i-bet-his-butt-hurt-like-hell-when-he-died1I read this article (see link below) about the recent discovery that Dr. Death, the convicted Nazi war criminal, lived to his spineless end in Egypt. This purveyor of the most unimaginable and heinous torture, born Aribert Ferdinand Heim, was a member of Adolf Hitler’s elite Waffen-SS, and medical doctor at the Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen and Mauthausen concentration camps, suffered an ironic and suitably karmic fate.

The perfect justice -   a fate far worse than Nuremburg could prescribe – indeed it was; dying in agony as his cancer ridden rectum, yes his butt, burnt like a furnace belying hell only to be surpassed  by his torment in donning the disguise that he thought would save his supreme white butt- that of Islam- he converted to Islam and became Tarek Hussein Farid, and trekked each and every day to a Mosque in the company of not so white people.  One wonders if he ever saw a blonde head of hair during that time. His conversion was clearly an act of cowardly defiance, rather than a true religious rally.  That said, maybe this was the only environment where he could dare fantasize about hurting more Jews; unrealized of course – while screaming on his death bed, Dr. Death probably wished he had access to a brilliant Jewish Doctor- one who might save his burnt butt.

When reading this Article I wondered why his family who continued to assist him with money and support from afar, were never pursued more vigorously or charged with aiding and abeting a war criminal.


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One Comment on “Dr DEATH DIED IN AGONY – in Egypt –”

  1. e-happyfamily.com admin March 15, 2009 at 4:04 AM #

    good to know that !

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