Anti-Gay Ugandan Parliament visiting Texas, U.S.A.

By Melanie Nathan,  Thursday, August 29, 2013

fireshot-screen-capture-303-parliament-of-uganda-enewsletter-c2bb-home-www_parliament_go_ug_enewsletterThe Eastern Africa Diaspora Business Council (EADBC) issued this Press release to inform about the fabulous business forum being held in Dallas, Texas between the Eastern Africa Diaspora Business Council (EADBC) and the Uganda North America Association (UNAA) , for the Annual Trade and Investment Forum. And now there is a huge crowd of anti-gay Ugandan Parliamentarians and officials in town.

Yes this year UNAA & EADBC have teamed up to host their Annual Trade & Investment Forum in Dallas, TX and would you know a mere 4 hour drive from Houston Texas where there happens to be a live, living lesbian who happens to be Mayor of that City. A repeat offender criminal, according to Ugandans, if the proposed anti-gay legislation would ever come up for a vote in the Ugandan Parliament.  Phew – thank goodness this forum was not being held in Houston!  Imagine.

According to statistics and upon the word of Ugandan MP Davis Bahati, if given the chance well over 89% oh the Ugandan Parliament would vote to have the Anti-Homosexuality Bill made into law.  That is the piece of legislation that has been hounding and persecuting  LGBTI Ugandans through many Parliamentary introductions. In fact at the last introduction, though yet to be voted upon, and made law, almost the entire group of Parliamentarians stood up and cheered in delight when the Bill was reintroduced by Hon. David Bahati.

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 10.54.12 PM
Annise Parker

I read the Press release and noted that “The purpose of the U.S./Canada/Uganda Trade and Investment forum is to bring the business organizations and agencies from Uganda and the USA together for the purpose of dialogue, learning from their diverse perspectives, exchanging their different business needs, and negotiating trade and investment opportunities,”  and I thought: “Now how nice. I wonder if these Ugandan Parliamentarians have really delved into the “diverse perspectives,” of their would be trade partners with whom they would like to do business? After all  with  a little bit of a  web surf they may find that given the diversity policies of many of the US attendees they could actually be doing business with a bunch of homosexuals?”

How nice! An opportunity! And then I thought to myself – imagine some months back, we the USA and Western LGBT activist community were told that Ugandans did not need our business and they would rather we would butt out of Uganda’s business than have us dictate their right to make such a law Uganda North America Association. But here they are to talk trade!

The guest of honor at this event is the Vice President of the Republic of Uganda, H.E Edward Ssekandi. He will be heading a delegating of Cabinet Ministers, 21 Members of Parliament and other business leaders from Uganda who are already in Dallas, TX. Below is a list of guests in Dallas already and there are more to come. I wonder if the Hon. David Bahati will be there?  The man who sponsored that killing law, described by President Obama as ‘odious.’

And by the way its not so easy to find out whether or not Mr. Bahati is here or plans on coming. We used to talk often, but he does not tell me any of this stuff anymore, because he knows that we would be out there with our banners and bullhorns urging his departure! Or maybe we would have him kicked out of places like we had done before when he visited the U.S.A.  Nope Mr. David Bahati is not welcome in the United States and I am starting to wonder how we can justify a welcome to any of these people who already here, would have us dead, I mean those of us who happen to be gay or lesbian.

And this is the list of those who are here already:

1.    Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda, Minister of Health
2.    Hon. Eng. John Nasasira, Minister, Information Communication Technology 3.    Hon. Richard Todwong, Minister Without Portfolio, responsible for Mobilization
4.    Hon. John Miyingo, Minister of State for Higher Education
5.    Hon Eng. John Byabagambi, Minister of State, Works
6.    Hon Henry Banyenzaki, Minister of State, Economic Monitoring, Presidents

7.    Hon. Vincent Makumbi Nyanzi, minister of State, Vice President’s Office
8.    Hon. Asumani Kiyingi, Minister of State, Foreign Affairs, Regional Cooperation
9.    Hon. Rebecca Amuge Otengo, Minister of State, Northern Uganda

1.    H.E. Olive Wonekha, Uganada Ambassador to the United States
2.    H.E. Dr. Richard Nduhuura, Uganda Permanent Representative to the United Nations
3.    Ms. Margaret Kyogire, Charge d’Affaire, Uganda High Commission, Canada
4.    H.E. James William Kinobe, Uganda Ambassador to DRC

If any of you on the list happen to disagree with the criminalization of sexuality  and the Bahati Bill – I apologize for lumping you in – but until you speak out this is where you belong! On our Poop List and just think maybe someone will have the courage to speak out from amongst you. Call on me I will be the first to report it – [email protected]

And in case you are around the area and would like to meet any of these nice people here is the Location: Omni Dallas Hotel | 555 S Lamar, Dallas, TX 75202  and the
Date: Friday August 30, 2013 and the
Time: 8:00AM-5:00PM and the
Fee: $50 (breakfast and lunch included)

And here comes the glamour part of this lovely visit to make friends and do business with the USA:

“The Eastern Africa Diaspora Business Council (EADBC), a US-based non-governmental organization channeling Diaspora resources to business and Technology opportunities in the greater Eastern Africa region, is poised to foster sustainable commitments through innovative service and strategic infrastructure partnerships between North America and the region’s business sector.

EADBC is comprised thousands of Diaspora professionals with expertise in all aspects sector development, entrepreneurship, ICT, engineering, energy, agriculture, health care delivery, environment, education, international trade, business development, and policy.

EADBC has committed to nurture global development partnerships that open opportunities and sustain programs and projects in six principal development sectors of Finance, Trade and Investment; Information and Communication Technology; Infrastructure, Energy and the Environment; Agriculture and Manufacturing; Academia, Research and Innovation; and Cultural Exchange from inception.

Uganda North America Association (UNAA) is the largest formal association of Ugandans in the Diaspora. The objectives of the organization are to “Promote the Social, Cultural and Economic Development of the Ugandan Community in North America and beyond.” The Ugandan Community in North America and Canada numbers over 120,000 individuals.  Founded in 1988, the Ugandan North American Association (UNAA), is a community organization for Ugandans and friends in North America, with a particular emphasis on stimulating and encouraging nationwide acquaintance and fellowship among members in North America, Canada, United Kingdom and Uganda.”

Well we are hoping that that very stinky “KILL THE GAYS” law never passes. Imagine if it did, all these nice people here would probably never see a visa to the USA again, and we certainly would not be doing business and of that I can assure you!  In fact do you not think it is time it was simply dropped forever Mr. and Mrs. Trade Community. It has done its time and all its tired existence does is serve as a piece of persecution hanging like the Sword of Damocles over the heads of Uganda’s LGBT community!

When I went to my old article – below- I noticed that the applause video has been removed. …..

Video Ugandan Parliament Erupts into Applause as Anti-Homosexuality Bill Introduced

Ugandan  Parliament erupts in applause as Government pretends to distance itself from the kill the Gays Bill   by Melanie Nathan, February 09, 2012      READ MORE

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