10 Facts Showing Trump is Lying that LGBT People Support Him

NOT ONE LGBT PERSON IN THIS PICTURE WOULD VOTE TRUMP! BELIEVE ME …… and there are many more like this folk – you better believe it!

I have been watching the Trump bullshit machine at work. The man cannot seem to think logically beyond his shoot from the hip rhetoric.    After the Orlando massacre, a tragedy that left 49 LGBT people dead, most of whom are Hispanic, and  immigrants or children of  immigrants, Trump gave several speeches, where he suggested that LGBT people are more likely to  vote for him, rather than Hillary Clinton.  His logic is that  Muslims in certain countries in the Middle East kill gays, and so gays will vote for him rather than Hillary, because he plans to ban Muslims from entering the USA. He is ignorant of several facts:

He says that he is the one who is going to keep Muslims out of America, and hence will keep America safe, and Hillary, on the other hand will allow Muslims to enter the U.S.A.

Here are 10  reasons this suggestion by Trump screams lie, bullshit, and pure imbecile:

  1.  Currently there are many Muslim LGBT individuals trying to get into the USA to escape the persecution they are experiencing in Muslim countries.  If Trump bans all Muslims from entering the USA, then he is in effect turning his back on many  Muslim LGBTI asylum seekers and refugees, who have been in process and under scrutiny for resettlement for years and on those who will need to apply in the future. So why would we prefer him on this issue – his platform actually keeps Muslim gays out of America.
  2. Hillary Clinton is the one who will allow Muslim LGBT asylum seekers and refugees to settle in the U.S.A. She has already been involved in that work as Secretary of State. She knows what we need and she will work harder for us to save LGBT people, in general, from persecution.
  3. Trump seems to think that refugee immigrants just fill out a form and get a visa.  Refugees, however, go through years and years of massive scrutiny and orientation before they are resettled in the USA. Its onerous – to say it is easy is a lie or pure ignorance.
  4. The US LGBT community is a smart and loving community. We are anti hate and pro love; we are pro equality, and having experienced our own persecution and suffered severe discrimination,  we are vehemently against racism. bigotry, and scapegoating any religious community.
  5. Even though the fundamentalists in the Muslim religion do not accept us, we accept them. We do not believe in scapegoating anyone.  We also know  that fundamentalists from the Christian religion are causing serious harm and inciting violence against our LGBT communities. So why single out Muslims because of one nutcase who had easy access to guns – thanks to Trump’s friends at the NRA and their cronies in Congress. (So as far as we are concerned – our safety is best considered if you kick Ted Cruz, Pat Robertson, Scott Lively,  Jeff Sessions, Lou Engle, et al, – out of America pronto! I mean – who cares about the Constitution right?)
  6. Trump forgets that we need Muslim allies and to alienate an entire community of mostly sincere friends and true American patriots, is asinine. Not to mention our Muslim allies abroad who are helping to fight ISIS  and other entities.
  7. Trump has said that he will roll back LGBT equality. He has said he opposes the SCOTUS decision giving us marriage in all States as being a terrible decision and that he thinks it should be up to the States.  We would NEVER vote for someone who thinks we are unworthy of equal treatment under the law.
  8. Trump is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party – he is aligned to a Party  that refuses to give us gun control and therefor has the  blood on its hands of 49 LGBT souls.
  9. Trump’s Republican party has a distinct anti LGBT platform.We currently have an Equality Bill in Congress. Does Trump want us to believe that a President Trump (splutter splutter)  will sign the Equality Act, while all his Republican  representatives in Congress and the Senate do not support it?  Does he really want us to believe that he will turn his back on the platform of the GOP that put him in office?
  10. We are NOT stupid! Most of us vote Democrat – most of us vote pro immigrant and pro equality. Did I say we are NOT stupid?

P.S.  Don Lemon, and Anderson Cooper when it comes to asking the pertinent question on our issues – such as will LGBT people vote trump –  please ask LGBT people – not straight detached pundits, who dont have a clue what we are thinking. I find it highly offensive to have straight CIS men on National and Cable TV speaking, as if my voice. Please seek out more lesbian and LGBT experience and activist voices.  Seek out those who indeed have their finger on the #PULSE.


Melanie Nathan – is the Executive Director of African Human Rights Coalition,  and works with LGBT immigrants,  asylum seekers and refugees – www.africanHRC.org
[email protected]

NOT ONE LGBT PERSON IN THIS PICTURE WOULD VOTE TRUMP! BELIEVE ME …… and there are many more like this folk – you better believe it!  Photo Copyright:  Melanie Nathan



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2 thoughts on “10 Facts Showing Trump is Lying that LGBT People Support Him

  1. We GLBTQ will not support him…but those who feed off us do like Cher, M. Carey and the list goes on…I feel if we are true about our life we MUST say “NO”to these ICONS…we must make them pay and find new one who will be for us and never turn their back on us AS ONE PEOPLE

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