people like you doing stupid things like you. (sorry, but someone has call things their names for you).
                You want to exercise your right of freedom of speech? No doubt, you’ll do it. But don’t be surprised that people amongst whom you want to exercise it this Sunday morning will exercise their right to dislike you and, therefore, your ideas, your kids, everything related to you. They will exercise their rights not to like gays as a result of YOUR (not clever ) action . Methods you use in American community will not work in Russian, studying some cultural sensitivity will help you understanding why.
                I don’t care whether you post this or not. I do not care about you, your blog and your life. The only couple reasons why I visited your blog, is because I care about Russian speaking community in SF and I am sorry for gays you are advocating for. Therefore, I want to let you know that you are doing a big mistake and are opposing people ,who where tolerant to gays before they saw today , against gays. I hope this is finally clear after so many repetitions.
                There is nothing to be proud about – create a ghetto to live in where your pride and courage is to go and fight old ladies and children. If you would ever want help gays in Russia and change Russian society you would bother to think why you were ADVISED ( not lectured) to do something good Russian community instead of doing something stupid and harmful.
                You are not a leader, even though pretending to be the one, and are a bad advocate for LGBT community. Period.

                1. You seem to think I am wiping out your comments. Allow me to explain. I moderate all my comments. So if I am out it may take a few hours for them to appear. As long as comments are not pure hate, or vulgar or foul language, I will put them ALL up. Even opposition. However there is one difference between me and you and that is you know who I am and you remain cowardly anonymouse behind your rudeness and your bigotry. Now I own this BLOG. I have no obligation to out your comments – so I have decided that unless you have the courage to reveal your real name – then I am going to refarin from putting up more of your comments, because without an identity they are meaningless.

                  The Russian Orthodox Church has been complicit in persecuting gays in Russia through promoting and supporting anti-gay legislation and through its silence while LGBT kids are kidnapped, beaten, tortured with many suicides.

                  It seems you condone that too,

                  Your choice – your conscience,

                  It was a very successful protest and made the evening TV news here in San Francisco. There was international press there too. The idea is to get the word out and its working.

                  I dont know what you consider “working” in Russia – that is not the point. The point is to raise awareness and to isolate Russia trhough boycotts. It will take time and ultimately it will work,

                  I strongly encourage you to watch this

                  This story is MUCH bigger than you wasting your time focusing on Melanie Nathan and what she does outside a small ROC.

                  I consider MAsha Gessen on the video you will see and in another of my articles to be a true leader on the issue – not me. I am just a person who cares. That is why I helped to organize and attended today;s protest.

                  My article will be up latet tonight – thatnk yo for supporting my BLOG by commenting, It is greatly appreciated.

                2. Your comment after this one was particularly hateful and insulting and so I am not going to pu it up. My BLOG my Rules…. learn to argue politely with manners and maybe I will put it up. But disgusting insults will get you nowhere. also no more posts of yours will appear on my comments until you have the courage to reveal your true Identity. How is Belarus?

      3. God created this world and woman for a man to live together to love and multiply. If you accept other God’s laws say in physics or chemistry , if you like wake up with sun light every morning and have food and your wounds to be heaedl and just feel happy – all this come from your Creator.
        He gave you so much and ask you so little – to live in HIS Universe and follow HIS rules, just like sun and stars and any animals and everything.
        No, pride human creatures dont want to.
        They go on Pride parade to Demonstrate there selfishness and stupidity.
        Not only that but now they pointing others what they should exept and what is good or bad. And if someone disagree – put ugly labels. Thit is real sign of
        Unfortunetaly for you God already showed us a lesson in a history.
        Did your prist forget to tell you or you did not want to hear? –
        Sodom and Gomorra.
        Would you like it or not but that what is waiting for you, your daughter and all of us who are leaving with you in beautiful San Francisco…
        And that what smart russians, who listen to their prists, want to avoid. Plus they also need to solve demographical problem.
        You see, you are not really against russian law you against God law.
        Arent you afraid to fight God ? I hope you are not so blind.
        So, if you are such loving mothers may be you want to give your daughter and our children better future?

        1. Sodom and Gomorrah – was destoyed for the sin of inhospitality. Going back to a 5,000 year old is not useful to ‘loving your neighbor,’ said 3,000 years later by Jesus. I like to look at the life of Jesus.

          It is interesting that you chose ‘neighbor’ as a name. A lawyer asked Jesus how to get to heaven and got the response, “Love God, Neighbor and self.” The lawyer asked who was his neighbor? Jesus took the most unloved of his day, the Samaritan (it might be gays today) and chose him to the the Hero of the Parable/Story of the Good Samaritan. In this parable it is the religious of the day that walk by the man beaten up and left to die. They had all the quotes from the Torah/which is Old Testament, but they had no love for their neighbor who lay dying. It was the Samaritan, the most despised, the most ‘unclean’ that put the man on his donkey and paid for him to get well.

          Are you BLIND as to who your neighbor is? Bare in mind, that every modern country’s psychiatrists and scientists have removed homosexuality as a disease?

          I will post Freud’s letter to the mother of a gay son that was written in 1935.
          Love one another, as I have loved you.

        2. Are you suggesting God is a Facist. Your argument seems to make that point. Tell me what part did God play in history? Was it before or after the dinosaurs and where did God fit in in history when Australopithecus cam along? You have me terribly confused!

          Australopithecus (pronounced AW-struh/strey-loh-PITH-i-kuhs; from Latin australis “southern”, Greek πίθηκος pithekos “ape”) is an extinct genus of hominids. From the evidence gathered by palaeontologists and archaeologists, it appears that the Australopithecus genus evolved in eastern Africa around 4 million years ago before spreading throughout the continent and eventually becoming extinct 2 million years ago. During this time period a number of australopith species emerged, including Australopithecus afarensis, A. africanus, A. anamensis, A. bahrelghazali, A. garhi and A. sediba.

          Academics still debate whether certain African hominid species of this time, such as A. robustus and A. boisei, constitute members of the same genus. If so, they would be considered robust australopiths whilst the others would be gracile australopiths. However, if these species do constitute their own genus, they may be given their own name, Paranthropus.

          Archaeologists and palaeontologists widely hold that the australopiths played a significant part in human evolution, being the first of the hominins to show presence of a gene that causes increased length and ability of neurons in the brain, the duplicated SRGAP2 gene[1] One of the australopith species eventually evolved into the Homo genus in Africa around 2 million years ago, which contained within it species like Homo habilis, H. ergaster, and eventually the modern human species, H. sapiens sapiens.

          So that said, if you truly believe that we share the same GOD and I should be frightened of the one you speak of, my sense is your misinterpretation of Sodom and Gemorrah STORY and my understanding that it is GOD who should judge me and not my neighbors – you my friend may have fallen way off the wagon! Did I say wagon?

        3. Which god? The Catholic God, which sends you to Hell for BIrth Control and Divorce, or the Anglican God, which was founded by a divorcee (King Henry VIII) and doesn’t condemn birth control?

          There are over 41,000 warring denominations of Christianity alone, each of which has a god with a different opinion on many issues, let alone Homosexuality.

          I can name you 35 major world religions that accept homosexuality as a God-given trait, and welcome us to their sacraments, ordain as clergy, and perform same sex marriage.

          You decided to choose a religion that teaches you to hate what I am. Until you can prove that your religion is right and all the others are apostate, then what you type is merely your own (and your religion’s) private opinion, not fact. You have grand buildings and a long tradition, but if you foment hatred against me, then your point is moot.

          1. Those ‘major’ religions you are talking about are as extremely young modern ‘progressive’ protestant religions, you will not find one classical religion that survived thousands years of history and tradition that would accept it as a norm.

            We did not decide to choose this religion, we got it as heritage from 1000+ years of Russian history, from our ancestors. Just like genes we got from them, last names, language, land, we got this religion. And this is matter of our pride, while you have your own pride.

            Nobody is hating you, please. I understand that you want us to hate you, because otherwise your life will be as boring as any heterosexual’s life🙂 But do not expect church to love you please. I do not expect them to accept abortions, and I think I am realistic, and you are not.

            1. Will you get a life !Nobody belongs to a religion because it is cultural or genetic.In Russia there are plenty of diffrent churches.By the way ever hear of Ss.Boris and Gleb two orthodox saints who were GAY this you can’t deny.When you sanction baiting gays on web traps and tortue them under the gaze of the icon of the Virgin,when your priests are seen on EURONEWS beating gays does this mean you love us !!!!! And not to burst your bubble but your own Archbishop used to cruise Polk street when I was a kid,when asked by the guys why he was ther he answered I am looking for one of my faithful oh yeah like at 2am.You know this whole scene is going too blow up in your face so leave us alone !

    2. The Russian Minister of Sports said recently, that that children need to be protected against alcohol, drugs and non-traditional sex. Let me tell you as an educator, the worse thing that you can do is not educate teens about these three issues. Children see alcohol abuse in all societies. Not to educate about drugs leads to brain damage and death. Traditional sex educate protects against transmitted sexual diseases and pregnancy. And teaching about non-traditional sex is a FAMILY VALUE. Yes, family values are love, honesty, truth, diversity-looking, and tolerance. The gay or lesbian child is often and frequently identifiable in schools, home and society. The child becomes a teen. Gay children and teens are bullied world-wide and many, many, many commit suicide. Education is a FAMILY VALUE and a SOCIETY VALUE. No political or religous group has the right to deny educational rights to a children or teens. Education for tolerance makes for a better society in every country. God is love. Love is education and tolerance for all. Jesus said, “love one another” not just majorities. And in the Story of the Good Samaritan (Samaritans being the most ‘unclean’ and ‘sinful’ and hated), Jesus raised the Samaritan above the priests of His day. And Jesus also said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    3. Actually Russia was probably the first country in the world (at least that part of it under the influence of Abrahamic religions) to legalize homosexuality.

      The first constitution of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (the Russian portion of what was to become the USSR), promulgated in 1918, was remarkably liberal on sexual matters. Divorce was legalized for the first time since Russia was christianized, as was abortion at all stages of pregnancy, and laws against ‘deviant’ sexuality (including homosexuality and prostitution) were abolished.

      It was the 1936 constitution that recriminalized homosexuality, restricted abortion and ‘discouraged’ divorce. Whether this, and the concomitant ‘recognition’ of the Orthodox Church, can be attributed to Stalin personally or to the bureaucracy’s perception of the demographic ‘needs’ of the USSR at the time is a question whose answer depends on one’s view of History – the point is that it was a dangerous concession to the past.

      Having crippled the collectivized economy of the Soviet Union with their idiocy of ‘perestroika’ and destroyed it by reverting to capitalism, Gorbachev, and Putin after him, made the Orthodox Church their ally in ‘reconstruction’ and social control. The anti-gay laws (as well as those making it a crime to ‘insult the orthodox religion) mark a return to the ignorance, intolerance and obscurantism of Tsarist times.

    4. Wake up it’s the gay kids in Russia that have too be protected from the population not the other way around.By the way the Russian military has a large percentage of gay men and women.I am a former resident of the Castro (1970’s)and this church was always negative towards us.In fact these people decorate their churches with gold and silver and rarely feed and clothe the needy.Bravo Castro people throuh in a couple of shouts for me.

  3. Melanie, it all sounds like fun. But what do you expect out of it? Couple of elderly Russian babushkas have heart attacks on Sunday morning? Wow, what a powerful gay rights move – scaring Russian babushkas by waving rainbow flags in front of tiny Russian church in the middle of gay neighborhood, harassing a priest that only now arrived from Russia, doesn’t know much about this country and cannot reply to your messages because he doesn’t speak English well. So why don’t you bother to protest in front of Catholic church that is just around the corner? They share same views on the subject and their priest speaks very good English.

    Most of this little Russian parish goers won’t be able to respond or even understand what you are saying just because of their age and very limited English. That is so cool to protest in front of deaf and mute🙂 But do you really care about Russian babushkas? Or about kids going to that church? Or about Russian gay community?!

    No wonder even Nikolai Alekseev doesn’t want to talk to you anymore. Because you are not accepting anything that doesn’t fit your bill. It’s useless and sometimes even harmful to talk to someone who doesn’t listen.

    And the last question I have. So your girl has two moms as of now. And what if you ever to change a partner (it happens sometimes I know), would she have third, fourth mom?🙂 Don’t you know that any kid has only one mom and only one dad, they cannot be chosen or replaced if they are not good enough? The rest is just your own choices, probably to make your girl’s life more fun.

    All right Melanie, going to bed now. I will be praying for you both on Sunday in front of St. Nicholas icon – he is a wonder worker and protector of all children, prototype of Santa Claus. He knows exactly what every child needs to be happy🙂

    p.s. My very close friend is gay. He lives in Moscow. He moved there after 10 years of working and studying in Europe. He is happy and comfortable there, has fun life and doesn’t have plans to move out of Moscow.

    1. FUN you say? Actually Julita it is not fun – it is serious – the LGBT community in Russia is having a seriously hard time and we are speaking out about in the Castro – WOW OOPS MY BAD???

      YOU ASK But what do you expect out of it? A LOT. A movement to build, as long as it takes, to bring an end to laws that criminalize gay people around the world. This is the genesis. When we spilled Russian Vodka on the steps of City Hall, the TV cameras and press showed up in huge numbers and there were only 10 of us. It made it around the world. Ten thousand people showed up for a protest in Denmark. One thousand in UK. When we protested outside of the Russian consulate the News made its way all around the world to Russia. NBC Universal who is getting heat for participating in the SOCHI games comes onto my website and that of other bloiggers and we will keep publishing our news about these events. No matter how many show up it is very powerful. . AN ENORMOUS amount of publicity from USA all the way to Singapore, to Russia. I will send you my stats , the NY Times Stats, the Bloggers who picked up on all the actions stats and the rest of the world press, including ABC and NBC and CBS and ALL the Danish and UK News which have reported the various actions around the world. Our small little Russian Church action will be seen around the world and all the actions that have gone down will work together to bring a LOT of visibility to the issue. That is all we can expect for now . And all we are going to do us wave rainbow flags and ask for acceptance of gays around the world. And the repeal of harmful and persecutory laws. And in time Putin will get the message because people will start to isolate Russia. Russia will start to see a decline in events, conferences, competitions etc – no one will want the headache of hosting anything there unless the law changes. And that will be because we are maiking a little noise in a lot of places and the noise will grow louder and louder. SO That is what I expect.

      As to your remark “Couple of elderly Russian babushkas have heart attacks on Sunday morning? Wow, what a powerful gay rights move” – I barely care about what 3 people they think as they walk out of Church – you are obviously NOT an activist who understands the power of media and that is what the protest is about.

      You said” Russian babushkas by waving rainbow flags in front of tiny Russian church in the middle of gay neighborhood, harassing a priest that only now arrived from Russia, doesn’t know much about this country and cannot reply to your messages because he doesn’t speak English well. So why don’t you bother to protest in front of Catholic church that is just around the corner? They share same views on the subject and their priest speaks very good English.” Actually we held a HUGE protest when the new Cardinal was appointed, and so we are always protesting outside the catholic Church too. AND so here we are at The Russian Church – this is different right issue on the same subject – . Stupid argument my friend. Obvioiusly we protest different places different times.

      Now in the moment we are protesting a new law passed in Russia by Putin and the persecutory law was a direct result of the very Church and the little priest you describe with such empathy as if he is some victim…lol…really? It is the likes of him and the man who appointed him and their direct work in RUSSIA that brought on these awful laws. Proof. The man who appointed this sweet little non English speaking priest was the man who held Putin’s hand through making the anti-gay law. Now they come to the Castro with their religious dogma that persecutes gay. I think you should look at the hypocrisy of THAT. But it is not to harrass him it is to show our point of view and to show that rainbow flags and gay parents are good and do not hurt. and that his Church should butt out of the lives of gay people.

      “Most of this little Russian parish goers won’t be able to respond or even understand what you are saying just because of their age and very limited English.”
      SO WHAT – what about the gays being kidnapped and beaten under direct license of Putin and his Church? These poor sweet Russians are safe in the Castro – who is going to hurtt them with our protest. Why are they in the USA in the first place. I dare yu to ask each one of them?

      “No wonder even Nikolai Alekseev doesn’t want to talk to you anymore. Because you are not accepting anything that doesn’t fit your bill. It’s useless and sometimes even harmful to talk to someone who doesn’t listen.
      ” Nikolai wont talk to me? LOL I wont talk to Nikolai because he has gone off the rails slandering Americans, claling good people pedophiles, reports have come in that he is on drugs- so much so that we are making a concerted effort to ensure the media does not use him any longer as a go to source. Nikolai has alienated all the American activists who have helped Russian LGBT because he went off the rails. So much so people even thought he had been hacked. Np one could believe Nikolai was saying those things himself. But he was. We have proof and so I will not speak to him even if he begged me to. He needs rehab!

      “And the last question I have. So your girl has two moms as of now. And what if you ever to change a partner (it happens sometimes I know), would she have third, fourth mom?🙂 Don’t you know that any kid has only one mom and only one dad, they cannot be chosen or replaced if they are not good enough? The rest is just your own choices, probably to make your girl’s life more fun.”
      You are an idiot are you not? What about straight people that remarry after divorce there you find 2 moms and 2 dads – what a stupid analogy really!!! LOL Please come up with a better argument.

      p.s. My very close friend is gay. He lives in Moscow. He moved there after 10 years of working and studying in Europe. He is happy and comfortable there, has fun life and doesn’t have plans to move out of Moscow. YES and your other best friend was Jew living in Nazi Germany with a great job in 1935 and then cam 1939! Good argument too buddy!

    2. There ar no protests in front of the Catholic Church in the Castro because their Russian branch is not sanctioning the beating of their gay neighbors.Your priests attack us with thugs when the gays protest.Let the world know that your Church sanctions not only beatings,but shaving heads right down the middle and painting the space with with rainbow colors,inserting forks and pointed objects in their anal cavity……tell me would Jesus do this to anyone ?Your priest is in the USA now and in the Castro a neighborhood I personally helped to be liberated.We don’t hate you understand we don’t hate you but your church is teaching that we are sub human.I feel for your priest but he represents your PATRIARCH and is responsiable for his statements.

  4. Based on your flawed argument – only you, american gay community, would be at liberty to decide what’s moral and what’s not, what laws any and every country should or should not have, because of what? Because your rights are more important than rights of some other majorities or minorities? Even California voted 52% against the new law, do you care about it? Looks like no, you are the one and only to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. But based on what?! People who used to support you are now turning backs on you, because you don’t care about other opinions! You don’t see and you don’t hear anybody, you are sorting and premoderating information you get to fit your picture.

    1. I dont understand your point here? No I ask for freedom to leave everyone alone. prove the harm caused by gay people -Can you? No being gay causes no harm. So whats your point?

  5. You did not buy or potent this neighborhood strictly for gays. This church did not move to this neighborhood because it was gay or anything else. If you are unable to find this information on the web site of the church, I am going to quote it for you: “In 1960, with funds raised by the parishioners, a Lutheran church (built in 1919) on 15th St. was purchased.”

    It was happy where it is for dozens of years – never argued or conflicted with anybody. We don’t touch you. We don’t protest in front of Harvey Milk center. Just let us be!!!!! Let my mom, myself and my kid come to this church to have the same blessings as my great grand parents were getting at home hundreds and hundreds years ago! You are amazingly aggressive and ignorant, Melanie.

    1. I am coming to wave my rainbow flag in peace and with love. If you have the courage why donty you wave one too and then we can be friends. How can my waving a rainbow flag hurt you or your child? You make no sense. No on is stopping you from praying or being there.. You are most welcome in the Castro, but dont tell me I cannot be gay and that is what I am hearing from you…

      AND BY THE WAY my family was kicked out of Russia and murdered back in 1910 and following..We used to pray in Russia and we were shot, raped and murdered.. so dont tell me what is fair?

      But you and your family are very welcome here in America and the Castro and all we ask is that you do not support persecution of a minority of people – So please I will bring a few extra rainbow flags for you.

  6. Oh, I am so impressed that I may even have a miscarriage reading your replies🙂 🙂 🙂 So now you want Russian Orthodox Church to apologize, start marrying gay couples or move to another neighborhood after 50+ years on cross 15th and CHURCH street🙂 🙂 🙂 Only gay activist could come up with such creative ideas🙂 🙂 🙂 I think I also have freedom of speech, ah, Melanie?🙂 How about you move out from Church street to some other street that doesn’t have “CHURCH” in it?🙂🙂🙂 So funny you are🙂

    1. Stupid again? I dont usually insult people on my BLOG but really c’mmon give me a decent argument. Talk about the suffering of gays in Russia – you want to read some of my other articles? Hit Russia and do a search on this BLOG and the get back to me. You do not need to keep repeating yourself wither. Comments are moderated and can take up to a few hours to appear on site.

  7. Being gay causing no harm when they don’t get into every whole that they see🙂🙂🙂 Just leave people who don’t share your views alone Melanie🙂

    1. Come wave a rainbow flag with me in the name of peace! I will wave a Russian flag. Then I will believe that you really care about all people

  8. My dad is a jew, and I kind of know this by heart, not by reading your ignorant blog🙂🙂🙂 Do you know that one of Nazi party co-founders was very much gay?🙂🙂🙂 Do you need the name or you know it, just making impression of a person who has no clue?🙂🙂

    1. I guess you have been reading Scott Lively lately OKAY! So what – J Edgar Hoover was gay too? He still went after gays! So what- that does not make it right? Of course gays hurt each other too. Jews hurt Jews, Blacks hurt blacks. White hurts white. Women hurt women. Straights hurt straight!!!!

  9. I don’t want to read all your articles, even Nikolai says you are lying🙂 I’ve read a few last night, and now I know you are ignorant person, who doesn’t know anything but feels powerful enough to make statements here and there🙂 How about you go to Russia first to take a look how the things really are there?🙂

    1. EVEN Nikolai … thats funny…. 2 people reported back from Russia that he is on drugs- one mentioned Crystal meth . How else do you explain his eratic behavior. Ask him? Ask his friends in Russia, Sure believe him…. did you see Facebook took his page down because of the insults and the slander. Poor guy he needs help.

    2. As a Jew, you might be interested in how certain Christian leaders see themselves. How about this Christian, Julita?

      My feeling as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded only by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God’s truth! was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter. In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and adders. How terrific was his fight against the Jewish poison. Today, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion I recognize more profoundly than ever before the fact that it was for this that He had to shed his blood upon the Cross. As a Christian, I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice.

      Adolph Hitler, speech to a Munich crowd, March, 1922. It seems the Russian Patriot, Cirill I, has a lot in common with Hitler – hatred and fear of minorities!

    3. THIS IS WHAT Nikolai just tweeted” Nikolai Alexeyev ‏@n_alexeyev 4h
      “BTW I already said in the past that Russia needs to re-criminalize homosexuality to make lazy Russian gays fight for their rights finally.” AND you want me or any gay activist to take him seriously???

      1. GREAR ARTICLE HERE Now that Russia’s “war on gays” is an established narrative, one aspect of it still leaves global observers thoroughly confused: the timing. A mere eight months stretch between the enactment of a law that bans “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations to minors” and the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, the costliest spectacle of its kind in history.

        Unlike China, which was on its best behaviour in the run-up to the Beijing 2008 Olympics, Russia, with no discernible provocation, is enthusiastically supplying the world with reasons to boycott, sabotage or mock the Games, or protest at them. READ more

  10. Melanie, sorry but I don’t understand why should I be waiving rainbow flags in front of my church tomorrow? I’ve never said and I will never say that gay cannot be gay and should be somebody else, I have no issues for them being who they are, as long as they don’t have issues with me being who I am. But I disagree with you on many accounts. I am personally offended by your tomorrow’s event, I am offended for elderly church goers (that you said you don’t care about), for my mom, for new priest, I am offended by your comment that Russian church should move out of gay neighborhood (?) after 50 years there, so why should I be waiving standing next to you? To show love and support? I have nothing against you, but I don’t support you in your tomorrow’s activity, not this time, sorry.

    1. I did not say they must move out of the gay neighborhood. I said if they cannot stand rainbow flags they have a right to leave. What harm is going to be done? I find your stomping on my first amendment rights much more offensive than the waving of rainbow flags outside the Church. How can that hurt anyone? Why are they offended by that? Its a rainbow flag for Godsake how does that hurt anyone? You make no sense at all. No one is stopping you from going to Church or praying, but you want to stop me from exercising my first amendment rights to speech? So why dont you support me? Are you agreeing with Putin that gays should not wave rainbow flags in front of minors? Are you agreeing that adults should not be allowed to provide counseling to gay teens, are you agreeing that it is okay to kidnap gay teens and force them with beatings to come out on national media and that there should be no repercussion for that. Are you agreeing that Russia can break its agreement under the International Declaration of Human Rights? MMMMMMM enjoy your prayers! No one will stop you…

  11. Let’s go to Russia help Nikolai🙂 He is a good guy, he just needs help🙂 There are huge amount of really cool gay clubs in Moscow🙂 No wonder he is high😉 This is only one resource – first that I’ve found on Google – listing gay clubs only in Moscow (sorry, in Russian only): And this one is one of the most popular:

    Nobody is touching them there, not like in Tbilisi, Georgia – have you seen their 2013 pride on youtube?

    Please understand, East is not ready yet. Do not push, because harder you push, more aggressive respond you will get. Be gentle😉

  12. Thinking about taking my son to Church here instead of Greek Church tomorrow to help out Russian Babas (grandmas) and for single Moms with small children when they depart out of Church in Glam Castro worldwide capital of LBGT. We went here once to visit Icon of Theotokos that traveled there. it is mostly old people and single Moms and they speak little English These people protesting don’t consider the old ladies and men can afford hearing aids. They don’t need to use Bullhorn which will probably ruin what hearing these old people have. Russians have had this Church here since 1934. It is mighty neighborly to have such a greeting coming out of service. Grown men yelling at them in speedo suits waving big flags like un disciplined kids who want to get their way no matter what. I am sure their will be plenty of Russian men their feeling entitled to yell Russian obscenities at old ladies like their own Baba. This is what they know best to do to win heart and minds of their Castro neighbors. I am a bit old fashion as you may guess. I was brainwashed at early age to provide elbow for old lady so she doesn’t fall and break a hip. my Father taught me to speak nicely to them with love in heart. I am getting old myself and have no tattoos to show for it.

    1. How come I never once seen LGBT community in SF protest for rights of those where government and religion are same together in persecution and have laws condemning to death like Saudi Arabia and Yemen. There are plenty of Mosques in the city and Bay Area. Never seen a thing of protestors expressing outrage on Friday after their church lets out. This is ongoing all over Middle East with Israel the only safe place. It is out of fear of reprisal this does not occur? I think the language and the law are much more imposing in these Arab countries. Russia does have a very large gay population and they would much rather live there than come to US. It just seems strange to target innocent old ladies and children for what. At least go to DC and lean on US to speak with Russian leaders. This kind of action you are taking is more like reaction taken on Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor. Round them up and kick them out of neighborhood. Real Love real Diversity.

      1. Russia is a target at this time – others are targets at other times. read properly and you will see why. I am not going to repeat my 2 months of articles. Search “Russia” in my serach bar and you will understand why we are protesting Russia and Putin’s anti-gay laws, as we do many others along the way and over the years. recently we did stage a protest against countries in the Middle east who were abducting gays. The fact that we are protesting Russia now does not mean we never protest anyone else at other point in time. Come up with a better argument please…. this one is old and boring

        1. The fact is you are scared to protest a Mosque for those stoned for practicing. This was all in news long before Putin and his policy. I will commend your actions when you can get nerve to play equal time with Islamic communities where you would not even be able walk outside in their countries without be covered.

          1. Are you advocating for hate against Muslims? We are not protesting the religion of the Russian Orthodox Church? We are not against the Church? They can believe what they want. They have perfect freedom of religion here in America. We are protesting Russia and the fact that the Church advocated for these SECULAR laws to hurt gays. It is not my business to talk about the Bible or the Koran. Its my business to talk about the secular legislation in Russia which impedes their obligations under several International treaties.

            1. No I am not. I am just saying clearly crimes against LBGT in these countries are more severe than anywhere in world.

              Your logic in this accusation to me is that what you plan to do is out of hate against Russian Orthodox Church. If I suggest you to provide equal voice with same type of action to Mosque then your actions are hateful?

              I have been just asking you to consider the innocent people a St Nicholas. You are going to do what you want to do in your idea of love and respect. Your manner of deduction indicates these actions tomorrow are advocating your hate of Russian Orthodox people.

              I was asking you to consider where LBGT people are more severely affected as in Islamic countries. Many of these Middle East countries are run as Islamic states it has nothing to do with Bible and Koran. The country law is Islam and Islamic clerics enforce it. Yes we still have freedom of religion here, but this is not case there. It is very hard to practice Faith outside Islam in these countries especially Saudi Arabia. If Muslim was to convert to Christian he faces death penalty.

              1. If they are innocent then they will not feel harmed by a rainbow flag.
                This has nothing to do with Islam or Islamic countries. Your deflection attempts are fruitless
                Take responsibility and man up…if you will. Fly a rainbow flag, be peaceful and smile. whats the big deal?

        2. If you did stage against Middle East protests were they directed to people coming from Mosques. Where and how did you stage these protest?

            1. Thanks for your help. Just asking you don’t have to get catty on me. It is simple yes or no and where did you do this.

    2. hahahahah – actually you will see loving people hugging, waving rainbow flags and singing “Somewhere Over the rainbow” Thats going to cause a ot of pain right? hahahah

      1. Do you need to use a bullhorn. Article says Bullhorns coming. I think you would be able to do without that. Loving and hugging sounds commendable but it is turned inward toward your community and not outward to you neighbors going out of Church. Ever think about setting up a nice place to sit down with them to discuss your concerns in a loving manner trying to consider and respect others. They have been silently there for a long time. Ever try to speak with them as a good neighbor. They really don’t speak English very well and Russians are not very outgoing like us loudmouth gregarious Americans. You would do better to be a little more creative then love hugs.

        I think some constructive relationship building would be more productive than the same old flash mob party protest. The most these people see from community concern is mockery of the Church’s patron saint when you have you naked Santa run. Church is named after st. Nicholas from 3rd century Bishop that secretly gave wealth away with selfless love. St Nick as you call the run is in Italy where Church there contains his relics today.

        1. we are waving rainbow flags. We are waving rainbow flags. Bullhorn is for speech making because nowhere to plug in microphone. I repeat we are waving rainbow flags. Really whats the big deal? Russians are strong and good people. I think these old ladies who pray every Sunday can handle it. Why are you so concerned. I repeat w A V I N G RAINBOW F L A G S ! Sheez.

  13. Melanie, if we were bothered by your flags so much I assume we would move long time ago🙂 But we never had any issues with our neighbors up until now. And even now – not us having issues with you, but vise versa. It’s you who are bothered by Russians, in Russia, in country you’ve never been and don’t want ever be going, and here, in the US, teaching us how we should be living our life and how should we be protecting our families and our children🙂

    I was taught at my church not to judge. I don’t have an authority to decide what’s good and what’s not for other people, this is why I would not go protest in front of your gay centers, even if I don’t agree on the issues you are pushing. It’s not my country, and none of my business what you decide to do with your kids. And who am I to judge, really. I am small, humble, weak, I am a sinner. I am realistic enough not to be comparing myself to God. I am worse than you are, for sure.

    Because you know. You know for sure what everyone needs – not only gay community, but the rest, too. Not only in your own country, but around the globe. What kids in Russia or in Yemen need to be taught in school. What pope should be saying and what’s not. What our babushkas can or cannot stand. What laws other countries should or should not have. And you don’t just know – you push your “truth” into our throats, to the point that even your former supporters fold rainbow flags and hide them in the garages.

    Don’t be afraid of Russia. You see, Alekseev is still free. He is not in jail, never been. He is still talking and going his direction. He fell off your rails, but he’s got his own, like it or not. By the way, he was on Russian public television not long ago, in political show, speaking for gay rights to adopt children, along with other Russian dude, straight, his big supporter. On one of Putin’s main speaker channel! Well and alive. So I think you will be just fine there🙂

    By the way, Russian revolution happened in 1917, not 1910. I understand it’s been a while since then, but well, you are educated woman after all.

    1. I noticed you have not yet read this article and nor
      this article

      and nor these – take an asprin and talk to me in the morning-

      You are here: Home » Search results for “Russia”
      Search results: Russia
      Crucial leadership emerges on boycotts against anti-gay Russian laws

      by Melanie Nathan on August 22, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, Boycotts, EVENTS, LGBT, NEWS, POLITICAL VIEWS, Rally, Russia, WORLD

      By Melanie Nathan, August 22, 2013. While the less educated on the realities and impacts of boycotting Russia because of its new Putin signed anti-gay laws, are quick to draw conclusions that boycotts are not working, relevant leadership emerges calling for persistent boycotts. Masha Gessen is emerging as the new and prized leadership, an imperative […]
      3 Comments • Continue Reading →
      San Francisco Castro to Protest Russian Anti-Gay laws

      by Melanie Nathan on August 21, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, EVENTS, LGBT, NEWS, Rally, Russia, WORLD

      Sunday Protest | Gay Oppressor Russian Orthodox Church lives in the Castro By Melanie Nathan, August 21, 2013. This Sunday morning as San Francisco’s Castro awakens to its persistent rainbow flags, the heartbeat of gay America will show solidarity for Russia’s persecuted LGBT community. Who could have imagined that the Russian Orthodox Church would nestle […]
      55 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Did Russian Activist Nikolai Alekseev fall off his throne

      by Melanie Nathan on August 18, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, Boycotts, EVENTS, LGBT, MEDIA, NEWS, Russia, WORLD { Edit }

      No longer seen as a legitimate leader in the Russian LGBTI movement due to hack or lack? Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall – Humpty Dumpty had a great fall – All the Kings horses and all the kings men – could not put humpty together again! By Melanie Nathan, August 18, 2013. I was […]
      17 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Donald Trump holding Miss Universe in Russia will earn him Vice Czar of Homophobia Crown

      by Melanie Nathan on August 10, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, Boycotts, EVENTS, FASHION, LGBT, NEWS, POLITICAL VIEWS, Russia, WORLD { Edit }

      How Many Carrie Prejeans will be at Miss Universe in Russia? By Melanie Nathan, August 10, 2013. Russian President Valdimir Putin has earned a new name – Putin ‘Czar of Homophobia.’ His new anti-gay law and the increase in homophobic violence has led to calls for sanctions against Russia, from boycotts of Russian vodka to […]
      3 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Over a thousand attend London’s UK Supports LGBT Russia protest

      by Cathy Kristofferson on August 10, 2013 in LGBT, NEWS, Olympics, POLITICAL VIEWS, Rally, Russia

      “Stephen Fry has called on athletes … to make a symbol at the Games to display their objection to new anti-gay laws.” By Cathy Kristofferson, August 10, 2013 Today’s “UK Supports LGBT Russia” protest in London against Russia’s anti-gay laws and rising homophobia drew an early estimate of 1,100 attending the over 3 hour event. The […]
      4 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Senator Mark Leno takes a stand against Russian Anti-gay laws with California investment resolution

      by Melanie Nathan on August 9, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, NEWS, Russia, WORLD

      Following Anti-Gay Crackdown, Leno to Introduce Resolution Urging CalPERS and CalSTRS Not to Make Future Investments in Russia By Melanie Nathan, August 09, 2013. SAN FRANCISCO – Senator Mark Leno, joined by Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, Senator Ricardo Lara and bill sponsor Equality California, will introduce a Senate Resolution on Monday urging CalPERS […]
      4 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Russia: Silencing Activists, Journalists ahead of Sochi Games

      by Melanie Nathan on August 8, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, Boycotts, EVENTS, Olympics, Russia, Sport, SPORTS, WORLD {

      More reasons to Boycott Sochi as a venue for the Winter Olympic games 2014 – Six Months Before Olympics Launch, Fresh Concerns about Intimidation REPORT by Human Rights Watch: (Aug 07, 2013.) Preparations for the Sochi Games have been plagued with serious human rights abuses and other problems, many of which have only been brought […]
      1 Comment • Continue Reading →
      Gay Rainbow Flag Creator says NO Rainbow Flags at Olympics in Sochi Russia

      by Melanie Nathan on August 8, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, EVENTS, NEWS, Olympics, Russia, Sport, SPORTS, WORLD

      “The Rainbow Flag is the international symbol of LGBT freedom — it is not an endorsement of repression.” Gilbert Baker By Melanie Nathan, August 08, 2013. We have have written numerous articles on this website calling for a full boycott of Russia due to their legislated persecution of LGBT people. To all of you who […]
      24 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Armenia next as Russia’s anti-gay laws start to spread

      by Melanie Nathan on August 8, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, Boycotts, LGBT, NEWS, Olympics, Russia, SPORTS, WORLD

      Sparking need to increase international outcry and calls for boycotts By Melanie Nathan, August 08, 2013. It would seem that the recent promulgation of anti-gay laws in Russia is spreading in the region. We are receiving reports from Yerevan, Armenia that Armenia’s police have proposed a ban on promoting “non-traditional sexual relationships” in the country. […]
      3 Comments • Continue Reading →
      The truth about Russian Vodka Boycotts, Stoli Stolichnaya and ALL OUT Boycotts

      by Melanie Nathan on August 7, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, Boycotts, EVENTS, LGBT, MEDIA, NEWS, Russia, TOURISM, WORLD

      The Facts About Stolichnaya \ What Stolichnaya Execs, its PR Firm and Ad Agency Say About the Brand – What Stolichnaya Execs, its PR Firm and Ad Agency Say About the Brand By Melanie Nathan, August 08, 2013. Updates August 11, 2013. – In its attempts to separate itself from the Russian vodka boycotts, Stoli […]
      5 Comments • Continue Reading →
      President Obama Condemns Russia’s Anti-Gay laws

      by Melanie Nathan on August 6, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, Boycotts, CULTURE, EVENTS, LGBT, MEDIA, NEWS, Russia, WORLD

      Ask IOL to move the Olympics from Sochi. By Melanie Nathan, August 07, 2013. U.S. President Barack Obama today criticized a new Russian law cracking down on gay rights activism, saying he has “no patience for countries that try to treat gays and lesbians and transgender persons in ways that intimidate them or are harmful […]
      7 Comments • Continue Reading →
      San Francisco LGBT community calls on Mayor Ed Lee to Boycott Russia

      by Melanie Nathan on August 6, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, EVENTS, Law, LGBT, MEDIA, NEWS, Rally, Russia, TOURISM, WORLD
      Russia Spills Gay Blood We Spill Russian Vodka at SAN FRANCISCO CITY HALL By Melanie Nathan. August 07, 2013. “Russia Spills Gay Blood We Spill Russian Vodka” read my sign today, as I joined my fellow activists from Gays Without Borders, when we poured Russian vodka onto San Francisco’s street outside City Hall and called […]
      8 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Gay teenager kidnapped and tortured by Russian homophobes believed to have died from injuries

      by Melanie Nathan on August 5, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, CRIME, EVENTS, LGBT, NEWS, Rally, Russia, U.S.A., WORLD {

      YOU SPILL GAY BLOOD WE SPILL RUSSIAN VODKA | Noon San Francisco City Hall August 06, 2013. By Melanie Nathan, August 05, 2013. PINKNews is Reporting and we have not yet independently verified: The gay teenager who was kidnapped and tortured by Russian neo-Nazis has died from his injuries it has been claimed. Spectrum Human […]
      12 Comments • Continue Reading →
      HRC Leading U.S. Gays in failing to take the ultimate stand against Russia’s anti-Gay laws

      by Melanie Nathan on August 5, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, Boycotts, EVENTS, LGBT, NEWS, Olympics, POLITICAL VIEWS, Russia, Sport, SPORTS, WORLD { }

      “The contradiction glares when HRC asks the IOC to ensure “special treatment’ for American athletes and visitors. I find it unconscionable of HRC not to be taking the ultimate stand for a BOYCOTT of the Olympic SOCHI Games in Russia and using their immense power and membership to demand that IOC move the games out […]
      15 Comments • Continue Reading →
      U.S. House Reps send Letter to Kerry about Anti-Gay 2014 Olympic Games in Russia

      by Melanie Nathan on August 2, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, NEWS, Olympics, Russia, SPORTS, WORLD { }

      Rep. Nadler Leads Bipartisan Letter to Protect LGBT Rights at 2014 Olympic Games in Russia By Melanie Nathan, August 2, 2013 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (NY-10), Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice, lead a bipartisan letter to Secretary of State John Kerry regarding the protection […]
      6 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Gays to Fly Rainbow Flag Outside Russian Consulate in San Francisco

      by Melanie Nathan on August 2, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, EVENTS, LGBT, NEWS, Rally, Russia, WORLD { }

      Protest Part of Global LGBT Solidarity Campaign By Melanie Nathan, August 02, 2013. San Francisco, CA — On Saturday, August 3, 2013, at 12:00 pm (noon) San Franciscans will gather at the Russian Consulate at 2790 Green Street (near Baker Street) to protest new anti-gay laws passed in Russia that subject LGBT Russians and foreign […]
      9 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Russian Sports Minister confirms Olympic athletes are NOT exempt

      by Cathy Kristofferson on August 1, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, LGBT, NEWS, Olympics, Russia, Sport, SPORTS { }

      “…but if he goes onto the street and starts propagandizing it, then of course he will be held accountable” By Cathy Kristofferson, August 1, 2013 A series of tweets from @r_sport, who bills themselves as the “Official host news agency for @Sochi2014″, alerted me to renewed confirmation that Sochi Olympic athletes will NOT in fact be […]
      5 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Protests of Russian Violations of LGBT Human Rights at U.S. Embassy and Consulates

      by Cathy Kristofferson on July 31, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, LGBT, NEWS, Rally, Russia, U.S.A. { }

      By Cathy Kristofferson, July 31, 2013 Today kicked off Embassy and Consulate protests in the U.S. against Russia’s LGBT human rights violations with actions in New York City, Washington D.C., and San Francisco. We have blogged on the protests as actions people can take to help raise awareness about the worsening conditions for the Russian […]
      5 Comments • Continue Reading →
      10 Actions you can take against Russia | shocking video of Russian Gay Teen torture

      by Melanie Nathan on July 26, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, CRIME, LGBT, NEWS, Russia, VIDEO, WORLD { }

      10 ways to STOP the Russian terror of Gays By Melanie Nathan, July 26, 2013. Anti-gay sentiment and violence against LGBTI people has been a Russian habit for some time. However in recent months it has escalated with lack of basic law and order, exacerbated by Vladamir Putin’s legislative onslaught through various laws that criminalize […]
      40 Comments • Continue Reading →
      U.S. Christian Extremist Sees Russia’s New Homophobic Laws as Model

      by Cathy Kristofferson on July 22, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, LGBT, MARRIAGE EQUALITY, NEWS, RELIGION, Russia { }

      “I can’t point to any country of the world today that is a model for the rest of the world, except perhaps for Russia” Scott Lively, radical Christian extremist By Cathy Kristofferson, July 22, 2013 For a while we have been following the ramped up anti-gay extremism taking place in Russia, which culminated with the […]
      13 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Russia arrests Dutch tourists on gay propaganda charges

      by Cathy Kristofferson on July 21, 2013 in Advocacy & Activism, CRIME, LGBT, NEWS, Olympics, POLITICAL VIEWS, Russia, TOURISM { }

      How will this not happen during the Olympics! By Cathy Kristofferson, July 21, 2013 Updates posted below. So it has begun. Russia today arrested tourists ‘violating’ their new anti-gay propaganda law.About an hour ago, the LGBT Russian Network posted on their Facebook wall: “URGENT NEWS! In Murmansk city (North Russia) 3 Dutch citizens detained by the […]
      8 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Is Belarus following Russia’s footsteps to ban ‘gay propaganda’?

      by Cathy Kristofferson on July 10, 2013 in Law, LGBT, NEWS, POLITICAL VIEWS, Russia {

      ‘Protecting children from the ”advancement and promotion of homosexuality, especially among minors.”‘ By Cathy Kristofferson, July 09, 2013 A few weeks ago rumor had it that Belarus was looking to be the first country in Europe to re-criminalize homosexuality by amending its Criminal Code, to punish gays with up to 10 years imprisonment and confiscation of their […]
      6 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Renewed calls for Olympic boycott as gay arrests continue in Russia

      by Cathy Kristofferson on July 2, 2013 in CRIME, EVENTS, Law, LGBT, NEWS, Olympics, Organizations, Rally, Russia, Sport, SPORTS {

      An action to demonstrate the danger of the new anti-LGBT laws By Cathy Kristofferson, July 2, 2013 Amidst current graphic protests, there is a renewed call for the boycott of the Sochi Olympics, as gay arrests continue in Russia following President Putin’s signing into law the nationwide so-called “anti-propaganda bill,” banning the so called ‘promotion’ […]
      8 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Violent Arrests at pro-Gay Rally in Russia

      by Cathy Kristofferson on June 29, 2013 in LGBT, NEWS, Pride, Rally, Russia { }

      Clashes lead to arrests and detentions at St. Petersburg “Ravnopraviye” Pride Event By Cathy Kristofferson, June 29, 2013 Today in St. Petersburg, Russia pro-and anti-gay supporters clashed at a gay pride event organized by ”Ravnopraviye” (Equal Rights.) The event had been sanctioned by the authorities. The rally-march was organized to protest recent legislation banning “promotion of non-traditional […]
      3 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Same gender couples risking arrest apply for Marriage Licenses in Russia

      by Cathy Kristofferson on June 28, 2013 in Law, LGBT, MARRIAGE EQUALITY, NEWS, Russia
      by Cathy Kristofferson, June 28, 2013 Today 5 same-gender couples applied for marriage licenses in the registry office in the Admiralty Side, a district of St. Petersburg, Russia. Officials at the registry explained that the licenses are only intended for couples of opposite gender and sent them on their way. This is a bold move in […]
      2 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Call to Boycott Olympics in homophobic Russia reminds of Apartheid South Africa

      by Cathy Kristofferson on June 19, 2013 in Law, LGBT, NEWS, Pride, R

      “If they feel strongly about human rights they should boycott the Olympics in Sochi.” By Cathy Kristofferson, June 18, 2013 RUSA LGBT, a Russian-Speaking American LGBTQ group in New York City, is calling for a boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The lower house of the Russian Duma last week unanimously passed their […]
      9 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Russian bill set to stop adoption to nations allowing same-sex marriage

      by Melanie Nathan on June 18, 2013 in Adoption, CULTURE, FAMILY, Law, LGBT, NEWS, Parenting, Russia, WORLD
      The Bill is based on myth as expounded by Russian Deputy Speaker, who said: “If a child ends up with a homosexual couple, it could cause severe damage and the child ends up with a distorted perception of reality.” By Melanie Nathan, June 18, 2013. As same-sex marriage is increasing in acceptance around the world, […]
      6 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Protests and arrests as Russia’s State Duma passes anti-gay promotion bill unanimously

      by Cathy Kristofferson on June 11, 2013 in Law, LGBT, NEWS, Russia {

      By Cathy Kristofferson, June 10, 2013 Update 6/30: President Putin today signed this bill into law. Proponents argue it is for the protection of children, but critics still allege it part of a broad crackdown on Russia’s LGBT community. For his part Mr. Putin tells international critics “We ask you not to interfere in our […]
      7 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Scott Lively poised to cause more anti-gay persecution | An odious letter to the Russian people

      by Melanie Nathan on February 23, 2013 in FAMILY, LGBT, NEWS, RELIGION, Russia, WORLD

      “The purpose of my visit was to bring a warning about the homosexual political movement which has done much damage to my country and which has now taken root in Russia. This is a very fast-growing social cancer that will destroy the family foundations of your society if you do not take immediate, effective action […]
      13 Comments • Continue Reading →
      Russia | Pussy Riot Rock Group Arrested Protesting Putin & Sex Tourism

      by Melanie Nathan on January 20, 2012 in CULTURE, MEDIA,

      Russian police detained a punk group called Pussy Riot on Friday after they performed a protest song criticising Vladimir Putin next to Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. The Pussy Riot an all-female band, wearing brightly colored mini-dresses and balaclavas, were arrested after their protest song slammed the “Putin-system,” prostitution, and sexism. The all female group, […]

  14. “We are protesting Russia and the fact that the Church advocated for these SECULAR laws to hurt gays” – do you really expect ANY classical religion or church to advocate for gay marriage, for example? How realistic are you after that? Church is for reproduction in the most regular way, that’s their engine – family, reproduction, generations, survival, inheritance, heritage. Gay are not reproducing. It’s opposite of what church is seeking.

    Your protest against any church is the same if you were protesting the ocean to be salty and expect it to apologize and get sweet, because sweet is so much better for everyone.🙂

    1. You are out of your mind… seriously you just said this? No I do not expect anyone to advocate for gay marriage least of all a church. But I do expect them to stay the hell out of the secular and civil lives of gays. Have you even read the law??? The one that you tacitly defend ?? – here on American shores defend Russian inhumanity good job based on your bullshit that we cant reproduce? ? I have 2 daughters and am a lesbian . One is through insemination and one through adoption for an orphanage. They are loved and cherished and you dare minimize their existence and my parenting.what kind of demon are you? Russians murdered my family and tried to stop us reproducing back in 1910. But you know what Jewish man came from South Africa – Isaac Occhberg – read about it.- and rescued 100 orphans that the people you defend tried to murder for being Jewish. My grandmother was one. And now there are 3,000 descendants including my two daughters, – no thanks to Russia and people like you who demonize minorities. And my daughters came from gay family. I abhor your judgment. How dare you!

  15. And yes, we are speaking about gay rights, amendments, etc. Should we mention 52% of Californians who said “no, we are not ready” to gay marriage? Even here, in California, the most liberal state of them all? Do we care about their rights? No? Because they are not gay?🙂

    1. And you agree with the huge percentage that thought slavery was a good idea way to go Ms Julita Matinez- the country that gave you hope…

  16. I am offended because I feel you are trying to provoke local Russians and bring unnecessary attention to this Church that is not at the luckiest location today and therefore extremely vulnerable. And this little parish goers are totally wrong audience for that. By the way, did your friends from BoycottRussianVodka ever bother to learn that Stoli is not Russian at all?🙂 Do they even care?🙂,0,2613129.story

  17. This country did not give me any hope, I would say it took it away from me. We were hoping while we were behind iron curtains, but now – no hope anymore. And I am not kidding.

    I think you know what I mean when I say that gay “do not reproduce” in the eyes of any church. There are no babies known to ever being conceived in same-sex act. You can still turn to men (to nature) and/or to medicine for help, you can adopt (not considered reproduction), you can buy babies (surrogate motherhood), but no church would ever call it family, do not expect it from them. It’s simply unrealistic. You got what you wanted from the State – how about YOU now leave the CHURCH alone???

    Getting back to the Russian law that made you so unhappy, yes, it is a SECULAR law that has noting to do with the church: “The lower house, or State Duma, voted 436-0 with one abstention to pass the bill”. It is normal that church expressed support to this law because it totally fits their system of values. Believe me, any church would do the same. If not done already.

    So please, it is YOU who are trying to fix the church, to re-write the Bible, not vise versa. Just make your own church and be happy there🙂 I know there are some that wed gay couples. And live happily ever and after.

    1. WOW! I really think you need to talk to a priest before you start posting about what is and isnt a ‘family’ in the eyes of a church. I adopted a child and we’re Orthodox and the church VERY MUCH considers us to be a “FAMILY”.

      As long as Orthodox Christians here in the US continue to remain silent and not SPEAK OUT against the horrors of the assaults that are happening in Russia then we will continue to be lumped in as “one of them”…..

      I have to ask: when you read and hear about what is happening there – under the name of Orthodox Christianity – are you OK with it?
      I hope not. and if not, then we need to speak out so that people dont misunderstand and assume our silence means that we are supportive of such things.

  18. This is so funny🙂 Your last link🙂 I told you the priest just arrived from Russia about a month ago, he does not speak English to return your messages🙂 But do you care? :)))) Oh, how kind and how friendly you are, I cannot believe it!!!!! You just wanted to chat to Russian Orthodox Christians!!!! About what? :))))))))))))))) Moving out of the neighborhood, or installing gay flag next to the cross on the dome? :)))))))))))))))

    1. He was contacted after he arrived. He was appointed by K and so you endorse what we say. He came directly from the anti-gay Church in Russia

  19. Ignorance, ignorance, yet again🙂

    Isaac Ochberg came to Russia (actually, Ukraine and Poland) after WORLD WAR I, in 1921, NOT in 1910. Please read about World War I before you ever again say to anybody that evil Russians killed your family.

    1. My grandmother and great grandmother were forced out of Russia. Isaac Ochberg rescued my grandmother in 1921. My Grandmother was born in 1910. She was 11 when he rescued her and took her to an orphanage in Johannesburg, She is known as and Ochberg orphan. There were 100 of them. They have since produced kids, grandkids great grandkids atc and the number is 3000. No thanks to the Russian who murdered my great grandfather and other Jews. I stand by what I said. I gave you my grandmothers birthdate.

    2. She was separated from mother or she may have died there like the others. My point as a gay family we are included in the 3000 descendants of Ochberg Orphans.

  20. Melanie, I spent some time last night reading in both languages about Isaac Ochberg, because I couldn’t get it why Jews were forced to leave Russia in 1910 – it was a quiet time in Russia. I learned that he was Ukrainian Jew and Zionist and came back to Ukraine to save 200 Jewish orphans (quote that he could get from SA government) after WWI. So your grandmother was Ukrainian Jew, just like mine. In 1918-1939 Ukraine was occupied by Poles. Little bit later after your grandmother was rescued, my great grandfather was killed in Ukraine, shot in front of his house, in front of all his kids and wife, by Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. “Bandera’s forces were involved in the extermination of Jewish civilians and the clearing of Jewish ghettos”. They were killing Poles, Russians and Jews these days, “liberating” Ukraine from occupiers. It was their national idea.
    You don’t even have to post it, it’s just an FYI, if you want to know more about your roots.

    1. My family just made a trip to Ukraine and followed my great grandmothers footsteps and a documentary film is being made about it. My GG father was short just like yours. Same story.. My grandmother never saw her mother (my greatgrandmother ) again. My greatgrandmother left a diary for my grandmother -in yiddish – which we had found after she landed up in Israel . It was sent to my grandmother in South Africa. and we had it translated. There is a lot of information in there. So tha nk you I have a lot of the facts and the very personal story about the cruelty and pain! You are welcome to contact me by e-mail. Generally I put all my comments up so I am going to put yours up as I usually do. Its only the hate comments that I trash. Not opposing comments.

  21. Hi Melanie! Thank you for your courage to stand in solidarity against Putin’s anti-gay oppression and bigotry supported by the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill. If possible, please at your convenience an overview of yesterday’s events. Due to geographic barriers, we were not able to be there physically, but be assured that we were there in thought and spirit. We are eager to hear your observations and assessment. Thank you!

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