Embarrassing Reality about Ugandan Domestic Violence Law and The Anti-Homosexuality Bill

By Melanie Nathan, November 30, 2012

David Bahati M in Uganda and author of Kill The Gays Bill believes Linda should die for being a lesbian

Who wants to laugh hard – here comes the truth about Uganda and its attempts to impose harsh punishment on gays for simply being gay. If you did not think that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is not much more than an attempt to sidetrack the local and international community from the real disgraces of Uganda here comes a new doozey:-

More than three years after Parliament passed the Domestic Violence Act (DVA), 2010, it remains on paper and is lying idle at the Ministry of Gender as there is no money to implement it.

The DVA, passed in 2009, and provides for the protection of victims of domestic violence and seeks to punish the DV crime perpetrators. Ironically its passage occurred around the same time the Anti-Homosexuality Bill was first introduced by David Bahati. (source Saturday Monitor)

That means that David Bahati and his Parliamentarian cohorts are more than willing to allow women to be beaten up in their homes  by their God fearing husbands, while they spend more taxpayer money trying to legislate more unenforceable laws. This is a great way to waste time and money courtesy Parliament. Maybe the world will not notice the corruption and maybe the Ugandans will not notice that the DVA has yet to start to provide the protection as intended.  Maybe Uganda should rather spend its enforcement shillings on spying on the 100 gays in private love making.   Yes, that works!    To spy on and arrest lovers,  loving gay couples in the privacy of their bedrooms. And of course the doctors, mothers and teachers who fail to report them too.  That will be inexpensive!

And so their mandate would seem to include allowing men to beat up wives, while Parliament makes more unenforceable laws against people who love each other. OKAY! Vigilante justice may prevail but how in Scott Liveley’s heaven name do the Ugandans plan on proving these cases?

Bahati is headed for severe embarrassment if his legislation passes, because it too will sit like a joke – unconstitutional, unable to be enforced , with a big unenforceable tab, giving the international community added reason to ostracize Uganda. My goodness what a damn stupid piece of work if it passes. Gays will become martyrs and Uganda will be a joke.

In fact the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, if passed, will be absolutely impossible to enforce and implement.

Now these Parliamentarians are sucking our blood dry while we run around screaming bloody murder with this Anti-Homosexuality Act and we have so much advocacy work to do to thwart it.  But we cannot do much except delay it once it passes through to President Museveni who has no veto.  Petitions, Protests, queries, diplomacy and all this crap while Ugandan wives are being beaten and the Bill that was passed to protect them cannot be implemented.  Oy! WTG Uganda.

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