Wisconsin Republican Bill will Hurt Transgender Students

TLDEF Denounces Wisconsin Bill Targeting Transgender Students For Discrimination

Posted by Melanie Nathan, October 07, 2015.

Steve Nass vs Transgender Students?
Steve Nass vs Transgender Students?

The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund denounces proposed legislation in Wisconsin that would ban transgender students from using restrooms and locker rooms that match who they are as boys and girls. The bill, proposed by Republican lawmakers Sen. Steve Nass and Rep. Jesse Kremer, would allow parents to file complaints with school districts if they believe their child’s privacy has been violated by a transgender student’s bathroom use. Additionally, parents could sue school districts for monetary and other damages if they feel the district has not addressed their concerns. Reports indicate that the bill would also require Wisconsin’s Department of Justice to defend school districts from any claims that these restrictions on the rights of transgender students are discriminatory.

Statement from TLDEF Executive Director Michael Silverman:

“We condemn this proposed bill which singles out transgender students in Wisconsin for discrimination. Transgender young people already face immense harassment and bias when they are just trying to participate in their school environments as their authentic selves. Legislation like this would further stigmatize transgender students and harm their health and well-being.

“When transgender students can fully be themselves in school, it contributes to their personal growth and helps them excel academically and in school activities. In a state that already has a number of school districts with transgender-inclusive policies, this proposed bill would be a major setback. It threatens the safety and dignity of transgender students throughout the state. It would also violate federal law protecting transgender students from discrimination in schools.

“We join Fair Wisconsin in strongly denouncing this legislation. We hope it is swiftly defeated.”

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