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Immigration Equality begs on backs of binationals | Failed strategy has its remedy in death of DOMA

Begging for money to fund a failed strategy for immigration inclusiveness is a waste of time, money and resources | It is too late because even if UAFA is included in CIR, it will be the demise of DOMA that get binational spouses their green cards. Immigration Equality has always described itself as the preeminent […]

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Immigration reform and the complexities for same-sex binational couples

By Melanie Nathan, February 07, 2013. The Defense of Marriage Act  (DOMA) defines marriage as between a man and woman only, and so a same-sex American spouse (citizen or resident) cannot petition for a foreign spouse to obtain a green card and citizenship.   That means that married same-sex couples cannot benefit from the same Federal […]

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A New Way to Support Our LGBTI Advocacy

Have you thought that this  BLOG may be more than just about the news? That some BLOGS are as important in their advocacy as any organization representing LGBT rights out there?    O-Blog-Dee-O-Blog-da™ is blogging drenched in advocacy™  and while you do not need a paid subscription to visit and read, it does help to […]

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Senator Arlen Specter Remembered by Lesbian Activist at hearings on UAFA

WATCH VIDEO – Senator Arlen Specter’s service included solicitude and action for same-sex couples denied green cards. By Melanie Nathan, October 15, 2012. It is with great sadness that I note the passing of Senator Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania today.  While I thought I could never forgive him for his interrogation of Anita Hill, I […]

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Petition Plea to Senator Feinstein – Green Cards – Special Visa – Same-Sex Spouses

06/04/2011, Posted by Melanie Nathan, Note: This letter has been submitted by OUT 4 Immigration, whom I consider to be the most sincere and miraculous group in the LGBT community with regard to the plight of same-sex couples who have no immigration equality under the federal law of the U.S.A. Dear Senator Feinstein — For […]

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Shirley Tan Keynote Speaker at Marin Human Rights Commision MLK Humaitarian Award Dinner.

By Melanie Nathan.    1/23/10 Shirley Tan did a formidable job when presenting her profound story to a very moved and emotional mainstream audience at the MLK Award dinner in marin County on Thursday night.  As a Commissioner on the Human Rights Commission, I was so proud to introduce Shirl as well as Jay Mercado her […]

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Bi-nationals – Take Back your Right to your FIGHT

Dear Friends,   Since June of this year I have been critical about Immigration Equality’s strategy – in promoting our UAFA  through inclusion in Comprehensive Immigration reform (CIR) as a priority strategy.   My sense of logic told me that by doing so they would be ‘shooting us in the foot’- as they would in effect limit […]

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform Symposium: – Keeping our eye on Equality

The city of San Francisco has its work cut out for it when it comes to Immigration reform, and it must stand up for all its residents; while certain religious communities strongly support immigration reform, it is apparent they will oppose the inclusion of UAFA and may well shoot themselves in the toe rather than support fully inclusive reform that excludes no one.

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Shirley Tan Advocate Magazine’s Activist of the YEAR!

I am documenting this note in the hope that you will remember that Shirl and Jay are innocent bystanders who got caught up in a situation and have been inadvertent activists. If anything goes wrong it will not be for lack of trying on their behalf to help others. It would have been much easier for them to remain silent.

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Shirley Tan -Jay Mercado and the Twins visit the White House

When all was lost and there was no “next step” for Shirley Tan, about to be deported  within mere weeks, Molly McKay of Marriage Equality called my office to see if I could be of assistance.   Unfortunately Shirley’s was a losing case and she was told that there was nothing anyone could do to help […]

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Congresswoman Jackie Speier Provides Valuable Opinion on UAFA

By Melanie Nathan, July 31, 2009 Perhaps more of our congressional representatives would be willing to do what Congresswoman Jackie Speier did for the LGBT community today.  The Congresswoman, a Democrat from California’s 12th district called a meeting today of the LGBT leadership in San Francisco. With not much notice a core group of leaders, […]

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Asian and Pacific Islander Organizations – Ask for Immigration Reform

API ORGANIZATIONS IN CALIFORNIA UNITE TO DEMAND FAIR & HUMANE IMMIGRATION REFORM August 20, 2009 -LOS ANGELES, CA – In Historic Filipinotown, Asian and Pacific Islander (API) organizations called on the Obama Administration and Congress for enact fair and humane comprehensive immigration reform. In simultaneous press conferences held in Los Angeles and San Francisco, community leaders […]

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Why Healthcare has Impacted Uniting American Families Act… because it has in essence halted Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Not unpredictable – says Melanie Nathan, author of this post!     Press Conference – Mexico- Today President Obama confirmed some of my fears in so far as they relate to Uniting American Families Act – UAFA and comprehensive immigration reform (CIR).   “I’ve got a lot on my plate and it’s very important for us […]

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Comments about UAFA- do not be put off – be motivated

Congress can and will have a new attitude toward UAFA – but it is not going to happen until we empower our community to make appointments with their representatives in every district, to show up with their own stories asking for help and if they do not need help, then to show up with the stories of other constituents. Congress will buzz if the dialogue between Rep and Constituent is prevalent and persistent. Until this constituent push happens the D.C. insider intelligence is meaningless. If congress has not taken the issue on after we do this, then I will succumb to the current D.C. Intelligence.

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Land of the FREE

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The Devil suggests: “Binationals you may get screwed”

MY DEVIL IS ADVOCATING ………   IMMIGRATION EQUALITY (.org) is calling for support of RFA Reuniting Families Act)  The Reuniting Families Act (H.R. 2709)  because it includes Lesbian and Gays.  In this article when I refer to CIR  I include RFA http://hosted.vresp.com/404947/1f3d6f0ec5/135453617/57f5af7acc/   If the devil did not advocate, success would go unappreciated.  My hope is for the […]

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Kathy Drasky and the volunteers for Out4Immigration

Did an amazing job of organizing  the OUT4I contingent in the Parade. The turn out was amazing and the march a great success.  Kathy yelled through her megaphone non stop for the entire slow march down all of Market Street, educating the public as we went by.  Shirley and Jay Tan Mercado, the twins and […]

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Pride Photos SF PRIDE 2009- Melanie Nathan

Belinda from Out4Immigration and on the BOARD of SF Pride PHOTOS:EXCLUSIVE TO THIS SITE AND COPYRIGHT TO MELANIE NATHAN.©2009 Permission to reproduce -contact [email protected] SFPride VIP Party in City Hall

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Shirley Tan and Family to March with Out4Immigration at San Francisco Pride 2009

Press release:- Shirley Tan and Family to March with Out4Immigration at San Francisco Pride 2009 Pacifica family and Out4Immigration seek equal immigration rights for LGBT families and passage of the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA) By Marina DiCerbo Tuesday, June 23, 2009 Photo taken by  Melanie Nathan. San Francisco, CA—June 23, 2009—Shirley Tan, her partner […]

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Lest we forget – Shirley will testify to California State Legislators 6/30 for resolution #15 -Rep. Kevin de Leon

This was Shirley Tan’s testimony on June 3rd in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Now we prepare for the State Capitol.  ALL speaking engagements for Shirley should be via Melanie Nathan at [email protected]

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No thanks needed …the work goes on and our community thanks is our community’s help- Call your reps in support of Immigration Reform and UAFA!

Shirley, Jay & Melanie,  I wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you, so much, for joining us in Washington last week and for all of your amazing efforts on behalf of Immigration Equality.  The past week was the most momentous in our country’s history for binational couples, and you were all an […]

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Shirley Tan, Melanie Nathan, Jay Mercado leaving the PLaza D.C. For the hearing.

   Before we headed out to the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. The Tan Mercado family was all spruced up and ready to testify. They were not nervous, just willing to take care of business. Shirley testified with a bravery rarely seen. I met Shirley when she had mere weeks to her deportation and the moment […]

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UniqueUAFA Pictures and video from hearings – keep eye open for more

Jashley after an emotional hearing. Senator Leahy took us all into his office to show us his beautiful children and grandkids.

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SHIRLEY TAN’S heartbreaking testimony

UAFA emotional testimony

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Senator Sessions, UAFA – a man about hate…..

Julian Bond of NAACP testifies with Shirley Tan, Chris Nugent, Gordon Stewart at the behest of Senator Patrick Leahy -Melanie Nathan reports from UAFA hearing in D.C. Senatoir Jeff Sessions is a racist, a woman hater and now he is the ranking GOP member on the Senate Judiciary Committee…see Videos Of Tan hearing and Rachel MAddow

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see New York Times Article Melanie Nathan Keeping you posted from D.C.

http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/03/us/politics/03immig.html?_r=1&hpw Big News- New York Times Article.

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UAFA Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

Melanie reporting from D.C. for UAFA Hearings, June 03, 2009. The place is a-buzz as the new Judicial nominee, the soon to be Justice (G-d willing) Sonia Sotomayor does the rounds; senators, press, passers by, it is a sweet time, indeed. President Barack Obama made history when he nominated Sonia Sotomayor, a federal appeals court judge […]

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BREAKING NEWS UAFA- Senate Judiciary committee releases hearing Witness list

UAFA witness list announced

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Tune in….

“UAFA Hearings, June 3 – More Details WEBCAST http://judiciary.senate.gov/hearings/hearing.cfm?id=3876 by Kathy Drasky Published May 27, 2009 @ 08:42AM PT Immigration Equality has made available the following information if you are planning to attend the Senate hearings next week in Washington, DC. We’ll continue to post more info as we receive it. We also understand that […]

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Breaking Shirley Tan Invited to UAFA Hearing

By Melanie Nathan – Breaking – Today,  1.30 PM. Senator Leahy , (D-VT) extended an invitation to Shirley Tan to testify at the UAFA hearing on June 3rd before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Shirley Tan, her wife Jay and their twelve year old twinsons, together with ‘yours truly’  will be traveling next week to DC for the hearings […]

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