Putin’s Gay Ambassador Alekseev to Meet with Putin

Czar meets Czar | After all the only legitimacy left for Alekseev is his stature in anti-semitic circles

By Melanie Nathan, September 04, 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 8.49.30 AMThe highly controversial Russian gay activist, Nikolai Alekseev, (also known as Nikolay Alekseyev,) who recently found himself the center of a storm amongst LGBT communities in Russia and around the world, noted in tweets today that he is meeting with President Vladimir Putin, who, back in June, signed anti-gay legislation into law. The meeting has been independently verified through a source from Russia.

This meeting comes on the heels of announcements that President Obama will be meeting with Russian activists when in Russia for the G20 Summit, to the exclusion of Alekseev, once thought to be the major leader in Russia’s LGBT.  Alekseev had tweeted his disdain for the meetings with Obama, perceived by many as “sour grapes.”  However Alekseev had secured his own downfall through an onslaught of attacks against fellow activists, including the slandering of those who opposed his anti- asylum statements.

Nikolai Alekseev has recently been uninvited from press conference calls and a summit with the group Human Rights First, due to a string of vitriolic anti-semitic remarks which he authored on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, caused an uproar. Alekseev has a long history of shotting himself in the foot with his blatant anti-semitic rants. His latest attack has finally secured the last nail.

What is of interest is that the Alekseev-Putin meeting seems to be a response to the Obama meeting with the respected LGBT leadership of Russia. Whether initiated by Alekseev or Putin, the meeting is a clear “stick your childlike tongue out” response to the Obama meeting with the now acceptable LGBT leadership, which specifically excludes the unhinged Alekseev.

What is also of interest is no matter what transpires in the Putin and Alekseev talks, not a single gay, either in Russia or abroad, trusts a single word that comes out of the mouth of Nikolai Alekseev. His statements in the past month have been so counterproductive to the interests of LGBT Russians, that he has fallen into serious disrepute.  In fact bloggers wrote articles and many speculated on social media that Alekseev may have been playing a double game, and that he was working for anti-gay Putin rather than for the LGBT community. It was speculated that he had been compromised on a very serious level, leading to the milieu of mistrust. It seemed that much if his babble resembled Putin’s rhetoric.

It is in this context that his meeting will not be taken very seriously, notwithstanding any reports that result from it.

One thing is for sure that will probably find Alekseev and Putin together commiserating about the very existence of Jews. Perhaps Alekseev, who admits his hate for Jews, will suggest that Putin go back to scapegoating Jews instead of Gays! After all the only legitimacy left for Alekseev is his stature in anti-semitic circles.

The only victory for LGBT people in all of this would be to see the repeal of the anti-gay laws and the arrests of the vigilantes who have been targeting LGBT teens with kidnappings, torture, beatings and public outings.

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READ about Putin’s interview with AP and how he has been cornered in this anti-gay mess with the impending SOCHI Winter Olympics.

And Melanie’s article https://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2013/09/02/president-obama-to-meet-with-lgbt-russians-during-g20-summit/


Vigil to be held at San Francisco Opera Opening for solidarity with Russian Gays

By Melanie Nathan, September 04, 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 7.51.06 AMA group of LGBT activists will stage an informational vigil including members of Gays Without Borders, BoycottRussianVodka.com will be holding a fun informational vigil on Friday, September 6 at 7:00 pm outside the San Francisco Opera’s gala opening night at the War Memorial Opera House, located at Van Ness and Grove. https://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2013/09/04/vigil-to-be-held-at-san-francisco-opera-opening-for-solidarity-with-russian-gays/

5 thoughts on “Putin’s Gay Ambassador Alekseev to Meet with Putin

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “Czar meets Czar | After all the only legitimacy left for Alekseev is his stature in anti-semitic circles” ….. interesting read. Affecting the LGBT community in Russia … don’t keep silent!!

  2. It is also possible that Alekseev or his family have been “gotten to” by authorities. Either way, his credibility as a spokesperson for LGBT rights was extinguished by anti-semitic remarks and other irrational outbursts attributed to him.

  3. Its like a pornographer’s dream, the meaningless vodka boycott, the international reverse crab in a bucket job on Alekseev. Its like there are a cattle call’s worth of bloggers spending way more of their time their time than they ought to fighting against a guy they claim is powerless, but is selling them out, even though they have literally nothing at stake, and he has everything at stake, its theater of the absurd. aravosis, nathan, savage who are these idiots? seriously they seem to be checking everyone’s purity, it seems to me they are little more than useless paid for hacks.

    1. Haha love it. I can only speak to my motive for exposing Alekseev. Nikolai made serious anti-asylum accusations. I help LGBT asylum seekers. Its not pretty work. Now hopefully when anyone Googles him, as things ehat up in Russia, they will see that he is shrouded in controversy and will think twice before inviting him anywhere or asking him for his now clearly untrustworthy information. Your comment indicative of mission accomplished.

      Nothing at stake for me and only for Nikolai? Well you are not exactly informed now are. What is at stake is LGBT asylees being screwed because of Nikolai’s comments. AND if I did not genuinely care about that then I wold not be putting hundreds of pro bono hours into helping asylees. There is more at stake for the people I work with than Nikolai .

      Typical narcissistic individualistic Mr. SL – you assume that all stakes relate to the “self”? There is a lot more LGBT out there who have a lot at stake much more than Nikolai who happen to care about!!!

      This is not a question of purity. There is much more to it. But then you wouldnt know right? LOL and who mught the idiot be. How about using your real name next time….

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