What have we learnt

What the US media did to Gary Condit was unconscionable. I recall them hounding that man and his career being destroyed, all over an affair with an intern, (Chandra Levy.).  The case stands out for me especially because it went on and on, ad nauseam, as the media sought every sensational crumb.  It took the falling of the two World Trade Center buildings to shock the media into the real world; the world of the starving, the world of aids orphans, chopped hands in Rwanda, genocides and more, shunned in those preceding months. 

Only to find that the American public had been led down that path of ignorance as we all studiously fell sucker to the nebulous development of the day.  (Or were we led – another post maybe? we can turn to global media) We failed to look at world news – and then we became the victims, here on our own turf. But the question remains have we learnt the lesson or are we still being led into self absorption at the expense of invalidating those who ought to count too?

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