Gay teenager kidnapped and tortured by Russian homophobes believed to have died from injuries

YOU SPILL GAY BLOOD WE SPILL RUSSIAN VODKA | Noon San Francisco City Hall August 06, 2013.

By Melanie Nathan, August 05, 2013.

Pic: Anonymous LGBT Legion
Pic: Anonymous LGBT Legion

PINKNews is Reporting  and we have not yet independently verified:

The gay teenager who was kidnapped and tortured by Russian neo-Nazis has died from his injuries it has been claimed.

Spectrum Human Rights reports that the gay teenager kidnapped, tortured and forced to come out to his parents has died from his injuries caused by the attack. It quotes a doctor who is associated with the campaign against homophobia in Russia. As the victim has not been identified, PinkNews is unable to verify the claims.

Last month an image of the victim, stripped and covered with paint and forced to hold a sex toy, covered in red paint shocked the world. PinkNews has censored the photos below.
Many BLOGS and press across the world have reported on the vivid torture video of the young kidnapped teen, gay or perceived as gay.  Many have seen the shocking video of the torture of the young man and other victims on a Russian social network.

The videos, according to PINKNEWS are too shocking and indecent to be published, according to  PinkNews. One features a victim being sprayed with urine, another (the young man believed to have died) is forced to play with a sex toy.

Another is stripped and forced to put his face into a toilet and drink the water. One teenager is stripped and forced into a bathe and then made to brandish a sex toy.

Gay victims aged 12-16 are reportedly lured in by the group Occupy-Pedofilyay, led by Maxim Martsinkevich, known under the nickname “Cleaver”.

Videos are then circulated of the victims being made to come out as gay, with a view to parents, schools, or friends finding out about their sexuality.

dcrussia2As the outrage continues to mount, the Russian and International LGBT communities have asserted their belief that the new odious laws promulgated by Vladimir Putin’s regime, have provided license to the now flagrant violent homophobia, with impunity to the lawlessness that it has caused. The perpetrators boldly kidnap and torture for the camera.  It seems that since the introduction of new homophobic laws in Russia, the violence against gays has increased.

Protests are occurring around the world, at consulates and calls for boycotts of the SOCHI Games are getting louder, amidst the spills and dumping of Russian Vodka on American streets.

We expect a big turn out tomorrow in San Francisco where we plan to spill Russian vodka in exchange for the gay blood that is being spilled in Russia.

The Spill will take place on the POLK Aside of City Hall at 12 NOON tomorrow:

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 10.13.13 AMDUMP RUSSIAN VODKA | San Francisco City Hall August 06, 2013.

We will SPILL RUSSIAN VODKA down the sewer in front of San Francisco’s City Hall to protest Russia’s ANTI-GAY Legislation and the ongoing homophobic violence against RUSSIA’s LGBT community.

In doing so we ask San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to:

1) Support the boycott of Russian vodka just as he endorsed the Chik-Fil-A boycott last year;

2) Agree not to serve Russian vodka or use Russian products at City functions;

3) Terminate any “sister-city” relationships and agreements between San Francisco and any cities in Russia;

4) As the City’s top elected official declare opposition to the anti-LGBT laws in Russia and condemn the escalating violence against the LGBT community in Russia.

WE call on LGBTI and gay-friendly bars and restaurants around the world to stop buying Russian VODKA and alcohol until the Putin Government passes legislation to rescind the odious laws that persecute and oppress GAY (LGBTQI) RUSSIANS.


@RUSALGBT @HRC #BoycottSochi #LGBT #BoycottRussia

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