Christian Fundamentalist Arrested in Norway Mass Murder

July 23, 2011, by Melanie Nathan,

Not knowing too much about Norway, other than my impression as to its liberal acceptance of life, I was intrigued to note that  the man who has been arrested for staging Friday’s bomb attack in Norway‘s capital Oslo and a random shooting at a youth camp on the Utoya Island, killing over 80 people,  has been described as a right-wing Christian fundamentalist by the Norwegian police.

In a news conference Saturday morning in Oslo, the police announced that they had arrested 32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik over the two terrorist attacks that shocked Norway to its very core.

The 84 victims were mostly teenagers, in his shooting rampage at the Utoya Island where Norway‘s ruling Labor Party held a youth camp, and another 7 people in the bomb attack in downtown Oslo.

Breivik has no criminal record. Norway‘s police announced no other arrests have been made, as cited by international media.

Norway has not seen such violence since world War II and the Country is reeling. That a Christian fundamentalist, without a prior record would be capable of such horror is no surprise to those of us who have witnessed the strategic attacks of such fundamentalists, on Gays, lesbians and transgender people around the World.  There is little wonder that it would take one, albeit crazy, individual to affect such mayhem.

This is a time when all religious groups and especially Christian Groups should speak out loud against Fundamentalists who are citing homosexuality in their deadly messages.


3 thoughts on “Christian Fundamentalist Arrested in Norway Mass Murder

  1. Good grief!!! Who is soooo surprised that it is a “christian” Fundamentalist??!!?? This is nothing more than what we have been warned about over and over again in the USA with the emergence of the Fundamentalist movement, the American christianTaliban, the Canadian christian Taliban, the Norwegian christian Taliban, et al??? We worry about every other world religion except those at our own back door! Maybe now the TSA will quit x-raying womens’ diapers and panties, and start doing the job of security. We may even see an updated change in our own security procedures in the USA. This Norwegian incident smells an awful lot like Tulsa, 9-11, but the US government didn’t have a hand in that!
    MY humble opinion, of course… Always CYA!!!

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  3. According to credible news sources I’ve seen, there is no evidence (even via his blogs) that he was a Christian or even belonged to a Church. In fact, since he’s Norwegian, one of the most anti-religious countries in the world, the chances of him being a Christian is unbelievably low. He was by all accounts a “right wing” extremist but the press always automatically links “right wing” with “Christian” without even checking the facts first. Poor reporting or outright bias? Could be both.

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