Breaking Indiana Passes Nation’s Most Anti-LGBT Law


We urge all Indianans to contact Governor Pence at to ask him to veto this unprecedented attack on religious liberty.

Posted by Melanie Nathan, March 23, 2015.

pence gov indianaGovernor Mike Pence (R-Indiana) is being urged to veto SB 101, a piece of legislation that would be one of the most anti-LGBT laws in the nation.

The legislation allows individuals to ignore any law they deem to conflict with their religious beliefs.

A broad coalition of groups in Indiana is against the proposed law including civil rights and faith leaders, small business owners and the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

“Lawmakers in Indiana have chosen to ignore an unprecedented chorus of voices speaking out in opposition to this draconian bill. Governor Pence now has the opportunity to follow the lead of former Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ) in similar circumstances and to veto this appalling law. The truth is, this new law will undoubtedly damage Indiana’s reputation as a welcoming place. Instead, the state will now be viewed as completely out-of-step and a place where it isn’t good to live and do business. What these politicians are peddling as ‘religious liberty’ is not real religious liberty. This law is an out-right recipe for discrimination and persecution,” said Rea Carey, National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund Executive Director.

We urge all Indianans to contact Governor Pence at to ask him to veto this unprecedented attack on religious liberty.

17 thoughts on “Breaking Indiana Passes Nation’s Most Anti-LGBT Law

  1. How sad! I was an Illinois resident for 35 years. Today I learned that my I-129F fiancé visa for my fiancé has been approved, and I am so glad that he will be able to come here, in the next few months: we will be married in Illinois, where my family is.

    If religions want to continue to preach intolerance and hate, that is their “constitutional right.” What a waste of a “right!” If someone wants to enter into commerce, they can and should abide by the laws that protect us from discrimination.

    I am genuinely sad that other Midwestern states have not heeded the call to tolerance and love. It still shows me we have a way to go!

  2. Whats wrong with discrimination and persecution? Thats just how you clean up your neighborhood.

    The people of Folsom Street, San Francisco who didn’t want to watch homosexual orgies on their street…moved out.

    The homosexuals in Indiana can move to Folsom Street.

    1. I guess absolutely nothing is wrong with discrimination and persecution – lets get rid of the flimsy US Constitution and never strive for Civil Rights Acts and Full federal Equality. Excellent thinking Dabdate2. I see you really stretched your brilliant mind on this one… not to mention your decent heart

      1. I just arrived in Singapore where I am persecuted by not being able to buy any weed. Its also illegal to be gay here.

        I also have to go down 7 flights of stairs 40 times a day to maintain my 2 pack a day regimine.

        One must admit the place does have its shit together though, we don’t need civil rights.

          1. Outrageous accusation, anyway, Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries on earth, no one is selling their children here.

            If people want to outlaw buggery, the result works out fine. The buggers can just go to Folsom Street.

            Just like I can’t get any weed or smoke cigarettes wherever I want, I’ll go to Cambodia instead.

    2. I’m sure that the jihadists of ISIL feel the same way about Christians: they quote a hadith and call Christianity “worse than murder.” May I assume you also promote the “neighborhood clearance projects” that ISIL has underway?

      If anyone was engaging in public sex, he or she should have been arrested. There are limits to indecency and even San Fran has passed ordinances against nude streakers at marathons. It isn’t “anything goes.” But what I do in the privacy of my own home is my right and my right to publically declare who I am and who I love is also my right.

      ‘Sides, my fiancé’s a hunk!

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    One state where the backlash against the anti-LGBTQ backlash isn’t firmly taking hold…

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    They keep pushing back …. an affront to basic human rights!

  5. What is it with angry, white, str8 people?? How about legislating therapy & anger-management classes for them all?

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  7. It’s their OWN DAMN FAULT: Even in Oklahoma it was easily stopped…I must have sent this out 500 times over last 10 days! but no one in LGBT world sees it.
    Remember This One Folks…IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM in #OKLAHOMA YES TY Rep Emily Virgin…. ‘If a business wants to discriminate against or or or people then it must advertise the fact in advance, says a Democratic member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives
    ‘If you want to discriminate under this law if it passes, then you’re legally allowed to do that, but you need to own it. You need to fess up to it,’ Rep. Virgin told
    Yesterday, it was announced that the bill has stalled. House leadership did not take up the proposal for discussion. For it to return to the House, it would need to be added to another bill, but Virgin has indicated that if that happens, she would act again.

    1. I prefer Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s approach. He knew that, if he simply boycotted the bigots, he’d give them what they want, since their racist ideology mattered more to them than making a profit. Instead, the sit in’s forced the bigots to open up their services to others. Laws came along – fortunately – that prevented restaurants like Denny’s from demanding payment in advance from black Americans.

      It is nice to imagine that America is in the final throes of ending all bigotry and discrimination.

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