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Okay: Succomb- I am writing about economic  stimulus and the ‘crouching Democrats ‘and  ‘hidden Republicans.’   Today there is a special session of Congress. Maybe 2 or 3 republicans are holding out.  Kerry’s impassioned plea  was enlihghtening especially to those who barely paid attention a year ago.This is the gist of it;- Republicans say they do not want to borrow. (okay?)   Kerry says there are no choices other than borrowing – other than raising taxes – not an option or stop spending- and the latter is happening anyway… in case you did not notice. There is no money to spend for amost people.  He  was amongst those who pleaded with George Bush et al a year ago to do something about mortgage interest rates. They warned that people were being thrown out of their homes; that thousands were paying way above prime interests rates and that if these could be reduces (all that time ago) many could stay in their homes.    What ended up happening – the Republicans got in the way at that time of passing any legislation that could help.  Ten thousand homes a day were lost thereafter.   Need we say more about the ripple effect – up and down on this one!     All I can say is President Obama – get those three on Board –   the best way to do it is to get on the campaign road again and go to the constituents of these tenuous legislators and draw huge crowds again and have em yell- “Yes we can!  ”   Maybe that will awake the sleeping few. mmmm

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