Ugandan Catholic Easter Message Calls for Genocide of Gays

CATHOLIC CHURCH MESSAGE IN UGANDA –  blessings to all Christians who have been working so hard to make Jinja a land free of gay persons

by Melanie Nathan, April 20, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 9.24.33 AM
This picture of Bishop Charles Martin Wamika in a Boston Church visit

The Bishop of the Jinja Diocese of the Catholic Church, Bishop Rt. Rev. Fr. Charles Wamika, in today’s Easter Message  delivered at St. Chalres Lwanga Catholic Church, praised the Members of Parliament for the Anti-Homosexuality Act that provides life in prison for gay (LGBTI) people in Uganda. The Bishop called for a blessing for Uganda’s Christians who worked so hard to ‘free the land of gays.’  The Bishope also asked for parents to hand over their gay children to authorities, so they would be rewarded in heaven. I would call that a statement praising and calling for a genocide.

Since the passage of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people have gone into hiding. The law, which institutionalizes homophobia and affirms the persecution of LGBTI people, has been held in esteem, the highest reverence and praised by Christian leadership in Uganda, to the point of holding rallies to reward parliamentarians and the President, Yoweri Museveni. The Ugandan Churches and Christian community, (except for a handful, who have been banished and shamed for their compassionate and affirming stance,) have led the assault against gays.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 9.24.22 AMWe have challenged noteworthy Christian leaders such as Joel Osteen and others to come forward and condemn the law, and to distinguish their brands of Christianity from that been touted on the stages and streets of Uganda, yet none have done so.

Now a young man in hiding, challenges the Pope, Pope Francis, as the Catholic Church’s official stand in Uganda, on this Easter Sunday seems to send a message of extreme hate, exacerbating the terror felt by gays in hiding.

As this law in Uganda seems to copy the course of Nazi Germany, the scapegoating, and the forcing of a minority into camps and death, the Ann Franks of Uganda remain in terror, questioning whether the Pope will repeat the mistakes of the Catholic Church during the Hitler Holocaust?

From the voice of a young man “accused” of being gay who is in hiding in Uganda:

“The Bishop of Jinja Diocese – Bishop Rt. Rev. Fr. Charles Wamika, in today’s Easter Message  delivered at St. Chalres Lwanga Catholic Church, praised the Members of Parliament for taking a stand to see to it that the Anti-homosexuality bill passed into law, he went ahead and called on the faithful to vote for President Museveni in 2016 general elections for signing the bill into law.

He reminded the Christians that, it has been a law and he sent blessings to all Christians who have been working so hard to make Jinja a land free of gay persons. He said throughout human history the catholic church has fought evil and blood has been shed, he called on all the Christians to do whatever they can in their own means to clean this city.

I am surprised that a well educated bishop, well traveled and studied in different western countries uses his position to justify killing. He asked parents with gay suspected children to handle them over to authorities and their reward is in heaven. This is too much hatred.    I wonder if we will hear from the Pope on this. If not, I lose all hope.”

To my way of thinking on this Easter Sunday the Ugandan Catholic Bishop of Jinja has indeed called for the extermination of gays.  I hope Pope Francis has a great Easter while Ugandan Gays have to hear this hate sputtering from his Bishops.   I think this Bishop should be recalled and put to pasture. Perhaps a petition is called for. And what about an apology and a clear message from Pope Francis on this tragic issue.


Well I am a lot quicker than hte Ugandan media which has provided some more ink to this well! Here are some quotes from other members of Uganda’s Clergy providing more gay bashing this Easter as follows:

In Tororo District, Bishop Emmanuel Obbo, the Archbishop of Tororo Archdiocese, urged every citizen who supported the anti-homosexuality law to lay down greed, corruption and “put them to death and let generosity rise up within us and flow out in abundance”. –  (–Church-tells-Christians/-/688334/2286642/-/14w5uhkz/-/index.html)

Feel free, readers to interpret that one as you will!

“Wake Up Ministries Pastor Martin Nangoli asked leaders to deal with more pressing needs. “Our dear President did us proud by signing the anti-gays Bill into law. So each of us must repent, seek God, strive for forgiveness and renew our spiritual lives to create peace for development,” Pr Nangoli said.  Above all, we must know that any society that wants to grow with social values must protect the family. We must discard homosexuality to protect marriages,” he added.

Contact Melanie – [email protected]


Here is the contact information for The Bishop:

I especially urge you to contact the Bishop if you are in a leadership Church role and also if you are Catholic. Please remember to be polite and not to stoop to their level of hate. That will only make it worse for gays as you will give all LGBTI a bad rap, allowing the haters to think they have cause to slot us as the devil! End the cycle BUT do State your beliefs and displeasure in strong terms.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 10.40.40 AMCONTACT INFORMATION  Diocesan Address:  P. O. Box 673, Jinja-Uganda, East Africa


Telephones:  Bishop’s Residence/Office: +256-(0)43-4120247  –  Administrative block:  +256-(0)43-4122347     Fax:   +256-(0)43-4123143   Cellular:   +256-(0)77-2836246

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436 thoughts on “Ugandan Catholic Easter Message Calls for Genocide of Gays

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I can not believe this!! Oh, wait …. yes, I can. These religious people missed the lesson on charity, equality and love!! How different are they from the religious fanatics?? Not much … SMH!!

    1. Homosexuals are just racists. You refuse to be multicultural and accept other ways of life. It’s really disgusting to see you rant against people of color like this.

      1. seriously? Do you have a clue that this is about homophobia – where black people are attacking black people for being gay? So you are saying that the homosexuals in Uganda who are black are racists because they are complaining that their fellow black people are persecuting them? Really? I am so confused. Take another read of the article and you will notice that the Bishop is indeed black african man and the young man in hiding commenting against the Bishop’s remarks also happens to be a black African man. So now what does that do to your argument./ Do you think all gay people are white? Or do you think all Catholic Bishops are white.

        I think we have exposed the real racist here – npt to mention the homophobe…….

        1. Genocide? Really? That’s a far stretch from anything that was said. Way to put the most misleading title.

          1. CALLING FOR THE ERADICATION OF A MINORITY IS CALLING FOR GENOCIDE>.. Do you think what he said is ok is that why you are defending the call for genocide. NOTHING misleading about the title – Call a spade a spade.

            1. Ugandans believe homosexuality is a choice made by ‘sinful heterosexuals’. They don’t believe anyone is born LGBT, therefore, in their minds, homosexuality could be ‘eradicated’ simply by gays turning straight. That isn’t genocide, or anything like it. This results from ignorance and indoctrination. No doubt many will take matters into their own hands and harm homosexuals, as they’re already doing, but the bishop never told anyone to commit murder.

              The solution to all this is education and dialogue with the purveyors of hate.

              1. Dialogue was attempted to no avail. This is pure hate. This man is not a fool. he is fully aware that red Pepper has outed these gay people ith photos and that Rolling Stone did the same and added a noose. If he did not mean genocide or have it in his heart then he sure do not do much to curb the violence or reach out or even ask his parishners to stop the mob vengeance and threats thereof. Derek – if your notion is true then why did he not call for the so called “repentance” of gays and ask parents to bring them to the Church to “fix” rather than turn into police. Because he does not care to fix them – he sees them as criminals worthy of the death penalty and life in prison. this Bishop failed to call for the eradication of the death penalty when it was in the bill. The words are very clear and you are defending him. He could have done so much to help. Why should the victims in hiding reach out for help to those who call for them to be turned into authorities and prisons. I rest my case… Not spending more time on your inane argument. So do not bother to respond again, because I will have the last word on this.

                1. Now you are misrepresenting me too. Where have I ‘defended’ the bishop? I have done no such thing. I am merely asking you to report facts, not claim that the bishop is calling for gays to be murdered. I do not support anything the bishop is saying, so please stop putting words in my mouth.

                2. I am interpreting your comments as defending the Bishop. I stand by that 100%. In fact yo have said very little to reprimand him. The FACTS are supported by waht he said and yes duh its subject to interpretation, Mine is that he is calling for genocide because he knows exactly what he is doing. You on the other hand seem to be putting words into his mouth to suggest he is calling for repentance of gays when he could have said that but instead said “GET RID OF”

                3. This is a very good comment except I don’t see how this comment argues against his comment that you are replying to. And I wish you would let him reply if he chooses because your 3rd sentence till your last two sentences seem solid thoughts to me and would be an awesome basis for an other blog entry or two from you. Your label “hate” that you use in your second sentence seems misplaced as is the use of the term “inate”. You and your repliers are commenting in a manner that should be defined as whatever term is the opposite of “inate”. Inate is vague and relative anyway. You should not belittle your repliers in such a way. You and your repliers seem very intelligent and they show you respect by commenting, as do I.

                4. I do take my commentators to task when they make remarks that belittle gays – I cant tell from the thread what comment you are referring to ,. This moderation control dashboard does not do a good job of showing up. So I dont know what comment you are referring to. I write plenty of articles – anything yu see here is probably dealt with elsewhere too…

                5. You made excellent points Melanie, especially for your rationale of the bishop asking parishioners to deliver gay people to the authorities. He’s becoming a tool of oppresion himself, and as a Catholic religious leader, that is absolutely appalling.

              2. Non assisting endangered people is a crime…and it is a genocide.If you are denied a shelter, a job and anything else, what do you call it. Those people of the LGBT community must be helped. It is a it too late for an educational talk. Most people are mainstreem and will not put themselves on risk for deep instilled beliefs. One should rather organize escape roads to free countries and grant them the status of political refugees.
                As for this bishop, Rome should immediately destitute him of his functions …..but then Rome is slow to take decisons.

              3. Derek, I don’t think anyone thinks gays are choosing to be gay. In typical European fashion, you’re insulting the intelligence of any opposing viewpoint.
                The point is, even if you are born that way, being born is just the beginning of life, not a dictation of your future. The transgender community is the ultimate contradiction, with all procedures they invest in, they prove that you can take extreme measures to be different from how you were born, and even get insurance to cover it. Only when what gays are doing is considered disruptive do they want to dig in their heels and claim they can’t change how they were born. Pure deviant tendency.

                1. Talk about ignorance and projection. What an idiot See boogie – sorry – You know nothing about Transgender people. if you did you would realize that for most T people their bodies are contrary to their gender. Transgender people describe being born with genitilia and sex organs that are conflict with the gender they ARE!!! There is nothing deviant about correcting that situation and your comment is that of someone who is really ignorant and clearly too stupid to research it before commenting your own preconceived false notions. This is not insulting the intelligence of anything because there is NO intelligence- seriously. Please dont waste your time coming back to troll my LOG until you do your homework and have something worthy to contribute other than this crap you are making up. And tell me BOOGIE if a person is born with a white skin- does that not dictate the color of his skin through the rest of his LIFE…SHEEZ? Black skin? You will have a black skin when you are 5 – 15 – 30 and 90? Same with being gay – you born gay and you remain gay!!!! To say ist not a choice and then trying and suggest that you can choose is the most stupid contradiction imaginable.

                2. If gays use “born that way” as an excuse not to change, then transgenders shouldn’t be using “born the wrong way” as an excuse to change EVERYTHING! Pick one, or else birth groups are proving each other to be full of it.

                3. Synaptic misfire alert! Your statement makes no sense. It’s as logical as saying that since left-handed people are born that way, people with a cleft palate shouldn’t say they were born wrong. Sexual orientation is completely separate from, and unrelated to gender identity and transgender issues.

            2. I love you concern for the people in Uganda and your willingness to discuss it in such a public way and understand the anger you seem to have for those whom you oppose. But your article is as most articles that I read who support peoples right to be homosexual. You express your anger using violent terms as if to express that you hate the Bishop AS IF he said he wanted to kill all homosexual Ugandans. We can keep such thoughts from forming but we MUST be more responsible that to write lies. Surely you believe some non violent crimes should be punished by life emprisonment and want those crimes to disappear from society but that does not mean you want to ERADICATE them which you define as GENOCIDE which of course means KILL or HAVE THEM KILLED. This is lying to stir up hatred against that person falsely and does not help the real cause you are trying to fight for. You can’t fight hate with hate or lies with lies. Your title is not misleading. It is a lie. As far as expresssing yourself you are very talented.

              1. My title is purposely provocative yes and that is why I am an activist and not a journalist. if you want pretty headers that fail to interpret the underlying intent then read the Bloomsville Family Dispatch. This is not a lie it is an interpretation. You just cant take the truth that even Bishops can be vicious. look at all those priests who have molested children and the Catholic Church did nothing about it. Now this Bishop must be put to pasture and the Catholic Church must take responsibility for what he said. The words came from Ugandans who were there. The words of terror are from the mouths of the Ugandans who are in hiding.,Not me…

                1. Thamks for the reply. Your statement “You just can’t take the truth” is an interpretation, all be it a very false one. It seems it would be fruitless to discuss the differnce between a lie and an interpretation but it would be a fun topic to read from your point of view.But I will say that it was a very interesting attack of my lie accussation. There is so much in your reply to analyze for potential reply. For this reply I will focus on “You just can’t take the truth” comment. I can’t argue that the Bishop’s comments were not vicious. I can take the truth that Bishop’s can be vicious as can you be. I can think of worse terms to label what Churches of all denominations do when they decide to hide child molestation performed by clergy. I think it is reasonable to judge those who do not hold molesters accountable with more (or at least as much) evil than those who molested. I whole heartedly agree with your “be put to pasture” comment. My main point is that our passion if we are not careful can turn us into that with we are fighting against. I am a child care worker who works with angry teens and I use the good samaritan story alot. The story causes use to hate those how see people in need and not stop to love them out of their injuries, causes us to see that we get off focus and walk by such people, cause us to want to be the good samaritan, and causes us to remember how much we love those who have loved us when we needed to be picked up when we could not walk. But our ignorance usually causes us to forget about those who attacked the wounded victim in the first place and how ofter we play that role and how we can’t if we want to be the samaritan. Easter is God’s desire to forgive and love. Those who want to prosecute “sinners” are following another Bible symbol…Satan the prosecutor cheering for punishment. Thank you again for your time.

                2. I seem to remember the Holy Father Francis was asked about gays and he answered “who am I to judge”…….. This is a combining of church and state in Uganda and the last time that happened in the US women were burned at the stake. (and an few men to)

            3. Youare profoundly ignorasnt. Genocide doesn’t refer to the murder of a minority, it refers ot the murder of a race or ethnic group (regardless of whether they are a minority or majority). Homosexuals are not a race or ethnic group.

              1. Good point M.L. so lets find a word for wanting to wipe all homosexuals out – lets find a good word for wiping homosexuals out from from a community – lets find a good word for wiping homosexuals out from a country – lets find a good word for wiping homosexuals out from the face of the Universe…… what M.L. would be a good word that suits YOUR way of thinking.

                1. i didn’t “reprint the Bible”. The passages I quoted were selected to show that people who proselytise about homosexuality being against “God’s Law” are hypocrites, because they don’t obey biblical commandments to kill disobedient children, and God’s laws against miscegenation, women’s ordination and divorce. I note that you nevertheless allowed other correspondents to quote the Bible, moreover that you refused to publish my defence against your defamatory insinuation that I don’t care about LGBT issues, am a yuppie armchair activist and that I don’t contribute financially to LGBT causes. All 100% false.

                  This blog is an intensely hostile environment full of infighting largely provoked by you, and I recall from before over the Sochi Olympics, it’s “your way or the highway” – and it hasn’t changed. I strayed back in here by accident without realising what I was letting myself in for in terms of personal attacks from you and withering condescension. I’m out of here, you’ll be relieved to know, and I won’t be back.

                2. Well I much prefer this summary. You took up an entire page with what you wrote before. This blog is intensely hostile indeed because of the hate being spewed what do you think its going to be pleasant? Fact of the matter this Bishop IS calling for murder and if you took the time you will see people agree with him. So it has flushed out the fact that people are interpreting his words as being justified in killing gays. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

                3. I love the armchair activist LOL. Clearly you dont have a clue about what I do. But thats ok. I understand projection – and from whence it comes. Read more about me friend…..

              2. Genocide: from the Latin words “gens” – “a people” and “occidere” – “to kill”

                It need not be limited to a race or ethnic group. There have been attempted genocides of people of a particular religion. (For example, the Albigenses) During the holocaust, the Nazis attempted genocide, intending to wipe out all Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and a few other groups. Whether we look at it as against the Jews and Gypsies or against homosexuals and Jehovah’s Witnesses, it’s still genocide… the killing of a class of people.

              3. I Don’t Think that Genocide is the answer here-but Homosexuality,no matter how its sold or packaged,is still a sin! and hate it,disagree with it,or “kill the messenger” if you will,,but that doesn’t change God’s laws! Uganda may be over steping itself here-but i also support its Anti-Gay laws,but not at
                the point of committing all out Genocide! America has chosen
                to show Gay Tolerance,which is obvious at this point-but this is
                still a self imposed lifestyle,it is STILL against the word of God,
                and the evil here,is when this is confused for good! now people HATE Christians,because they don’t want to have anything to do with promoting this kind of thing? okay,,but that
                still doesn’t change or excuse the intimate perversions that all
                of this represents,nor does it justify ANY valid foundation,because like it or not,God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah to make this sin an example-and today,we’re embracing this,as a new civil equality,as Christians will now
                taste heavy persecution for opposing this filth-but in the end,
                God still wins,because he will protect his people and remove them,before his wrath falls-and that’s quite an ugly price to pay
                for being Gay,or ANY other sin,that keeps people from going to Heaven! i hope the Ugandans don’t resort to Genocide,,but i still support their laws against all the Gay rights,because while
                we in America have become divided socially and politicaly over
                the Gay rights insanity,the real haters here,are the Gays,who are enjoying their new equality rights,and the spiritual wickedness,which feeds off this kind of immorality,as secular
                society continues to disreguard the laws of God,we’ll just see
                more evil growing,until its time is up! but what a price to pay-is it worth it? being called bigoted,ignorant homophobes,won’t change what’s meant to be,nor are there any exceptions to the rules on a Man and Woman-not happening! God says to LOVE
                your Brothers-not to MARRY your Brothers!

                1. What a shame you hate in the name of the Bible…or that is how it seems. Dont you have a better way of expressing yourself so that you do not misuse the Bible? Your interpretation comes across extremely negatively. It makes it seem as if G-d loves no one. Dont you have a better way to impose your religion on others who do not agree with you? And why should tehre be laws based on your interpretation of Bible if some people do not even believ the Bible is a worthy e=testament to anything? Why does your religion get tobe the law of the land and not someone else’s religion. What happened to separation of Church and State. Why cant you keep your religion and your freedom of religion inside your church and out of MY BEDROOM? And why cant you keep your religion outside of my CONGRESS or someone else’s parliament?

                2. Derek if yu want to re-write the Bible please do it on your own BLOG – I do not accept reprints of the Bible on my blog- people can read it for themselves.. they are in every drawer, in every hotel, at every bookstore and in every library. Yiu are wasting my time. The Bible is available to anyone who wants to read it. AND then it is subject to interpretation. I am not hosting a Bible club here. I am asking the Pope to denounce the call to genocide against gays. You are welcome to participate in that discussion.

                3. First of all you are wrong. Science has in fact debunked the Bible in that there is something wrong with homosexuality. In fact homosexuality is found in all species as a beneficial orientation that decreases overpopulation. All major Scientific and Psychological groups say there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. The facts are is that your god is nothing more then a vile monster who punishes innocent homosexuals and calls for their blood. The Ugandans nor anyone else has a right to persecute homosexuals. Christians are not the persecuted. They are the persecutors and have always been. Gays have a right to be who they are and be with who ever they wish and you Christians have no right to enforce your theocratic views and impose your morality on them. We have human rights which come from logic and reason and we have the right to worship any god we want, to have safe sex with whoever we want. It has been shown that statistically secular societies are more healthy, have less crime and over all has less human rights violations. We have freedom of religion and freedom of association and we have a right to reject your god and to be gay if we wish and no one has the right to stop us. Your god and your religion has been debunked by Science and as much as you want to turn our culture into a Christian taliban you will fail. I personally hope the gay Ugandans and gay friendly Ugandans rebel and start killing these murderous Christians

          1. this blog is not pairing up my reply with the comment I am replying to. sorry. the comment that did not merit respect is the Culture wars person accusing you of racism. The good comment is the stuff about the Bishop not calling homosexuals to repentance and the Rolling Stone etc. Plus I am very specific when I accuse someone of belittling them. I think it is good to voice disagreements, agruements, or say “that is stupid” but am negatively critically when an insult interupts the discussion. and merely attempts to hurt or annoy the receiver.

            1. sorry i missed a whole bunch of comments in my moderating – just too many to keep up . I have had 30,000 views on this post

        2. MELANIE stop this nonsense !! you are talking and spreading falsehoods against the clergy in Uganda , you can be sued .
          YOU are mis-interpreting their statements as call for genocide since you are a lesbian homosexual and want publicity.
          STOP this cheap publicity mongering . IT is seriously damaging the credibility of your organization.
          You seem to be a liability to your movement.

          1. Thank you know I dont take any of the comments personally – and this time have allowed many through that I might otherwise have trashed because they are just too disgusting. However in the context of what this Bishop said, i believe its important for people to see that when these BISHOPS and PASTORS spew this stuff it does indeed spark hate.

            You will notice from many of the comments – me, melanie, the mere messenger – with an opinion – is the bad guy – while the “Bishop” is just doing his job. LOL seriously people really think like that.

            And what is so scary that is being flushed out – is the fact that people believe this stuff. And so why I must put it out there – well so that people can really see that our LGBTI friends in hiding are there for a damn good reason.

          2. Genocide is defined as “the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group.”. A large group of people include homosexuals. Furthermore, Nazi-Germany killed man homosexuals in koncentration camps. Please update your English!

            1. Melanie,

              I’d recommend sticking with the Wikipedia definition of “genocide” I cited, earlier. Homosexuals are a “national” group targeted for their identity, either as a specific part of the nation, or as a group with their own identity within a nation. Sorry: I’m also a lawyer and enjoy international law and military law.

              – Jim

        3. Can I call for genocide on haters like this slimebag of a Priest. Perhaps he should call for baby raping preists to be executed as well. Alas the only real solution here is to fight fire with fire. Wholesale slaughter of people who hate based on difference.

        4. I think this should be made known to the vatican that one of its bishop is preaching hate in the religion. Only the vatican has power to do something about this. Directly contacting the diocese I think is of no use as if he could utter those words, there is no point in talking to him at all for he may justify it as law of the land.

      2. I truly think you made a mistake and a typo … did I read correctly?
        “Homosexuals are racists? You refuse to accept other ways of life” ….. I’m sure you meant “heterosexuals!

        Please, tell me that I understood you wrote the wrong word.

        Rant against people of color? Where is the rant?
        This has nothing to do with people of color. It has to do with the fact that a major representative of the church is inciting to and condoning violence …. the fact that he’s a person of color has nothing to do with the content of this post.

        I feel sad if you intended to write what I’m reading,

      3. You must think all gay people are white. Or you’re just seriously misinformed. Either way, you’re wrong. Gay people are not all white, nor are most racists.

      4. You want us to be accepting of people who want to murder us for who we love? You are either crazy or severely mentally ill. If a group of people act like savages, then they should be treated as such.

      5. Dumber than a box of rocks, you are. What you call “multi-cultural” is not cultural. How can genocide of any group be seen as anything but genocide? Wake up and smell the bottom of your own shoes, cuz they’re caked in shite.

      6. I see your point, yes, it is really disgusting to see people murdered, it really disgusting not to honor one of the 10 commandments, “Thou shalt not kill”, it is really disgusting not to obey ” Judge not, lest ye be judged.” It is really disgusting not to “Love one another”.

      7. Excuse me, but “eliminat[ing] all gay people” become “multicultural”?

        War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is truth.

          1. It is not “bigotry” to oppose being the target of hatred and violence. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, American white bigots tried that line with black Americans. They didn’t buy it, and neither do I.

            I note in passing, that some anti-gay commenters use the most vulgar and fithy language and sexual suggestions in their conversation about us. I’m curious, if they think that’s biblical. If they’re so repulsed by us, why would they make those comments?

      8. CWN: We welcome homosexuals of all races and cultures. World-wide, 3-5% of the population of the Earth is and will forever be gay. As to Uganda, I do not condemn these actions because the Bishop or Musevni are black, but because they are bigots. It was just a few decades ago that it was illegal for a black person to marry a white person in the USA. And before that, some whites in American thought of blacks as not even human and available for “lynching.” Sort of like how we homosexuals are treated.

      9. I refuse to accept bigoted, ignorant, threatening, fascist, violent asses like the so called “catholics” who perpetuate violence. It’s really disgusting to see you rant against gay people like this.

      10. Do you have link to the published statement? I checked the Ugandan Conference of Catholic Bishops web site and could not find it posted it there.

        1. Honestly you think they will publish for the world to see? They deny it instead as long as their flock hears its fine.

      11. Are you serious. Believe me LGBT people comprise every race and faith on the planet. The commune with each other on a much closer and integrated level because their gender appreciations and assorted sexualities brings them together much tighter than every other aspect of their existence.
        Just ask yourself this!
        What is the first thing that family and friends ask of a newborn child.
        Is it a boy or a girl.
        Then ask yourself this.
        What if the child’s head is one gender and it’s body another gender. How does the friend of family deal with this. In Uganda they want to kill them.

        That is the disgusting and murderous level to which Ugandans have allowed themselves to be dragged by religious fanatics.

        Just remember the words of Kipling for it is cruelly applicable to Uganda.

        ‘He that hath a Gospel, whereby heaven is won,
        Cameleer or Carpenter or Magyar’s dreaming son,
        Many swords shall wound him, mingling blood with gall,
        But his own disciples will wound him worst of all.

    2. they forget the teaching of Christ forgive their sins.. God said I love the sinner BUT I DO NOT LOVE THE SIN ALL MEN MAKE. EVEN Bishop Rt. Rev. Fr. Charles Wamika

      1. well thanks MAxie but dont you think we are entitled to not be preached to – whether gay or straight – religion belongs in the church that people can choose to go to if they want to- and not shoved down the throats of others.

        1. Here is a phase that I am always interested in discussing…”shoved down peoples throats” It seems to be a hypocritical phase usually. If one argues by merely repeating themselves I dislike it. I dislike people trying to pass a law to force others to do something that they think is immoral (yes I would sell a wedding cake to a gay couple but this would apply to outlawing homosexuallity also). Picketting funerals is evil too. So that phrase can be used of all of these examples, but if I am wrong I want to be corrected even if it envolves shoving it down my throat. It sounds like fearing the truth if one does not like it (I am analyzing the phrase not necessary you) Nativity scenes at Christmas are labeled thusly but I would be disappointed if I visited Iraq and all Islamic symbols were banned in that country of rich Islamic history.

        2. I am a believer and raised in a christian home. However, I do not support the bishop or pastors who infuse hate against anyone including gays or lesbians. We are not the one to judge people and let everyone live the way they want. I am so tired of christian judgement especially when they are not as pure as they like others to believe.

      2. I guess to …. but where is the sin? Is it because it’s somewhere in the scriptures?

        The teachings say forgive. What is there to forgive?
        Remember … “Born this way” ….. TY for your comment!!

        1. The sin is that you and Mr Nathan are sexual degenerates. The shoving down the troats technique you are using will end soon.

          1. First correction ….. It’s not Mr. Nathan … It’s Ms. Nathan. Second correction …. “Sexual degenerates” … that’s an old definition of homosexuals. Get updated!! Third correction … We are not the ones shoving anything down anyone’s throat … If there a need to decide who is, it would be people like you.
            “May the one who has a no sin, cast the first stone” or something like that but you get the gist of it … I guess you have read the bible.
            Wonder … how is the “shoving” going to end soon?

            1. No such thing as born this way? Prove it. Every gay person on earth, as well as most intelligent, educated heterosexuals, knows that nobody chooses their sexual orientation. It is innate and immutable. Claiming otherwise shows a lack of education and logical skills.

      3. “Love the sinner, hate the sin” are not words that appear anywhere in the bible.

        But these words are: “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things. Now we know that God’s judgment against those who do such things is based on truth. So when you, a mere human being, pass judgment on them and yet do the same things, do you think you will escape God’s judgment?” -Romans 2:1-3

    3. Just as gays missed the lesson on free speech, dissent, and morality! Why would I support such a self-destructive, self-centered, and immoral lifestyle? Fascist f%^#s aren’t going to tell me what I have to accept!

      1. hehe – chuckle of the day… prove that my life – is self centered – self destructive and immoral – prove it to me… I can refer you to my work, to my BIO, to my kid’s school teachers, to my daughters coaches, to my Temple – and they wil, disagree with you. Prove any of that about me and you win! Because I am a lesbian and i lead a highly acceptable, productive life.

      2. ” self-destructive, self-centered, and immoral lifestyle?” …. all of this is only in your mind.
        “lesson on free speech, dissent, and morality” …. what does this have to do with having the same rights that you do?

        It doesn’t matter to me what you accept. My mind, heart and soul would be at peace if there was equality. But that doesn’t seem to be any reality soon when some people don’t get the concept of equality! Sad …. 😦

      3. I’m with Melanie on this. You’d be hard-pressed to prove that my life has been self-destructive, self-centered or immoral. I’m a Pentecostal minister with more than 30 years experience, for which I never received a salary. On the contrary, I always worked full time in order to support both myself and the church. On many occasions, I have opened up my home to people who had no place to go. I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I don’t smoke. I sponsor a local Alateen group, and volunteer with local non-profits. I have a spouse and do not have sex with other people. And I am gay. So… now, where was the self-destructive part? Or the self-centered part? Or the immoral part?

        Here’s what you have to accept: you don’t live on this planet by yourself. You have to share it with other people. Some of them will believe what you do, and some will not. Some will live like you do, some will not. You have two choices: You can accept the reality of what is, or you can leave. (Although I don’t know where you would go!)

      4. How is homosexuality self centered? It’s just two people being in a romantic relationship that happen to be the same gender. I can undertand your moral issue with it based on religious beliefs (not that I agree with that), but I hardly see how being gay is selfish. If your going to be against something at least try and be a little bit logical in your criticisms of it.

      5. you are a disgusting bigot, who , given the chance would murder as many gay people as you could. How would you feel about having someone stalk you to try and murder you? I would love to be given the chance to kill you before you kill me.

        1. Say what you will about these African laws, but the one thing none of us can dispute is that they put an end to back and forth bickering threads like this one. Talk is cheap, and at some point the argument has too be settled. In America, even with all the homosexual victories, the argument itself has not gone anywhere.
          In Africa, the argument is dead and buried.

      6. kgl05…. “Just as gays missed…” this comment is self-centered. All gays aren’t Fascist, some are cowboys.

      7. oh you poor thing, you think preaching the death of homosexuals has something to do with free speech? How sad you are. I feel truly sorry for you.

        1. ….but sarcastic, arrogant comments do?! I don’t understand why people are so nasty to one another. It is so much easier to be descent. This is where the killing starts.

      8. kglo5–so you are saying that only your”correct” way of living and speech is the “only ” one.My how “you missed the lesson on free speech,DISSENT,and morality and still support such a self-destructive,self-centered, and immoral lifestyle”..Sound familiar?That is your quote.No one is telling you what to think,but you try to shove down –every-one else’s throat on HOW they must think.Sounds a bit Fascist to me.

    4. No one in Uganda is in hiding for fear of arrest on account of being gay! I can see greedy people drumming for support to feed the gays who are in hiding! Someone wants to fleece unsuspecting people of their money and other resources. The world should know that Uganda has always had anti gay laws in the penal code, prescribing worse punishment than what is in the recently signed anti-homosexuality act. They have never been implemented. I personally have never seen anyone who is gay! These people are not even anywhere in Uganda! We read about gays in the US and the European countries.

      The other truth is that African culture does not understand gays. They are alien to Africa and are considered anti human. Do you want to force Africans to change their perception of this? Can you even force them and succeed? What I think about gays is all about me, and cannot be changed. We do not have any place for gays in our society. Period. Is this a new sex orientation that is being exported to Africa? Why did we not see any gays in our homes, schools where we studied and places where we have worked all these years? Why are they being promoted through commercial recruitment with monies from Europe and the US?

      Africa is tired. Give it a break. Keep gays in Europe and the US. I support the Bishop. If Rome recalls this Bishop, we shall declare an independent Church.

      1. How can anyone be so ignorant? As long as there have been people in Africa, there have been homosexuals in Africa. This isn’t some western or European invention. It’s a NORMAL variant of human sexuality, and a fairly steady percentage of all people are gay. No, they don’t choose to be gay. They just are. They are not attracted to the opposite sex, but to their own sex. Africa has no choice but to accept the reality that there have always been gay people there and always will be. Otherwise, you will continue to be destroying your own people out of ignorance and fear.

        1. Indeed, there have been homosexuals in Africa, and specifically, in Uganda–just ask Charles Lwanga, patron saint of the parish where the bishop gave his Easter message: In fact, this might partly explain why Ugandans hold the beliefs they do concerning homosexual behavior!

          1. Interesting story about Charles Lwanga. However, it provides no logical basis for present day homophobia in Uganda. History is full of stories of rulers like that king who chased after female subjects. We don’t see anyone using such incidents as justification for persecution of heterosexuals. It sounds like King Mwanga II was just one of those rulers, not uncommon in history, who was used to being able to have sex with any of his subjects whenever he chose, and was angry because Charles and the pages refused. As a result, several men and boys (probably mid-late teens) were killed by the king’s order. The king’s father wasn’t exactly the best role model when it came to sexual matters: He had some 85 wives. Even by polygamous standards, that is more than excessive.

      2. Dear John, you are seriously mistaken! Prior to the arrival of Christian Missionaries from the Europe and later from North America, homosexual behaviour (Note I did not say Gay lifestyle) was rife…from the Kabaka and his harem of boys to chiefs and anyone else with wealth and power taking for sexual gratification anyone (male or female) that they wanted. This cultural behaviour is well documented in correspondence and reports sent home by these missionaries at the time. The homophobic attitude in Uganda today is a direct result of the efforts of these early and successive missionaries to stamp it out. We all know the stories of the Ugandan Martyrs! I don’t believe they ever completely stamped it out, it simply went underground…remained hidden, was practiced out of sight. It is still widely practiced in the police and army barracks, boarding schools and rural areas where boys spend their days herding livestock away from the village. Your suggestion that homosexual behaviour is an import from Europe would be laughable if this discussion was not so serious! Well respected anthropologists have found evidence of homosexual practices going back hundreds of years in various Ugandan language groups (perhaps including your own), which even had words in in the local dialect for this kind of behaviour. John (why don’t you use your African name?) you are only making yourself a mouthpiece for Christian European prejudices of the last century. Why don’t you make a study of your own culture, its language and customs. I wish you well!

    5. your hate shines thru….it is wrong to hurt others and what they do is wrong and immoral. you however cast a broad net and throw everyone in…charity, love compassion yes….but sin is still sin and cannot be changed.

      1. Actually you are soooo wrong John Roman,. Sin can be changed, For many of us Sin is not sin as you see sin. For many of us the ONLY sin is the hate speech, and judging and scapegoating of a minority. And the bigger sin is failure to acknowledge the democratic principle of freedopm of religion. So what makes you think your religion or your TRUTH is the only ONE. Your interpretation of sin. Show me one place in the Bible anywhere we God says its a sin to love someone of your own sex, or where G-d says being attracted to someone of the same sex is a sin. Look at the 613 Hallachah LAWS – and see how many you do not obey choose to consider sin. No one of those laws refer to love of a person of the same-sex. Now if you are talking about the physical ACT of sex, that is another discussion. And that is also subject to interpretation., All the references in Leviticus to man lying with man is on the context or rape and war and orgu. Gays are not interested in rape and war and orgies anymore than straight people are….. oh and who wrote the Bible by the way?

    6. This is not the position of the Catholic Church on LGBT. It is not a sin to be a gay. It is the act of homosexuality that is a sin. This bishop (refused to call him His Grace as there is nothing graceful in him) is not faithful to the teaching of the church. He should abdicate.

          1. I am a proud lesbian – perfectly made in the eyes of G-d- I hardly think I am masculine or ugly. LOL. In fact I feel quite gorgeous. But then I dont think any people are ugly not even you skip… I know what you look like. I have your IP address and tracked you down. I know who you are. Would you like to confess on here your true identity or remain anonymous, remain a cowering coward shaking in the corner of obscurity- yet so brave to throw out your insults? Should I OUT you? Or should I be kind?

            I think the misuse of masculinity by men is an ugly way to behave… oh lets skip skip….

            1. For the God’s sake, stay with your ill mannered behaviors in you society, our society if far different, fight in your own country, coz you will never hear a Ugandan fighting on your behalf, if this was right, their would be no recreation in thin damn world….and stop telling lies about the clergy in my country, however much we may be fighting this vice, no one condemns death to another human. We call for change not for death, its the likes of you who want to extinct our race thinking you will remain superior forever.

              1. Elizabeth I think you are the liar here. Are you denyong that The Anti-Homosexuality BILL did not have a death penalty clause in it? Are you denying all the video evidence out there of people praising and calling for the death penalty. The only reason the death penalty was taken out of the Bahati Bill is because your Parliament and Museveni knew that it would get a BIGGER outcry from the west than it already has…. so wise up lady!

          2. What a joke! Lesbians don’t look any different than other women. There are lesbian fashion models, movie stars, etc. The bottom line is that a lesbian is, first and foremost, a woman, and in that respect, she is no different from any other woman.

                1. You’re Welcome Skankeroo, Oh by the Way I own my Small Business here in Honolulu, we Got 50 Employees and We will NEVER, Ever hire ay Homosexuals at my Company, and the Hilarious Aspect is I have Multi-Million Dollar FED Contracts. So you n Obumma can both Kiss My Wealthy A * * , Mr. JAKE

                2. You are a brave man SKULLTAKER – now lets see the size of your balls – tell us the name of your business. If you do not tell us the name of your business we will all know you are a coward and cannot stand behind the RIGHTS you believe you have to discriminate against LGBTI people.

    1. Hopefully the Pope isn’t in Uganda anytime soon. If I understand the new law in place, even those who vocalize support for gays are jailed. The Pope would be imprisoned under Ugandan law.

  2. I am on this. As a practising Catholic, mother of seven, two of whom are gay, I am all over this. To me, this is more symptomatic of culture and what I have read to be the case in areas of Africa. It does not, however, excuse anyone preaching alienation and prosecution. I guarantee you this is not how all clerics view homosexuality. I have that on good authority. Unenlightened to the laws of nature and to love is how I see this. I personally will be sending a message to Pope Francis to look into what sounds very much like a message totally the antithesis of Christ’s teachings and all-encompassing love. x

    1. Thanks for writing this and I love that you are on it. Because people like you are a critical voice. .Yes- it is absolutely incumbent on you and you are duty bound to write directly to the Pope, and your local Diocese about how you feel. And to find a way to get a true expression of the Catholic opinion of “JAIL GAYS FOR LIFE” into the mainstream public domain. Especially to insist that if the Church is going to have a domain in Africa, that the so called culture excuse does not undermine the position of the Church. If there is silence we will all presume the Church condones this Bishop ‘s Easter message.

      1. Wait a minute…

        I have been looking at the timeline, here.

        You claim that this ‘call to action’ was made in a sermon on Easter Sunday.

        You seem to have received information, had it confirmed to your satisfaction (!), written the blog and published it… All before 10 o’clock in the morning?

        I know about time differences but that is pretty impressive…

        1. Yes I am really good at that…. yes very often my sources are sitting right there….. at the events as things happen… heard of social media? Noticed how fast news travels these days? A tweet, anything can be accomplished across the world in seconds. That said. I had plenty of time from when it was said. …. AND now you are really clasping at straws but to humor you – redo your is some help the post was published at at 9.28 am on Sunday April 20th – Uganda is 10 HOURS ahead. That means the post went up at 7.28 PM Uganda time…..

          1. I take it you have never been to an Bishop’s Mass any time, least of all on Easter Sunday. They go on a bit.

            As for the standard of communications, Uganda on Easter Sunday is not the Bay Area, anytime.

            I have taken into account the time necessary for each step. It can be done but it’s a pretty close-run thing. You must have been very alert that morning.

            1. LOL I am up at all hours and very alert. Read my BLog buddy and you will get a better sense of who I am and what I do. I am on duty 24/7. Actually usually awake anytime from 3 am to 5 am as i work with global news.

            1. Oh, Jim. Do you really want this bunch’s approval that much?

              Sunrise in CA is … What…?
              6pm in the Horn?

              This is sad, Jim. Sad.

        2. I put the post up at 9.28 am that is 7.28 pm Uganda time – April 20th Easter Sunday/ 120 hrs ahead… every heard of internet, passing information in mere seconds.
          My contacts were in the service itself. Their word against the Bishops.
          Confirmed by a 3rd source.,

          You are sounding more and more like a desperate troll my friend… time to reveal your name and no more Psuedonyms or I wont post anymore of your comments…. why? because I think you are trying to squeeze my sources out of me at rrisk to their security. Are you Fr. Simon Lokodo in disguise? LOL seriously time to use your own name if you want to be “untrolled”
          Seems many other Catholic sermons also praised the anti gay law that day – sorry my sources could not sit in more than one of the church services – but the Ugandan Monitor did a good job of reporting some of them.

          1. Disagreeing with you is not trolling. Pressing you to substantiate the assertions you throw around the place is not trolling. So you would seek to censor me for disagreeing with you? How very… definitely not liberal, no way.

            You have my email address so you already know my name.

            Are you going to require all contributors henceforth to reveal their names? Or just those who disagree with you?

            1. After a certain point – I believe people should discuss issues using their real names to level the playing field. Trolling is trolling… it gets to a point where its enough.

                1. Kindly share your name with others – I would not out you….. you see its easy for people to attack me publicly here on the BLOG when others do not know who they are…. I udnerstand if you would rather not say WHO you are – but I am just saying!!!!

    2. TY scottishmomus for writing these words here …. They really lift my spirits after reading some of these comments!! hugs ….

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    Easter should be a time to remember the love Jesus had for the world, not a time to spread your hate messages.

      1. LOL ok… thanks for supporting my BLOG with your comment – much appreciated.Next time try something a little bit more compelling.

        1. its really sad and an explainable ,what’s is natural you call it unnatural and what is unnatural you call it natural,to be gay is immoral ,its a fantasy or its like a masturbation .Um from Kenya and we are like Ugandans .To be gay is a human choice ,its like stealing .Don’t try to lie to people that’s there are minority in gay.There is nothing like minority ,you guys like trying to create something that was not there.

      2. If that is what you take from my comment you obviously didn’t understand it. First of all, this has nothing to do with Left or Right, second…read part 2…”NOT the time to spread your hate messages”

        greetings from a true socialist… thank you and God bless

      3. This “left” doesn’t hate anyone …. we just want to be “left” to live a life that we deserve as human beings …. just as you Bobby …. “I hope you dance” to your own tune …. as well as I will dance to mine.

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    Sad, and infuriating – I f he is a man of his word I hope Pope Francis calls the bishop on the carpet, (but I won’t hold my breath).

  5. How very Christlike of them. Because if there’s anything I know about Jesus, it’s that he was all about the genocide.

  6. Is there documentation or a video or a recording of the Bishop’s words, or is this hearsay? I would get behind any action against him if there is proof he indeed did say this.

  7. There is NOTHING in this statement by the Bishop about killing homosexuals. The reward in heaven is promised for those who turn in gay children. This does not mean send gay children to heaven. This a good example of slandering with misinformation those with whom you disagree. You may disagree with the stance of the government, but lets deal with facts.

    1. Mark I suggest you read up a bit more about what is going on in Uganda. If people turn their children in for being gay they could go to jail for life. That smacks of a concentration camp to me… especially since sexuality is a human right and not a crime. The same way as being a jew is a human right and not a crime. The implication in “lets cleanse” or “lets get rid of” – what does that mean – just sweep the streets and toss em in a trash can? If you read whats going on there has been mob vengeance resulting from calls to rid the country of homosexuals. i think our dear Bishop knows exactly what he is saying. There is nothing slanderous about this. Genocide starts somewhere and it is usually with the notion of cleansing or getting rid of. Does not take a genius my friend- especially given the milieu and the fact that hundreds of gays are in hiding, right now.

      1. Hi there,

        A very intense ‘thread’ !
        But couldn’t help but notice, some of these apologists for this ‘Bishop’ are trying to honestly say he HASN’T said he will Kill Children.
        Just the Adults = so that makes it alright ?
        I read it myself and it is in faint Religious Legalese….

        “throughout human history the catholic church has fought evil and blood has been shed, he called on all the Christians to do whatever they can in their own means to clean this city.”

        THAT is a direct call to Spill Blood = Kill – D’oh !
        I fell off my chair watching something on Channel 4 [UK] about ‘Child Witches’ and what happens to little kids accused of this nonsense in Africa.
        They poison, beat, Blind the eyes & Murder children accused of this.
        Never mind being thought of as Gay.
        ‘Let’s Cleanse’ sounds what Jack The Ripper was trying to do about Prostitutes in Victorian London !
        Woman Is The N***er Of The world sang Yoko Ono once.
        So are Gay People in Africa it seems.
        And instead of a 3/5th’s Human ‘Excuse’ to hang all their Evil Actions on they use the “Word of God.”
        In their Eyes that is a Universal Truth and just like a ‘Mad’ Jihadist it is everyone else who is the STUPID Infidel.
        Who doesn’t deserve Equal Treatment.
        There is Many a Scientist who say that it is a Direct Result of eating ‘Bush Meat’ in Africa [Gorillas n’ Monkeys 4FS !] that helped HIV pass from them into Humans.
        THAT is an Uncomfortable TRUTH that is way more disgusting than anything Gay’s got up to !

    2. What then are they going to do with those gay folks that are turned in? In context of the statement ‘working hard to make Jinja a land free of gay persons’ – sent off to another country perhaps?

    3. Mark before writing silly comments go and look up what is going on in Uganda. You’re just adding stupidity to all this, God!

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  9. First of all, this is NOT genocide, and I think the author needs to read about what genocide really is. I applaud the bishop for standing up against homosexual behavior, since the Catholic Church has always taught that homosexual relations were intrinsically evil.

    To compare this to the Holocaust or suggest that gays in Uganda are the “Ann (sic) Frank”s of our day is ludicrous. What’s sad is the bombardment of the homesexual culture in our own society and the media/Hollywood forcing it down our throats as “normal” behavior every single day.

    1. Well Nebulus neb you clearly dont have a clue about whats going on. I am personally sheltering and feeding 36 Ann Franks through my fund. They are hiding from the wrath of mobs who believe the hate you spew. May Jesus love you nonetheless… When you call for cleansing or for a town or country to RID itself of a target persecuted minority it is a CALL FOR GENOCIDE. History has taught us that this is exactly how Genocide begins. Now it does not take a smart fellow to understand that it begins with one death and one assault at a time…. and there have already been quite a few. People are unable to get to their critical medications – they will die. People cannot gwork and get food – they will die. People who are attaked by mobs – they will die. So what part of the dear Bishops statement do you think is not of genocidal influence?

      But you surely give yourself away as you defend the Bishop and that scary scary horrible word G E N O C I D E that you would rather not hear…… because you are of the sma emind ans ilk. May G-d judge with love and forgiveness at those pearly gates….

      So I will tell me 37 Ann Franks that they are not really ANN Franks because Mr loving NEB says so!!

      1. I have to admit this blog is enjoyable, but let me not be too self centered. I assume there is more info about your fund on your site. I do believe in your fund and would be interested in donating/ promoting it. But again, he “called” to jail them, not kill them all. But jailing them is horrible. My cause is foresics not defending Bishop Vader.

      2. you are simply promoting yourself and your acts, in Uganda there’s no one has been killed or persecuted because their gays, lesbians etc. I am a Ugandan and live in there. first of all you cant tell who is a gay, lesbian etc or not. homosexuality is illegal as other laws. if you’re really concerned about Ugandans, why not concerned about the law of mini-dressing where women have been undressed publicly? The issue of bishop, according to the word of God homosexuality is a sin,he has to preach it. some guys went to western countries copy theses habits and want to impose on Ugandan people, worse still the young people. you want to get more support keep deceiving others. the truth we thank our president Yoweli Kaguta Museven for not allowing this habit in our beautiful country.

        1. That is why your Bishops preach in the way they do. They preach that gay is a habit when iots a normal human sexuality. Being heterosexual is not a culture nor is it a habit . you try to define LOVE between 2 people of the same-sex as a habit? Then why should I now define love between 2 people of the opposite sex as a habit. because simple – our love is not defined by the act of sex whether straight or gay. Now when it comes to habit -= we can ask “what have you been smoking?”

        2. No one killed for being gay in Uganda? You are either grossly misinformed or a liar. People have been beaten to death in the streets. One man was set on fire and burned to death. And if you don’t speak out against it, you are part of the problem.

        3. “first of all you cant tell who is a gay, lesbian etc or not”

          Maybe it’s because they’ll go to jail for life for telling who is, you moron!

  10. C’mon, liberals, where’re you at on this one? Crickets chirping? Hello! (Oh, it’s different for you ’cause oppressed third-world Africans you like are doing it, right?)

  11. I am very sorry that this Bishop of our Church would say this, as the Pope said who was he to judge?

      1. I dotn agree that homosexuals are sinners – not according to the G-d who I worship,. But I respect your right to believe this. Just keep it in your Churches and out of the streets of our countries. And leave people alone to their privacy. KLet G-d be the judge not man – and so we should stop these harsh laws that send people to jail for life for loving people of the same sex.

        1. I am not agreeing with the Ugandan Catholic Church’s support of the law, but you have to realize that this was FIRST past by the government. If anything, hate the gov’t first. Secondly, I agree with JMJ neb and blame the media for what it “teaches” as “normal” and “acceptable.” You are correct by saying we need to stop these harsh laws, SO blame their gov’t!!!!

          1. EXCUSE ME are you that stupid Lisa- you are justifying what a BISHOP sauys a CATHOLIC man of G-d appointed by the Vatican because the Ugandan Government made it law. Are you making a joke here a=or just really that stupid. Sorry I dont often call people stupid but this takes the cake. i will give you a chance to redeem yourself with a correction.

        2. you people never read the bible…what about brotherly love and sisterly love…I am yet to hear one of you quote a scripter from the bible.

    1. Than you Bernard – please spread the word about how Pope Francis should fix this terrible injustice – he needs to recall this Bishop and create clear policy in areas like Uganda.

  12. Ask yourself, how is this any different from the CEO of Mozilla losing his job over his beliefs? The LGBTs came after him just as strongly for the same reasons they’re calling foul here. He simply donated money to a cause that the POTUS had the same position on at that time. Pot, meet kettle….

      1. Witch hunts are witch hunts, whoever is conducting them.

        You are aware that Hillary Clinton held exactly the same position as Brendan each at the time he made his donation, and that she was able to put a great deal more than $1000 behind the promotion of DADT and DOMA? As was President Obama?

        For them it was policy; how many people did Eich fire from Mozilla for their sexual orientation?

    1. If you can’t tell the difference between Brendan Eich choosing to resign from his job, and gay people being jailed for life (or murdered by lynch mobs), I’m surprised you can figure out how to work your computer.

  13. I congratulate the Bishop for holding to the truth of the gospel and the real position of the church

    1. I am sure Pope Francis and Jesus will love for your judgment Legal Joe… the Bible permits you to do that right? And to murder people right. Stop eating all that pork or i will send you to jail and stione you because the bible says so?

      1. that is not truth Jesus allowed christains to eat anything in the new testment. so you gay people should get your facts right. The Bishop is not call for killing anybody but I know gay people will liar to get the fight going.

    2. I must have missed that part of the Gospel… which is odd, since I’ve been a minister since 1981. Would you enlighten me as to where the Gospel urges parents to turn their gay children over to authorities, or where the Gospel instructs us to remove gay people from our society? It’s not in Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. It might be in the gospel of legal joe, but that’s not a canonical book!

    3. the truth of the gospel is as Christians to love one another not to hate one another. if god give us freedom to chose between good and evil who are you to denied us the freedom? do you think that you are better then god?

    4. silly silly joe, so you think gay children should be outed and put in jail? Yes, silly Joe, you are a true Christian. I’d go study the life and words of Christ a bit more silly Joe…

  14. The title of this article is misleading and inflammatory. If Ugandan homosexuals have gone into hiding since the law, then a genocide would be like setting out mouse traps when the mice have already left the building.
    Unlike being tall, or white or female, appearing to be homosexual actually takes effort. Men have to be overly effeminate and show pda with other men. Women have to be overly butch and show pda with women to advertise their orientation. Once they drop the charade, they are indistinguishable from normal people, and there’s no need to hide.
    It’s just a shame that such extremes have to be taken to get them to cut the act.

    1. Well the traps ahve been set. Police are being bribed when they go after people. its turned into a mini industry. Simon Lokodo has his list – check the articles on this. You are an ignorant moron. They have been outed in Red pepper Magazine with their names and photos – They have been outed in the most widely publication in east Africa. They are being outed on radio. People are being paid to give names. It is exactly like nazi germany where neighbors and friends are turning people in. They have run for cover. How do i know? because I have a fund that helps to support a good many and have helped some people leave the country. So this is NOT speculation – no wonder you see BOOGIE!

    2. If you really think that gay men act effeminate and gay women are butch, you clearly don’t know too many gay people. The vast majority of the time, you can’t tell. As far as the title being misleading, when the bishop is urging parents to turn their gay children into the authorities, that really is a call to genocide. This law has given legitimacy to anti-gay violence that already existed, and the authorities either look the other way or actually participate as gay people are beaten to death, or even set on fire and burned to death in the streets. Sounds like genocide to me.

      1. Of course they don’t. They’ve recreated a pre-Stonewall era, where they force all gay people into hiding, so gay people cannot show them the truth. They tell nothing but lies about gay people and then make it illegal for gay people to tell them the truth. They comfort themselves with horrific lies, and then scapegoat all their problems on them.

        No wonder they’re a third world country. No country has ever advanced themselves simply by castigating all blame on a minority scapegoat.

        1. No what you can’t understand is the People of Uganda do NOT want to deal with the Perverted Depravity of Homosexuality in their Nation

          1. And where does this end, praytell? 86% of all Americans engage in pre-marital or non-marital sex. I’ve been to Uganda twice and I can tell you that “a lot of that” goes on, there, too.

            As I read the Bible, I see that “Fornicators” are also condemned to hell as an abomination against God. When I’ve seen heterosexual porn, I also see that you folks engage in Sodomy.

            Are you going to be imprisoned, persecuted and murdered, next?

            A thought for today:

            “First, they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out – because I wasn’t a Socialist.

            “Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out – because I wasn’t a Trade Unionist.”

            “Then, they came for the jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew.

            “Then they came for me, and I found out there was no one left to speak for me.”

            We are not asking for a “right to commite sodomy,” but the right to be free of government-sponsored and private abuse, imprisonment, torture, and murder. THAT is a fundamental right.

        2. “No wonder they’re a third world country. No country has ever advanced themselves simply by castigating all blame on a minority scapegoat.”

          I agree with the first part of what you said but the second part (quoted above)…….yeah…uhmm…you might want to look at the history of all the world powers again. At some point they’ve all stepped on minority backs.

  15. Even as a Catholic Christian this is wrong. The Catechism of the Catholic Church does not preach, nor teach, nor endorse this.
    Homosexual Activity is objectively wrong because it frustrates the aims of God’s gift of sexuality; unity between a husband and wife and the openness to the transmission of human life. However, persons with a homosexual orientation are not morally guilty for their condition. However, they must resist translating their sexual desires into actions.

    1. Well of course I do not agree that you can impose your religion on others in teh way you try and do here. I disagree with your interpretation and I am a deeply religious person. Though i do appreciate your support that the Bishops hate speech is wrong.

    2. What the hell are you talking about. Haven’t you heard of the Inquisition?
      You are a pretender Catholic.

  16. As a practicing Catholic I am ashamed that we are not out there protesting and helping people get the anti-homosexual laws repealed. I’m saddened that instead of being Christ to the people who are hated by society and have to live in constant fear, we are actually promoting these laws of hatred, bigotry, and the inhumane action the come about as a result. And yes I’m using WE, because despite the fact that I may not live in Uganda and neither may most of the Catholics who comment on this, WE are still responsible as member and followers of the Catholic Church. If WE continue to let this happen it’s not just the Ugandan Catholics who will be held accountable in the end, but ALL of us. As a seminarian and future priest of the Catholic Church can honestly say I’m going to try and do my part to not only make this story more widely read but also to try and take it to people who could actually help make a difference. The real question is what are the rest of US going to do? Despite our own beliefs on the moral question of homosexuality, which there really shouldn’t be a question if two people really love each other no matter the race, gender, or whatever else, but that’s a different discussion, We should all agree that any law which takes away the dignity of any human person and robs people of their basic, and fundamental human rights is a law which is not acceptable in the eyes of God.

    1. You are not even remotely Catholic. These gays are an abomination which require stoning even by New Testament standards.

      1. Thank you dabdate2. can you please have the courage to put your real name to statements calling for my death? my Stoning? where are your balls? Tucked up so you can look good?

        1. Melanie, this is the population curve of the last 10,000 years Due to the lack of Religiously Mandated Genocide in the last 50 years the ocean will die in 2048 due to overfishing, causing the extinction of all life on earth.

          Most of the world’s population needs to die to repair the earth’s delicate ecosystem, and the only way to get this ball rolling is to target degenerates like you.

          1. I take it from whence it comes and wear the insult like a badge of honor. If being a human rights defender earns me the title of degenerate- I will own it. Thanks dandate2 for supporting my BLOG.

          2. I will take it from whence it comes… and wear the insult like a badge of honor – as I gladly accept the descriptive “degenerate” if it stands for being a human rights defender. THANk you for supporting my Blog by your constant comments. Its much appreciated.

      2. Stoning in the New Testament? NT doesn’t call for stoning anyone. And if you read the OT in Hebrew, it doesn’t call for stoning homosexuals, either.

        1. Illiteracy is the norm among you liberals. Paul demands the stoning of a heretic in 1 Corinthians 5:13 ►
          God judges those outside. “Purge the evil person from among you.”

          Do some meta research on this statement “Purge the evil one from among you” in the Old Testament and you’ll find it is the death penalty by stoning.

          1. Fortunately, unlike you, I am not ignorant of New Testament Greek, and I know that under no circumstances can the Greek word εχαρειτε mean to stone someone. It simply means remove. Were Paul to endorse stoning someone, it would be a direct contradiction of Hebrews 12:14, not to mention much of the sermon on the mount.
            Further, the Hebrew Old Testament does not call for stoning homosexuals, nor does it in any place call them evil. You have called the wrong person illiterate, as I have 30+ years experience studying scripture in the original languages, and know exactly where the vernacular translations of the last 400 years disagree with those texts.

          2. I reject the notion that Jesus called for murder. You’ll recall a woman “taken in adultery.” Adultery is also an “abomination” in the Bible. Likewise, “fornication” will take you to hell.

            Tell me, Dandate: have you ever had pre-marital sex, or extra-marital sex? If so, then you are a “Fornicator.” The Bible teaches us that this makes you an “Abomination” in the Bible, and that you are going to hell.

            86% of all Americans have engaged in non-marital sex. So have Ugandans. So, are they “abominations?” Are they going to hell? Have you engaged in pre-marital sex?

            1. Pre-marital sex is not fornication.

              Judges 16 16 Then went Samson to Gaza, and saw there an harlot, and went in unto her.

              Please learn how to comprehend written text (become literate) before establishing any opinions.

              1. From the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of “fornication” is “sexual intercourse between two persons not married to each other.”

                In short, pre-marital or non-marital sex IS fornication. I’m not asking you, I’m telling you. If you have to support your arguments with false information, then perhaps they are not worth supporting.

                You are also aware, that Jesus said that if you marry someone, and then divorce and marry another, that you are committing adultery, every single time you sleep with your new spouse. Do you have any idea how many ten’s of millions in the US fit that description? Hey, I work in family law, and I DO know.

                And so 86% of America that are fornicators, ten’s of millions who commit adultery with their new spouse on a daily basis, and us effeminate people are kinda in the same boat, looking for justice, hoping for mercy. When we die, we fall into the hands of a just and loving God. Best I can say.

                “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

                “Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.”

                I Corinthians 6:9, 10.

                But in light of your attempt to defend pre-marital sex, I’m guessing that you’re not comfortable with me as your company, for all of eternity. Ah, well. No wonder the Lord said “Straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, and few there be that find it.” Now move over” you’re hogging all the fire and brimstone!

                1. The term fornication in scripture means idolatry. Notice there is no condemnation of Samson for sleeping with a prostitute, or Deliliah shortly after.

                  No where in the law is pre-marital sex forbidden, except in the case of the Priest’s Daughter.

                2. In fact, Dan, here’s someone who “has your number,” when it comes to “fornication.”  

                  “The Bible is so abundantly clear about premarital sex that, ultimately, if anyone argues for premarital sex being allowed, it must be due to that person’s desire to engage in premarital sex. Almost any behavior can be justified by a person who refuses to submit to what the Bible says. But, we are never to interpret the Bible based on our wants and desires. Rather, we are to allow the Bible to shape our wants and desires. The biblical message on premarital sex is clear. Premarital sex is a perversion of God’s intention for sex, and is therefore condemned whenever the Bible condemns sexual immorality (Acts 15:20; 1 Corinthians 5:1; 6:13, 18; 7:2; 10:8; 2 Corinthians 12:21; Galatians 5:19; Ephesians 5:3; Colossians 3:5; 1 Thessalonians 4:3; Hebrews 13:4; Jude 7).”

                  Premarital Sex – What Does the Bible Say?

                  Premarital Sex – What Does the Bible Say? Premarital sex – what does the Bible say? Does the Bible specifically mention premarital sex? Why are Christians so opposed to premarital sex? View on Preview by Yahoo  

              2. Daniel,

                Wow. Looks like I struck a never. I’ll assume, then, that you are a “Fornicator” who engages in non-marital or pre-marital sex.

                1. Paul interpreted “fornication” as sexual misconduct outside the bonds of marriage. “1 Corinthians 5:1 It is reported commonly that there is fornication among you, and such fornication as is not so much as named among the Gentiles, that one should have his father’s wife. (KJV)” Sorry, no “idolatry” here.

                2. The verse you quote does not define fornication. Sampson also drank alcohol in violation of his own vows. He was a pretty conflicted guy. You are trying to surmise something from a verse that does not even interpret the term “fornication.”

                Sampson was NOT MARRIED, therefore his sexual encounter with Delilah was FORNICATION. Can you show me a scripture that says “but what he did was not fornication?” Do you think that God CONDONED his relationship with the Philistine HARLOT Delilah???? Do you think it’s alright to lay with prostitutes – and that is what a “harlot” is – because the verse failed to show the obvious condemnation of this sin???

                She was a “whore” and God condemned whores. “Leviticus 19:29 Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom, and the land become full of wickedness.”

                I trust we all agree that God condemned “harlotry,” and the very verse you quote proclaims Delilah was a “harlot!” Certainly, the relationship did not end well, eh?

                3. From “” Christianity: “Adultery is the act of sexual intercourse between a married man and someone other than his wife, or sexual intercourse between a married woman and someone other than her husband. Adultery violates the bond of the marriage union. Fornication is a more general term usually referring to any kind of sexual misconduct or sexual impurity outside of the bounds of marriage. It is often used symbolically in Scripture to mean a following after idols or an abandoning of God.”

                4. You are literally the only person in Christianity who has adopted this strange idea. Please cite your source for this non-sense. The fact that the verse on Sampson did not condemn his act – having sex with a “whore” or a “prostitute” does not mean it was not wrong, or that it was not “fornication.” Jesus interpreted what “fornication” was.”idolatry.” Yes: that spiritually can be a form of “fornication” inasmuch as it is “engaging in an illicit and intimate relationship” with a false God, but that’s simply the spiritual application of the physical immorality.

                You are confusing the spiritual application of the physical act of “fornication.” To commit fornication is metaphorically used for to practice idolatry ( Jeremiah 3:1 ; Ezekiel 16:15 ; Hos. throughout); hence Jerusalem is spoken of as a harlot ( Isaiah 1:21 ). But don’t confuse a METAPHOR with the actual act.

                If you don’t go to Church, quit wasting my time about God and morality. Otherwise, ask your Pastor at Wednesday night Bible study, or Friday night prayer service, or Saturday night worship, if what I am saying is so. Cite your sources. The OT was not endorsing “whoredom,” either. God DID condemn that!

                Face it, Fornicator, you and I – the Sodomite – are going to have to hope for a whole lot of mercy from God.

                – Jim

                1. 1 Corinthians is dealing with a case of incest, which is sexual immorality, which is the definition of the Greek Word #4202 that the KJV has improperly translated to “Fornication”.

                  The correct translation is sexual immorality and reflected that way in the newer more educated editions of the bible.

                  Anytime someone sins in scripture he is rebuked for it, Samson was not rebuked.

                  Prostitution is not even a sin, it is just looked down on:

                  Matthew 21:31 “Truly I tell you, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you.

                  Leviticus prohibits pimping.

                  Homosexuality is shown as wickedness in Judges 19:22

              1. That wasn’t a repeal of the death penalty, Jesus just prohibited hypocrites from carrying out the sentence.

                1. Oh, death penalty still in effect? OK. Problem is, there is no one on earth who is qualified to carry it out: Only a person without sin is permitted to cast the first stone. There is no one on earth who is without sin. Ipso facto, no death penalty.

                  As for fornication, the Greek word is πορνεια. In its earliest use (ancient Greek, pre-biblical), the word only meant prostitution. By the first century CE, the meaning of the word had expanded in common usage to include any illicit sex, including prostitution, adultery, incest, sex outside of marriage. And in Christian usage, following the Hebrew figurative usage, it was symbolically used to represent idolatry. (But that symbolism was unknown outside Jewish/Christian circles.)

                  Both prostitution and extra-marital sex are condemned in the New Testament. To try to use verses like Mt. 21:31 to say that prostitution was not condemned is disingenuous, and extremely poor biblical scholarship.

          3. Dan,

            I don’t know, that you’ll get my earlier post, but you’ll note that the Apostle Paul did, in fact, interpret “fornication” as sexual relations outside the bounds of marriage. ” Corinthians 5:1-8:It is reported commonly that there is fornication among you, and such fornication as is not so much as named among the Gentiles, that one should have his father’s wife.” No “idolatry” there. Only extra-marital sex.

            Your quote about Sampson and Delilah suggests that God condoned “whotedom” and “harlotry. You’re the only person in Christianity who thinks he did, or that the story of Sampson and Delilah had a happy ending.

            You are confusing the “spiritual” application f the physical act. I agree that when you whore after false idols you are “committing fornication” with them – an illicit and immoral intercourse. That idea only endorses what the term “fornication” actually means.

            But I note you’re pretty desperate to endorse and protect your “right to commit fornication” or engage in “pre-marital sex.” I can only assume that you engage in it, Fornicator.

            So what is your punishment to be? Shall we take away from you your right to get married – like you would take away the right of two men or women to marry? After all, we don’t want to endorse your “dirty filthy habit” of sticking your sex organs anywhere you can, right?

            Face it, kid: when you and I die, we will fall into the hands of a “just and loving God.” We are “expecting justice, but hoping for mercy.”


            – Jim

      3. Where in the New Testament does it say we should stone anyone? Didn’t Christ say “let those who are without sin cast the first stone”? Also the bible mentions that working on the Sabbath is a sin punishable by death, the bible also says that touching the skin of a dead animal is an abomination along with eating pork, shell fish, and mixing meats and dairy, so no more bacon cheeseburgers. It also says that wearing a shirt of mixed fabric is an abomination, which I’m guessing would mean the very shirt you have on in your picture. Why is it ok to over look those laws but not the laws on homosexuality? You can’t pick and choose what you wish to adhere to just because it fits your own narrow minded ideals, if you say we should fallow the laws of the bible than you have to follow ALL of them not just some. This also means you should show love to all people no matter what because that’s what Christ would be doing.

      4. You are a disgusting human being. I hope your tiny penis falls off right before you learn that you will never end up at those fictitious pearly gates to a “heaven” filled with sexists and homophobes. It sounds a lot more like hell to me. Good luck filling your life with hate.

    2. You are not even remotely Catholic. These gays are an abomination worthy of stoning even by New Testament standards.

      1. Thanks for your encouragement to murder. As I recall, several of the Roman Catholic, Trinitarian “creeds” call for the murder of all non-Trinitarians, as well. If you think this is Christianity and the teachings of Jesus, you are simply wrong.

        But then, you have to try and pretend that pre-marital sex and non-marital sex is not “Fornication,” and that “prostitution” is acceptable in the Bible, contrary to the injunction against Fornication and against Harlotry. It didn’t work for Israel and Judea (Ahola and Aholiba), and it will not work for you. Fornicator.

        1. It’s ironic that you throw fornication out there as a “sin”, when it’s typically the same countries supporting homosexuality, baby killing and feminism that outlaw polygamy.
          The criminalization of a man having multiple wives creates a culture of girlfriend swapping, or “fornication”.
          I would have gladly married all of my girlfriends if they weren’t insistent on the feminist notion of being the only wife.

          1. Boogie, the argument against multiple wives exists to protect both parties to the marriage and ensure the rights granted by society in marriage.

            However, your comment may be a tad bit irrelevant: the “Great Warriors” of the Karamojong – in the Karamoja region of UGANDA – often have 10-15 wives. It’s LEGAL there. In a country that has outlawed homosexuality and endorsed polygamy.

  17. This cleric is NOT calling for gays to be killed. It doesn’t help the legitimacy of the cause to make such inaccurate claims. Let’s stick to facts, as they’re bad enough to stand on their own.

    1. Are you serious Derek? The words “Lets get rid of the gays?” Asking parents to turn their kids in so they can go to jail for life – because that is the law? Thanking people for cleansing the country of gays. Within the context of the Red Pepper outings – with names and pictures of gays….? Are you serious?

      1. Can you please show me the exact words where the bishop states that his followers should kill homosexuals?

        1. “Make Jinja a land free of gay persons. ” where are they supposed to go? Obviously inciting murder. So so obvious. Esp given the milieu and yes my friend LIFE in Prison in a Ugandan Jail is DEATH. Certain DEATH especially if you are gay!!
          Get rid of – where are they supposed to go? Couples with the context about which you clearly are uninformed. read my Blog…

          1. That isn’t saying “go out and kill gay people”. Moreover, despite the high mortality rate and overcrowding, I am sure that not everyone who goes to a Ugandan jail dies. Unless you can show actual words where the bishop says that parishioners should actually put gay people to death, it’s not accurate to say he is calling for “genocide” of LGBT.

            If someone were to shoot or stab or beat a gay person to death, that would still be against the law, even in Uganda. I am appalled by what he IS saying, but it’s not correct to say he is calling for gays to be killed. He simply is not.

            1. Its a call for genocide Derek Williams. I repeat its a call for genocide Derek Williams. I repeat its a call for genocide Derek Williams and if it is not then he should clarify and apologize. But surely such a smart man- well traveled who has studied history and theology should know better. And why are you defending this. What do you think he is saying then? I am not the only way to interpret it this way. Besides life must be pretty good for you in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, compared to the gays in hiding in Uganda. So i would stay quiet instead of defending this deplorable statement.

              1. Where have I “defended this deplorable statement”? I havea done no such thing.

                Read back up the thread. I think it’s entirely appalling, but it is not what you claim it is, a call for his parishioners to go out and commit wholesale murder. If you exaggerate, or misrepresent, that only gives them ammunition.

                Statements like those of the bishop have to be meticulously taken apart and refuted with facts, not hysteria and hyperbole.

                1. I know what he means because I know him and I know the people in hiding and I know what this statement means to them. You are discounting how the gays in uganda themselves see this. And taht is very insensitive of you. of cours I have taken this statement to its maximum level. I am an activist and not a journalist. this BLOG is an advocacy BLOG and I dont pussy foot around/

        2. @Derek

          I dunno about you, but when he said “Make Jinja a land free of gay persons . . .” it reminded me of the Nazi term “Judenrein” (i.e., make Deutschland free of Jews). And we know what the next “logical” step in that was.

          It’s the height of tragic irony that this hateful message in Uganda was delivered on an Easter Sunday which also happened to be Hitler’s birthday.

          As the bumper sticker goes, “Jesus, save me from your followers.”

          1. I don’t support this bishop, I don’t support the Catholic repudiation of gays. I simply don’t in any way whatsoever. I never said I do, and I request you to withdraw your claim that I defend or support this fool of man in anyway whatsoever.

            He is wrong, his words are inflammatory, they breed hatred, but he is NOT calling for gay people to be murdered. If you keep saying that he is, then I will keep saying that he is not. And if you keep accusing me of supporting this I will keep denying that I support it. I do not support religion, and I don’t even believe any of it, and antigay persecution is the main reason, alongside a few others which I won’t introduce so as to avoid inflaming this any further.

            1. WELL FINALLY THANK YOU FOR THAT! Sheez and look what it took…
              He knows what he is doing.

              1. “Finally thank you” for what? There was no concession. I never defended the bishop not before and not now. I do not support him and i never ONCE said I supported him or his hateful rhetoric. It is ridiculous for you to keep accusing me of supporting this man and his rhetoric when I do not support him and never said I support him.

                I don’t support him, OK? Please stop continually in post after post after post saying that I support this bishop and that I am defending him. I don’t support him and his words are indefensible. You didn’t wear me down with all your posts, because I never supported them or defended them in the first place.

              2. This is getting more and more outrageous and a personal attack against me. Now you’re implying I don’t care and that I don’t give any money to LGBT charities. Took about a personal attack. Outrageous and borderline defamatory.

                1. Oh Derek i did not say you dont give to anyone… where did I say that? You see yu fell for it…. we can all play that game

              3. By saying “why don’t you donate” you imply I don’t normally, and by saying “and show you care”, you imply I don’t care, and that it;s up to you to tell me to care.

                I was an out gay man from the age of 19 in 1972 when it was a crime in my native New Zealand for me to have a same sex relationship. I have put myself in harm’s way all my life as a very public activist in public street marches, representations to government both in NZ, and Australia where I lived for 22 years, for the rights of LBGT students and teachers as an openly gay school teacher at a time when I could be sacked any day, or falsely accused. I was co-convenor of the Gay & Lesbian Teachers & Students Association for several years and was for a while secretary of the Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby. I conducted the Gay & Lesbian Concert Band, later the Big Band, which gave public performances at LGBT events, like the Mardi Gras Fair Day.

                Throughout, I was fortunate in that I had the strong support of colleagues, family and friends, otherwise I would never have survived but ultimately, my activism damaged my life, soaked my personal fortune and ultimately my career.

                Even in my mother’s native Scotland where I have lived since 2006, I have been activist in the campaign for marriage equality, and I have been a voluminous letter writer and participant in street marches.

                I won’t be told by you or anybody that I should “care” and that I should “donate”, when that is precisely what I have been doing these past 42 years.

  18. This is not only the Catholic Church. There are conservative Senators (yes, U.S. Senators) who have been going to Uganda, and Russia now, pushing this agenda. Some of the hierarchy from African Christian churches are invited to the prayer breakfast at the White House, one of the reasons Obama did not want to attend. It seems there are those who don’t “get” Jesus’ message.

  19. I am a bit shocked by seeing so much “Christians” defending or denying the obvious or even make it a political issue (“the left hates”… “come on liberals where are you now”…well (censored)… you are reading their comments) As a heterosexual Christian (and socialist) I think it is my moral duty to fight for the rights of ALL people, regardless of their race, beliefs or sexual orientation, you know why?……Cause 1: that is the only right thing to do and 2: THAT IS WHAT JESUS WOULD DO!!!!!! please remember that if you claim to be Christian..

  20. <– here is a more fitting Easter Proclamation. the Catholic Church as a whole has been found guilty of crimes against humanity.

  21. The headline of this article is crap. Apparently the author has her head so buried in love of all things gay, she never learned the definition of the word genocide. Genocide has nothing to do with going to prison. Maybe you should focus on facts instead of sensationalism. Of course, that is what the liberal left does, facts often make them cry.

    1. The author’s family was murdered by genocide, she knows exactly what it means and the types of laws and rhetoric that start it…… do your homework…the headline is perfect. Gays have died and will continue to die as a result of what this Bishop has said- coupled with the mix of outings, calls for lynchings and the law itself. i never rested the start of this potential Genocide on the prison sentences itself. Though i must say many have expressed to me that they would rather commit suicide than go to jail for life in Uganda, and others have said in effect it is a death sentence. You are yet another apologist for this appalling call to genocide. i did not say the genocide had happened. i said it was a call to genocide and that is exactly what it is. that is how it started in nazi germany and other genocides too… wise up

      1. Well, I am getting off this train. It has inspired me to do more research and get more involved. The passion you show by responding to everyone is beautiful. It is difficult to discuss such matters. It is fun to learn and learn but discussion/debate but do not enjoy any negative emotions such a process might cause anyone. hopefully positive emotions win out. Anything of worth is worth fighting for. You are a beautiful fighter. I believe if you are human you fight hypocrisy, hatred and the desire to become what we are fighting as do I. May LOVE conquer but till then I will continue to read your blog and other info, and will look into donating/promoting to your fund, but I think your defence of the genocide comment is hopelessly flawed, terms like homophobic, are misused terms that encourage unproductive hate meant to belittle those who disagree (not that the Bishop could not use a little belittling) ( I really want to discuss further the evil of misused words and unnecessarily violent terms I have been reading in gay advocate articles but I am tired and must stop for today) but it has been an excellent vehicle by which me and your repliers have learned about your beautiful cause. Goodbye. And Thank You.

        1. Thank you know I dont take any of the comments personally – and this time have allowed many through that I might otherwise have trashed because they are just too disgusting. However in the context of what this Bishop said, i believe its important for people to see that when these BISHOPS and PASTORS spew this stuff it does indeed spark hate.

          You will notice from many of the comments – me, melanie, the mere messenger – with an opinion – is the bad guy – while the “Bishop” is just doing his job. LOL seriously people really think like that.

          And what is so scary that is being flushed out – is the fact that people believe this stuff. And so why I must put it out there – well so that people can really see that our LGBTI friends in hiding are there for a damn good reason.

      2. Melanie, this subject may be hitting too close to home for you. You should have refrained from writing this article. In the last paragraph, first sentence, you said . . .

        . . . “To my (meaning yours) way of thinking . . . (the bishop) has called for the extermination of gays.”

        The bishop DID NOT call for extermination. YOU just THOUGHT he did.

        1. My way of thinking is an expression it refers to interpretation. Much if what people say and do is subject to interpretation. The first thing they taught me at law school is analysis and interpretation. The first thing they taught me in my Biblical Studies class was interpretation. In fact from the day I was born and saw my mother’s mouth move and did not understand the words, I interpreted. I have developed an acute sense of accurate interpretation – now while he may not intend GENOCIDE his words are subject to interpretation including the interpretation of those who are hunting gays on the streets of Kampala as we speak. So he tapped into the dEveloping “perfect storm.” That is exactly how all genocides start. The rhetoric in Uganda has been building since 2008. Remember interpretation is always subject to context. Had he said those same word on affirming and safe soil it may have been interpreted differently. MANY agree with my interpretation. When yOU say GET RID OFF and CLEANSE iN the context of newly passed KILL THE GAYS NOW JAIL THE GAYS legislation, mob vengeance and gays being run out of job, homes, schools and are in hiding – you are responsible for the consequences of your words and in hence in this CONTEXT my INTERPRETATION is perfectly valid.

          1. Melanie – What I’m saying to you is that when you are acting in the capacity of a Journalist, and when your writing will be circulated publicly, it is your ethical duty to report on events with a responsible degree of accuracy so that your readers can form their own understanding and not be biased by your personal interpretation of the facts. I refuse to believe that any law school, even the bad ones, would teach you to interpret the facts. Law school teaches you how to interpret the LAW, NOT interpret the facts. Bible class encourages interpretation because it contains NO FACTS, and is otherwise nonsensical. What law school should have taught you was that you can’t go around making false accusations about people. This is not a creative writing project open to interpretation. Not only can you cause irreparable damage to someone’s reputation, but you ruin your own reputation as well. How can you not know this? What’s worse is that this article made its way to Facebook, a cesspool of gossip and immaturity.

            And something else you should know: It doesn’t matter how many people agree with your interpretation of the facts. A lot of people agreed with Hitler, but their agreement did not justify his action.

            1. RANDY this is where you make your first mistake. I am NOT acting in my capacity as a journalist because I am not a journalist. I am a human rights advocate and Blogger who uses my blog as a platform for my advocacy. I am advocating against the hate speech of the Bishop. I have 3 reliable sources. These are not false accusations. I challenge you disprove this. More tomorrow off to sleep and no more moderating for 8 hours everyone

  22. Poor Melanie,
    You have definitely fallen victim of the Ugandan economic gays! These are heterosexual peolple who pretend to be gay and solicit for money as the article on this blog shows “Send us money for food.” I have lived in Uganda for 54 years and have never seen anyone claiming to be born gay! The gay agenda has been touted by the western world but it is foreign to our culture and the government came up with the law against homosexuality because a deliberate effort was being undertaken by westerners and “economic gays” to recruit and train young people especially in those in schools, into homosexual activities. The economic gays here find western support of homos as the easiest way to rip off hapless Europeans/Americans of their money. The so called homos here live lavishly and I have never seen anyone being linched because they are homos. A real homo here in Uganda is as hard to find as a needle in a hay stack.
    About the statement of the Bishop of Jinja, I doubt the veracity of the report. I am sure the reporters told you what they wanted you to hear and not what the Bishop said. That Bishop is not as stupid as you think as to say some of the things atributed to him. You are being taken for a ride and will be fleeced of your money by pretenders! Homosexuality here is a non-issue and if you are an activist, please advocate for the human rights of the oppresed Ugandans due to poor governance, corruption, and impunity which are common occurences in the life of Ugandans. Otherwise your rant against the good Bishop will bear no fruit.

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  24. Very sad situation in Uganda. This is definitely in violation of human rights. If the murder of gays start to happen, if not already, then I would hope the “gay underground ” railroad can be started to get gays out of Uganda. Similar to the slave situation before the Civil war in the USA , there should be a safe passage for gays out of Uganda. Sexual orientation is NOT A CHOICE, sadly HETEROSEXUAL couples in Uganda may be profucing infants today that will ge LGBT in the future. Most, if not all, LGBT people come from HETEROSEXUAL parents. Uganda, a gay genocide waiting to happen if not already!!

  25. The Bishop has the right to his opinion. He is Ugandan and understand Ugandan culture better than a foreign reporter with biased opinion, and who knows nothing about Uganda or the culture of any African country for that matter.

    Melanie Nathan is just a STINKY Lesbian with the horrible agenda of trying to export homosexual agenda to other parts of the world. Melanie Nathan is an opportunist trying to capitalize on raising funds for her selfish and personal benefits. If homosexuality is acceptible in your culture, please do not try to impose it on Africans. Keep your filth to yourselves.

    1. Thank you – You know I dont take any of the comments personally – and this time have allowed many through that I might otherwise have trashed because they are just too disgusting. However in the context of what this Bishop said, i believe its important for people to see that when these BISHOPS and PASTORS spew this stuff it does indeed spark hate.

      You will notice from many of the comments – me, melanie, the mere messenger – with an opinion – is the bad guy – while the “Bishop” is just doing his job. LOL seriously people really think like that.

      And what is so scary that is being flushed out – is the fact that people believe this stuff. And so why I must put it out there – well so that people can really see that our LGBTI friends in hiding are there for a damn good reason.

    2. Actually the bishop does not have a right to his opinion. As a bishop in the catholic church anything espoused from the pulpit must be a reflection of the teachings of the church.

  26. Greeting to you all
    i totally disagree with you all, kindly note that in any country there is law ,some law are culture ,Bible ,Koran etc , In Kenya and most of Africa we are governed by those three ,kindly bear with us .Just as in your country you accept gay , kindly note that here we don’t want to hear from Gays

    its really sad and an explainable ,what’s is natural you call it unnatural and what is unnatural you call it natural,to be gay is immoral ,its a fantasy or its like a masturbation .Um from Kenya and we are like Ugandans .To be gay is a human choice ,its like stealing .Don’t try to lie to people that’s there are minority in gay.There is nothing like minority ,you guys like trying to create something that was not there.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    1. Just because it is ‘law’ does not make it right. Law can be good (putting a murderer in jail), it can also be bad only to serve the delusions of those who impose it. Remember Apartheid was law. Thankfully it no longer exists, but remember those in South Africa who suffered under this law.

      Being gay is no more a choice than being black, white, asian, man or woman.

      One day I hope you understand and accept all for who they are. And end this non-sense about gay people being evil and unnatural.

      As Jesus did say ‘Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.’

      1. Yes understandign you are right. remember it also used to be legal to buy and sell people in America into slavery – it was an industry – lawful- and the people used the Bible to justify it….

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  28. I don’t believe this for a second. Just more lies and distortions to make the church look bad. It is on the same category of false accusations about so-called Nazi popes, etc. Gay and lesbian groups cannot abide diverse opinions. Get over yourselves

    1. You don’t believe this? What are you, an ostrich? Take your head out of the sand! This happens in America, too. In 2012, a preacher in NC told his congregation that all gay men and lesbians should be confined in large enclosures with electric fences. In other words, concentration camps. And his congregation stands by him. If you stick your head in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening, then you are part of the problem.

    2. The church is already doing a pretty good job at making itself look bad, let alone thinking this story alone could!


    Who are these Americans to tell us the Africans what laws we pass or not?
    Where is the Nazi here? in your brain?
    Have you seen any armored tank that is looking for Gays? is this about race? absolutely no. Mothers at free-will gave out their son to the government to correct so he can live a way of Family-life and decency…. and now , thats far from Nazi, not anywhere near the bombing of Afganistan for nothing!

    You passed your own law saying we can not marry more than 1 wife in the USA!!! We Africans love to marry 2 to 3 wives that is also a choice.

    You passed a law saying we can not smoke pots in the USA or sniffed LSDs, but those are natural leafs ‘egboo igi’ roots, medicine given by the Most High

    You ban people from wearing their religion clothes in France.
    You were busy helping these People that hate decency, men doing men, women doing women destroying the world.further and claimed In God You Trust?
    You ban people from everything in your country and asked us to follow your foot steps?

    Got real news for you, we can never allow these type of people in our society, take them to USA where they belong.

    I can’t imagine my son seeing a man kissing a man on our streets because Pope said so, Pope? what about the Pope? Over our dead body!!!
    Thank you so dearly

    1. You have touched on the root of this disagreement. American and European countries have appointed themselves the most civilized and righteous people in the world. It’s just like a student grading his own test who always get a perfect score. What a coincidence! In America, not only is it illegal for a man to have multiple wives, it’s also fashionable to show single wife households on tv where the woman runs the show, and the man is the confused buffoon. You never see a dominant male character in tv relationships, but it’s perfectly ok to show an effeminate gay couple.
      If this is Americas ” normal”, then of course they will cower in fear when they finally encounter real men from other countries with bass in their voices who stand for something and don’t cower to women, children and homosexuals.

      1. OMG you really do reveal yourself BOOGLE … no one gets to say whose culture should be what culture. However we all get to comment on basic human rights. It is a right to be GAY . it is a human right to one’s sexuality and anyone who criminalizes that right has a mythological sense of what being gay or lesbian means. You have a right to be straight. I have a right to be gay. That simple…. Who I fall in love with has nothing to do with culture or religion or your beliefs. it is private. It does not hurt anyone to love someone – no matter who that someone is. And what yu do in your straight business as long as it does not hurt anyone.. And so in America if we showcase love in any form who is it hurting. The violence on TV should be your bigger concern. But I hguess you love the little boys in the bush playing with guns shooting up villagers. that is very AFRICAN right?

    2. Pure, unadulterated ignorance. There have been gay people in Africa as long as there has been an Africa. And until Europe colonized Africa, Africans had no problem with gay people. Europe taught you to hate. Europe has largely overcome their own hatred, but you are fueling your own with ignorance and destroying your own people in the process.

  30. WOW, Must be Nice to use an Article like this as Your ” BULLY PULPIT ” , The Ugandan people have made it CLEAR that Homosexuality will NOT be welcome or tolerated in there Nation. They have CHOSEN to Follow the EDICT of GOD Who Declared the Perversion of Homosexuality to be an ABOMINATION !!! The author uses all the well worn Homosexual Buzzwords such as homophobe , bigot, and judging. which all cover words to try and justify their immersion into perversion !! Not Judging at all, Its called using our Rights as Americans to have & express an OPINION !!! What you should be Reporting on is how Homosexuals have used 3rd World Countries like Uganda for decades as their personal Hunting Grounds to have Sex with Underage Minors , the Homosexual Pedophiles are going Berserk because they will no longer be able to access these innocent Children, WHY Don’t you Write about this ? Why- Because you are a Shameless HYPOCRITE FRAUD !!!

    1. I have written in depth about straight men in Uganda being the majority of pedophiles. I have written about the fact that your Minister of Ethics thinks rapping girls is more natural than being same-sex attracted. I have written about the fact that M7 cannot feed women and children in his country – so they are forced into prostitution and instead of the men supporting the children they use that same money to have sex with prostitutes. I have written about how your M7 dictator and other politicians are corrupt and use AID money for themselves and how they use gay issue to hide the real problems of Uganda. I have written the examples of gays arrested, beaten, tortured by their ownb people, be it physical or emotional. I have written about your sex slave trafficking participation. I have written about your alcohol problems in Uganda, I have written about the hate speech of your clergy and politicians. I have written about people liek you saying they want to get rid of homosexuals. I have indeed written about the oppression of women and not allowing them to wear miniskirts, I have written about the oppression of freedoms in Uganda and the fact that your President is a 29 year dictator. what more do you want? “HOMOSEXUALS ARE NOT WELCOME… and you say what now?

      1. I still maintain you are nothing but a Hypocrite Fraud that is trying to Advance a Lifestyle advocating Perverted Depravity in a Nation that has Decreed it wants no Part of, people like you have an Agenda of trying to Normalize a Sick aversion. Why don’t you talk about the Homosexuals who come to Africa looking to get ” their Freak on with Innocent African Poor Kids ” by throwing Money at Poor Impoverished people who will do anything to hopefully eat another day. The homosexuals go Africa to explore having Sex with Black guys to try as they say Jungle Love or going to the Darkside !!! But GOD in his Infinite Wisdom allows them to go back with a Case of AIDS for their Exploits. You are a LIAR , painting Homosexuals as victims , which is totally BOGUS, they are the Perpetrators !!!

        1. You are very very sick SKULL. How about revealing your real name or do you remain the coward that keeps posting ignorance and hate behind the name of violence. SKULL TAKER? You chose a name that mocks African binary stereotypes in the name of violence? So before you post again I challenge you…do you have the balls to show your real name. You know my name. Clearly I am the hero and you are the coward. I have the guts to stand behind what i say with my name flashing in lights. You have the balls to do what – spew hate unnamed. Rise to the challenge and tell us your full real name. Or remain a coward cowering in the shadows.

    2. This is where the hatred comes from: Ignorance. And people spreading that ignorance. Homosexuals do not attempt to have sex with minors. Homosexuals are not pedophiles. Homosexual men are attracted to adult men. Homosexual women are attracted to adult women. And homosexuality is as native to Africa as it is to every other country on earth. A percentage of your population will always be gay, no matter what you do.

  31. I know you don’t have the guts to publish my comments because Liberal / Leftist Cowards like yourself are very adept at covering up the Real Truth. But I’ll wait. The Truth will come out. Why don’t you Write an Article about the Homosexual Icon Larry Brinkin who was Found GUILTY in Jan 2014 of being part of an International Homosexual Pedophile Pornography Ring. The Damning Proof was him on Videotape Cheering as an ADULT Male RAPED a 2 year old Black Baby saying ” Yeah, Yeah Give it to the Little N-Word. How about you Report on that !!!!! Wheres your MORALS ????

    1. Liberal people like me sleep at noght and so I do not moderate hate comments in my sleep. I am on USA time. Sorry you were kept waiting to see your hate in lights.

      1. Cut the CRAPPOLA, I am an American, living in HAWAII, so save your Drama for the disease carrying Homosexuals you’re trying to pass off as being victims >

        1. Well Skulltaker you seems to be quite obsessed with gays…if you’re honest with yourself you might find out there’s a reason for this obsession. Therapy is a good path, try it.

            1. No dear, accusing someone of excessive hate. Sometimes it’s an indicator of something we don’t accept about ourselves, so the hate we feel towards ourselves we aim towards people “like” us. Is that clear, or too complex for you?

            2. Come on LOSER, Really that little Pathetic Retort went out in about 1985 Tinkerbelle. ” if you don’t like homosexuals , you must be homosexual ” So Wrong you are Poofer boy, you n your CHOSEN Lifestyle are Nasty n Disgusting

              1. Skully dear, the “chosen lifestyle” thing also went out in about 1985…. I’m sorry what am I? Nasty and disgusting? oh ok…erm, are you 12 years old Skully dear?

    2. Homosexual icon? I doubt there are many homosexuals who have a clue who that is. I never heard of him. Again, people try to equate being gay with being a pedophile, and that is 100% wrong.

        1. I did google the name. If I hadn’t, I would have no clue who the man is. He’s a pedophile, plain and simple. Funny how when a pedophile is arrested for molesting girls or passing child porn depicting girls, nobody tries to equate that with being heterosexual. To try to equate homosexuality with pedophilia is just as asinine. (Especially given the fact that the majority of molested children are female, and the majority of the perpetrators are their male relatives.)
          As for your comments re: my ministry, they mean nothing to anyone but you, so knock yourself out.

  32. Why are there so many fascist *ssholes commenting on this? Because, make no mistake, that is what each and everyone of you defending homophobia is in fact. A fascist, a Nazi scumbag, no matter behind which supposedly holy scripture you are hiding. No wonder the world does not go forward with so many people busy hating and so very few people showing love to their fellow human beings. It disgusts me having to share a planet with you people, really.
    It’s on days like today that I am very, very proud to be non-religious and to love and accept whomever for what they do and not for whom or what they believe in or not believe in or for whom they love or don’t love. It could all be so easy, you know?

    1. Kinda HILARIOUS, a homosexual attempting to call somebody an @$$HOLE , just because they WON’T Sanction or Embrace a CHOSEN Lifestyle that extols the virtue of Filthy Stinking DEPRAVITY, So you sick little Heterophobe Piece of S * * T , the Fascist would be you Tinkerbelle !!!!

          1. ANOTHER Stinking Homosexual LIE, lesbians tried to get ssm passed thru we led to Hawaii passing aBAN on SSM BY A VOTE OF 80 % to 27 %. So STOP your Homosexual PROPAGANDA BULL S * * t. ,The Name is JAKE MARTIN you Lying SKANK BIMBO

          1. go for it – what a gentleman – show everyone how nice straight men who hate homosexuals can be. When u lose an argument you cuss….mmm

      1. You just accept the depravity of committing genocide against a minority people.

        Face it. You are immoral, plain and simple. God will judge you for judging others.

        1. WRONG Sodomite , GOD will thank me for staying True to his Word that Homosexuals are an ABOMINATION, you little Punk !!!

          1. Hahahahahaha!! Your ignorance is hilarious! I would never want to share a heaven with a God (not that I believe in either) who orders hatred on any human being! Surely the mention of tolerance and love in the bible is far more important than hatred of homosexuals. Look around you Skull – Taker (creepy); we are living in a modern day world where choice is granted and people are praised for being different from one another. Being unique is beautiful. I am not a homosexual myself but I feel the utmost respect for anyone who has the courage to stand up for who they are even if they are faced with hate as a result. I think people like you should be placed on a little island of conservative white people who have no tolerance or respect for others. Your island will be boring and colourless and everyone else will be happy and free. You are just the same as the men in the Taliban, beating women in the street for wearing white shoes. It is utterly disgusting. It will be far easier for you to accept and surrender; that is the only way you will ever truly be happy.

  33. As an Activist, or a Journalist, or a blogger, or whatever capacity you consider your work to be, you should not speculate about the meaning and intentions of others. You ended the first paragraph with . . .

    . . .”I would call that a statement praising and calling for a genocide.” . . .

    Call it what you will, but that is YOUR OPINION about what you think the bishop meant. It doesn’t belong here, and most certainly should not be used in the article’s title.

    You began the last paragraph with . . .

    . . . “To my way of thinking . . . called for the extermination of gays.”

    So, the bishop did NOT say it. YOU injected YOUR OPINION into this article.

    We didn’t come here to read about YOUR WAY OF THINKING. We came here to read about the subject matter.

    1. AMEN Randy, thank you, this Activist Broad is about as Biased as they Come trying to advance her personal agenda.

    2. we would not be here in the first place on this post if hate hadn’t of been spoken against lgbt community

      i take it your not gay

      i am

      we have the right to stand up against this evil man

      that’s what he is

      simple as

      we know his type

      kill all the gays

      one word





  34. Pope Francis should sten in a defrock this Bishop. The teachings of Catholicism is to condemn the sin, not the person. Furthermore, the Pope himself, when asked about homosexuals said, “who am I to judge.” Bishops take their cue from the Holy Father—therefore, this Bishop should be removed. He and the bling Bishop should be made to work together somewhere.

  35. The fact is, that all of this is the prelude to a possible genocide: dehumanising a hole group of people just because of one characteristic.

    And the whole debate is not about “loving gay people”, it is about accepting humanity.

    One can not order to love the other or to life like the other, but I can demand to respect the other.

    The christians of different believe, christians and muslims, muslims and hindi, black and white, men and women, heterosexuals and LGBT, Tutsi and Hutu.

    Anythings else leads to extermination camps and genocide and slavery.
    That’s what’s history is proofing.

    1. No, actually there is no possible genocide. Homosexual advocates who have been spoiled by a certain degree of undeserved tolerance since the seventies are now panicking because some countries are going back to a zero tolerance of homosexuality.
      Meanwhile, no favor is shown to the other groups who have never enjoyed any degree of tolerance, even in America, the ” most tolerant” land in the universe.
      There is zero public tolerance for incest, bestiality and in many parts of the world polygamy, but it has never come to a genocide of those groups.
      Homosexual are just the most spoiled of the deviant groups, so they are the most prone to throw tantrums when told “no”. They are like dogs who have been allowed at the kitchen table too long, and now they can’t bear to eat dog food.
      They claim to argue for human rights and equality, but why are the other untolerated groups never included in their ” universal” crusade? They trample on polygamy, incest and bestiality just like the rest of us ” bigots”.

      1. Boogie Man I am loving you. You have so taken the bait buddy. Now people can see exactly why the very bishop must be laid to pasture- may he enjoy the green grass and G-d’s mercy as he chews. That said, we have gone beyond mere tolerance here in America to full acceptance by the majority of Americans. we understand that the right to one’s sexuality whether straight or gay or lesbian is a very basic human right and it is not a crime to be gay any less than it is a crime to be Catholic or black or disabled or Jewish or Muslim or bisexual or heterosexual. What is a moral dilemma is hating people for who and what they are. What is a biblical dilemma is picking and choosing from hte Bible what works for your view of the world – via your interpretation – and your desire to append that to everyone.

        1. Since you chose to gloss over the main point of my comment, let me ask you this question. I know it hurts, but let’s take the attention away from homosexuals for a second. Since sexuality is a human right, do you support incest between a 70 year old grandmother and her 25 year old grandson?
          What I’ve just done is put you in a position where you either have to support something that will make you look as sick as you are, or condemn it, and, be seen as a narrow minded, incest-ophobic, hateful bigot as defined by the homosexual playbook of ” human rights”.
          You yourself should know that Americans accept way less than they pretend to. It’s the only country where a woman can say ” I’m not racist, I just don’t date black guys”. Don’t mistake political correctness for acceptance.

          1. So BOOGIE MAN – again you reflect your ignorance…. Incest is a behavior not a sexuality LOL are you that dumb?

            I do not support incest that is a separate issue ,
            I do not support same-sex incest.
            I do not support different gender incest. .
            I do not support pedophilia.
            I do not support rape.
            I do not support anything that hurts anyone.

            I support equating same-sex love to different-gender love. I support the human right to one’s sexuality whether heterosexual or homosexual. incest is a behavior – sexuality is like the color of one’s skin or like the blood running through one’s veins. It is a state of being. Not a behavior….

            So BOOGIE MAN – again you reflect your ignorance…. Incest is a behavior not a sexuality – LOL are you that dumb?

    1. LOL -I LOVE THE TROLL CHALLENGE – while many of my fellow bloggers never deal with these type of comments – I always see them as fuel for sharpening the argument, mocking the ludicrous statements and just a lot of fun of being able to showcase their hate and bigotry where my side controls the levers. That said – I do not always put up the death threats and hate comments, yet often put bad ones up so the world can see that there is really this ignorance and hate and that the myth and lies of the likes of Scott Lively and Lou Engle have in fact hit home. You will see the parallels in language and hopefully these posts and comments will be used as evidence vs those who have trumped up the hate. So in effect the trolls have falen for the bait and I continue to goad them so the world can see exactly what we are dealing with.

  36. What are your sources for this post? Seems like a lot of hearsay. A transcript would be nice for starters.

    1. You want my sources? Seriously? I have 3 sources – and am not about to let you know what they are. Why not give the Bishop a call yourself and ask him. I put his telephone number on the Blog post.

      1. I’m not trying to debase your argument. I’ve just used the Internet long enough to not believe everything I read, and it would be a service to your readers to prove that what you are reporting is true and accurate.

        1. Call the Bishop you have his number. I dont have to prove anything. Lets wait for the Bishop to accept responsibility or deny what he said. The ball is not in my court. I am not in a court of law .,.. I am reporting what was provided to me by 3 sources…..

          1. You do have to prove something, because you are spreading information to millions of people as fact and there is literally no one else reporting about this anywhere,including many LGBTQ news sources I follow (I checked).Therefore I am highly skeptical.

            1. Thats ok you can be highly skepitcal. Sometimes mainstream media misses important things and people are afraid to report unless they see Reuters and AP. I am well sourced and my sources are relaible. This may start right here. Now other media is welcome to investigate and prove me wrong. You see I dont get paid to do this. And I bring the voices of the oppressed to the fore as you wills ee from the article quote…. that is nt my voice.

            2. Hmmmm? Uganda’s decent into madness is regularly chronicled on Yahoo and its news sources. See the AP, AFP, HuffPo, Reuters.

          2. NO LIAR, what you’re doing is trying to spread homosexual PROPAGANDA that nobody wants any part of LIAR

        2. LYING SKANK, thats because you don’t have 3 sources, you put the Bishops name & number, put your sources name n number LOSER

  37. Love does not have a gender or is based on sexuality love is based on mutual respect for each other not against one another. this man should be ashamed of himself & god should teach him a real lesson. i feel so sorry for the people who will suffer at the hands of people like him i hope the pope takes a stand against this & sends him into hiding see how he copes & feels. love you guys xx

  38. Those were not mistakes made by the church during the Holocaust and all the mass murderesses during the Inquisition which by the way is still NOW well and kicking. We ow them all the massacres world wide in the 20th century. Those were well planed and thought decisions by the church together with the governments involved.

  39. I grew up in the United States in the 1980’s and 1990’s in a fairly conservative Church. I remember many ministers in America preaching that HIV/AIDS was “God’s punishment for homosexuality and prostitution.” They openly opposed HIV/AIDS funding as a “liberal plot” and said the money would be better spent on cancer research.

    Gay men and women like me stepped in, and actively advocated for HIV/AIDS funding for America – and for Africa – even though the African HIV/AIDS epidemic was almost entirely heterosexual due to the use of prostitution.

    As a result of OUR efforts, Uganda’s HIV/AIDS rate dropped from 26% of the population, down to around 6% of the population. It is sad and disappointing to find that the very people who OPPOSED HIV/AIDS FUNDING have successfully convinced Ugandans to spit on those of us who worked to save the lives of so many Ugandan heterosexuals.

  40. i don’t want our pope going to radical regions like this. they are beyond being reasoned with if they believe this kind of persecution is Christ-like. all we can do is join our pope in prayer. Do you remember what so called ‘christian’ people in Rowanda did 20 years ago?


  42. Why cant non-Catholics get it through their heads that the sin of homosexuality is a mortal sin and is just as bad as any other mortal sin (as far as we actual Catholics are concerned…and as far as what Catholicism has always taught)? Uganda is only coming off as “hard-core” because the rest of the world is such a disgusting cesspool of immorality. This story wouldn’t have even gone to print in the 50’s.

    BTW….the pope aint Catholic so to hell with what he has to say on the subject. This clown tells atheists that they can get to Heaven without ever believing in God.

    1. There is no such thing as a “mortal” sin or a “Venial” sin. Sin is sin, and no sin shall enter in. This is one of the reasons the protestants taught that Catholics were evil slaves of the Pope and going to hell.

      Just like you folks preach and teach against us gays. . .

      As I said, “Fornicators” among heterosexuals are also considerd an abomination in the Bible, and they go to hell. The majority of Ugandans and Americans are, therefore, an “abomination” in the Bible.

  43. Melanie, i honestly do not know how you do this day after day after day. This article hurts my very soul–and you are so courageous to stand up to the bigots and haters that heap ugly words upon you time and time again. How do we get the Pope to intervene? I feel so powerless — but I am praying that someone, somewhere, soon, has an answer to this horrific situation. You are one of the most righteous women I know. If I were Catholic, and if a Jewish woman could be nominated for sainthood, believe me — i’d be filling out the paperwork to get the process started! Please take care of yourself, Friend.

    1. Thanks Sherri for your support. I like to allow the haters their opportunity to express themselves for 3 reasons – 1. So the world can see what we have to deal with – I know many would simply trash some of this nonsense when moderating – however I do believe people need to see how these people think. and 2) To offer up some challenge to the notions, even those that seem like crazy and ignorant – many brainwashed by religious zealots etc. usually the minds cannot be changed – but I do believe I plant some valid seeds. and 3) Articles like this attract a lot of behind the scenes conversations with people who are willing to communicate in private. I have received a lot of very important sourcing and insider information that way – even whistle blowers and also have made friends with people who have started out arguing with me….. I have also often been able to see things from perspectives where i too may have otherwise been closed off.

      1. NOBODY is Hating Bimbo, Just EXPOSING you for the Lying Lesbian Fraud you are thats more interesting in Pushing homosexual Propaganda than the TRUTH !!!

    1. Human rights are universal. I’ve been to Uganda, several times, and I love and appreciate the culture and the people, from Kampala to Jinja to the Karamoja region.

  44. One has to remember, although the push towards acceptance in our country is still considered controversial & our laws provide for separate views…Uganda is NOT the US…

    Articles such as this need not & ethically should not focus on the denigration of strictly one group opposed to homosexual choice, but to be validated as subjective as well as objective writing the author must include ALL organized groups throughout the world that stand in opposition.
    For example: include the ramifications within the Muslim world toward gay Muslims… or within the many, countless other religious organizations throughout the world, as well as, right here in the US.
    Focusing on the attempted, hopeful ( wishful) destruction of just one religious group tastes more like a witch hunt than newsworthy or informative…and frankly…. weakens the writers intent!

    1. 1. What is the writers intent?
      2. How does helping one group of oppressed by Catholics not help the same group oppressed by Muslims? Oppression is oppression – does not make it right no matter who is doing it – so what is your point? You wnat me to write an article about all the Muslim Sharia law stuff against gays just because I am writing about Catholics in Uganda? I dont get it? Note the subject EASTER EASTER MESSAGE- where do Muslims factor in here?
      3. I see you have joined the group who think the persecutor is the victim- that is a nice way to support the oppressed LGBTI ugandans? No one wants to destroy the Catholics LOL seriously is that what you are implying. But what we do want is the bad Bishop to get his marching orders,. I am sure tere are plenty good Catholics to take his place and also we want the Pope to speak out more vehemntly against jailing gays for life. Is that too much to ask of the nice Catholic religion to tout: “PLEEEEEASE SUH DONT SEND ME TO JAIL??”

  45. Melanie, go to Iran and Saudi Arabia too and spread your message. Your very anger towards people who have different views about life from you in itself is hate too. There are many black people being persecuted here in USA, why can’t you clean your house first before looking into your neighbor’s houses?

    1. Dear Respect,

      Please respect the fact that I am activist whose focus has been on certain countries in Africa where new laws have replaced the already old draconian penal codes imposed by Colonialists forever ago.
      Please respect the fact I have no interest in going to Iran and Saudi Arabia to spread my message I leave that to my colleagues who are experts in those locations – I am a born African
      Please respect the fact that all houses need constant cleaning
      Please respect the fact that I do plenty of work on equality issues in the USA – find my full bio online and have a good read –
      Please respect the fact that by telling me WHAT I AM NIT DOING does not absolve the good Bishop from inciting mob vengance/persecution/assault/murder/genocide/ethnic cleansing or whatever the hell you want to call it
      Please respect the facts….

      With respect.


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  47. It was Jon Stewart of the Daily Show who pointed out: “Do these Christians ever consider that the things they are calling for are the very same things being done to the Christians in the middle east and in places like North Korea? There’s not a lot of self-awareness, among them, is there?”

    And indeed, the Jihadists regard the “Cross” as an abomination: they regard it as a blasphemous lie because Jesus was never really crucified, but deceived the Romans and it was only an image that was crucified. They rail on Christianity as an obscenity, as well.

    The Communists regard all religion as vile and evil. The attacks on Buddhists and Christians in the 1940’s and 1950’s in China made that clear. North Korea continues this persecution.

    In point of fact, I do speak out against the persecution of Christians, Jews, and other men and women of Faith, and Aethists, as well.

  48. Wow the trolls are out if force today!

    In Tororo District, Bishop Emmanuel Obbo, the Archbishop of Tororo Archdiocese, urged every citizen who supported the anti-homosexuality law to lay down greed, corruption and “put them to death and let generosity rise up within us and flow out in abundance.”

    1. Daniel, I am letting the trolls have it….. there is always ‘method in my madness’ my friend…

        1. Oh yes and thanks Daniel for providing me with this link so I have updated this article – see above – as follows:-

          Well I am a lot quicker than hte Ugandan media which has provided some more ink to this well! Here are some quotes from other members of Uganda’s Clergy providing more gay bashing this Easter as follows:

          In Tororo District, Bishop Emmanuel Obbo, the Archbishop of Tororo Archdiocese, urged every citizen who supported the anti-homosexuality law to lay down greed, corruption and “put them to death and let generosity rise up within us and flow out in abundance”. – (–Church-tells-Christians/-/688334/2286642/-/14w5uhkz/-/index.html)

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  50. God is and always been against the sodomites.
    1 Kings 15:12
    And he took away the sodomites out of the land, and removed all the idols that his fathers had made.
    1 Kings 22:46
    And the remnant of the sodomites, which remained in the days of his father Asa, he took out of the land.

    God does teach hate. He teaches us to love good and hate evil. Queers fall under evil.

    1. THis is not a Bible CLUB – what do you ahve to say about the Catholic Bishop calling for genocide of gays- looks like by your statement above and your failure to respond to the article itself that you are agreeing that gays should be put to death right? Now lee have the courage to stand before G-d with your full name …. not just a cowardly “Lee”- whats yur name hun?

      1. Not a bible club? You post an article about Christians wanting queers done away with and then get bothered by support from the bible for the stance that they are taking. I guess its only a bible club when people talk about not casting stones??? If you want to support queers then fine but don’t act like the bible or God does because from the beginning to the end He never does.
        Romans 1
        18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

        19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.

        20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

        21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

        22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

        23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

        24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

        25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

        26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

        27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

        28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

        29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

        30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

        31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

        32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them

        1. OKAY LETS PLAY BIBLE CLUB YAHHHH!!! YEWAH! AMEN!!! – BECAUSE YOU ADMIT HERE TO AGREEING that the Bishop is right and that the Catholic Church is calling for genocide and you are in agreement with the calling for the killing of gays by the Bishop. THAT IS WHAT U are saying:


          Romans 1
          18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; SO WHAT WHERE DOES THIS MENTION SAME-SEX LOVE AND THE MURDER OF GAYS BY FELLOW MAN?
          19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. SO WHAT WHERE DOES THIS MENTION SAME-SEX LOVE AND THE MURDER OF GAYS BY FELLOW MAN?
          20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: SO WHAT WHERE DOES THIS MENTION SAME-SEX LOVE AND THE MURDER OF GAYS BY FELLOW MAN?
          21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. SO WHAT WHERE DOES THIS MENTION SAME-SEX LOVE AND THE MURDER OF GAYS BY FELLOW MAN?
          22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, SO WHAT WHERE DOES THIS MENTION SAME-SEX LOVE AND THE MURDER OF GAYS BY FELLOW MAN?
          23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. SO WHAT WHERE DOES THIS MENTION SAME-SEX LOVE AND THE MURDER OF GAYS BY FELLOW MAN??
          24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: SO WHAT WHERE DOES THIS MENTION SAME-SEX LOVE AND THE MURDER OF GAYS BY FELLOW MAN?
          25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. SO WHAT WHERE DOES THIS MENTION SAME-SEX LOVE AND THE MURDER OF GAYS BY FELLOW MAN?
          26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: SO WHAT WHERE DOES THIS MENTION SAME-SEX LOVE AND THE MURDER OF GAYS BY FELLOW MAN?
          27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. SO WHAT WHERE DOES THIS MENTION SAME-SEX LOVE AND THE MURDER OF GAYS BY FELLOW MAN?
          28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient SO WHAT WHERE DOES THIS MENTION SAME-SEX LOVE AND THE MURDER OF GAYS BY FELLOW MAN?
          29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, SO WHAT WHERE DOES THIS MENTION SAME-SEX LOVE AND THE MURDER OF GAYS BY FELLOW MAN?
          30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, SO WHAT WHERE DOES THIS MENTION SAME-SEX LOVE AND THE MURDER OF GAYS BY FELLOW MAN?
          31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: SO WHAT WHERE DOES THIS MENTION SAME-SEX LOVE AND THE MURDER OF GAYS BY FELLOW MAN?
          32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them SO WHAT WHERE DOES THIS MENTION SAME-SEX LOVE AND THE MURDER OF GAYS BY FELLOW MAN?

    2. Lee why should you force your religious beliefs on others. I’m sure you’d be up in arms if they were making commandments in the Koran law, but it’s fine if they’re christian ones?

      If you’re a Christian, maybe you should focus more on what Jesus said, rather than hoping modern society conforms to your bronze age view of morality.

    3. No such thing as “god.” You’ve been duped, so your theory about evil is pure bull, just like religion itself. Oh yes, you are an ignorant hateful pernicious piece of crap.

  51. Melanie, you are not an African. You are just a selfish person having selfish interests on specific groups of people. If you are an activist, you should stand for the rights of all people. There are many people here in USA who have been discriminated by gay people in areas of employment and promotions and I have facts too, but nobody is talking about it. You cannot say you respect a human being when you compartimentalise a human person and say I love your head, but I do not love your mouth. Your very going after the bishops who are doing their jobs shows that you are intolerant yourself. Many people are being killed in Ukraine by Russia, many people are homeless in USA streets and you an American is ranting here on the internet and blowing things out of proportion. You are rhe one taking things out of context because you are ignorant about what the bishop was talking about.I respect gay people and I have gay friends, but Melanie, the way you are magnifying things shows that you are not a promoter of peace, but another bigot who is thinking of others as bigots, because of the differences in culture and ways of life. Do not misrepresent other good gays out there with your pipeline thinking. Again, I do respect gays, but people like Melanie should not be made to speak on behalf of gays because she makes matters worse.

    1. LOL seriously – read my BLOG and you will see all the issues I get involved in….. I have written about Russia and Ukraine and many topics. But i dont get paid to stick up for LGBT people and I tend t be drawn to the most marginalized amongst my target group of people. i am not going after the Bishops…. they are going after gay people – persecuting them and I am defending the gay people./….ooooo that was sooo tough to figure out now for you was it not?

  52. Again, I reiterate my message of tolerance with tolerance. If you talk about peace, and you pread wrong messages that are ant-peace, incitive, and divisive,what do you intend?Perhaps, What Melanie had in mind is to spread a message telling the bishops not to do what there offices tell them or oblige them to preach. Just like you have a right to lead your life the way you want and choose, and you are here preaching in the internet, so do the bishops have their rights too to preach what they think. You are free, so are they, period.

    1. Now that sounds like the logic of a toad trying to eat a flying vulture – or the other way around? The point Madam respect is that if Gays are the targets of genocidal persecution by CATHOLIC CHURCH Bishops – you are saying they are merely doing their job. My response to that? If what you say is true then The Messiah has yet to come – for surely mankind has yet to find its savior?

  53. What I have said to the Jihadists is true here for the anti-gay Christians: if you are so right, why not seek to persuade us with your reason? The best way you can convince me that your way is best is to live the best life that you can, that would want me to be like you. I try to do just that, and live a just and decent life as an example, as a gay man. Glad to do so. Jesus said, “Love thy neighbors.” If you are a Christian, that is your greatest duty, to set an example of Jesus Christ, who was not willing to condemn a woman taken in adultery.

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  55. Melanie, I will try to do my best to find a way to support your work. I am grateful for your time. Hate to admit it, but for many years I was in a conservative Church – and no, I did not act on my own conflicted homosexual feelings. I also serve in the U.S. Army and did not engage in homosexual sex while the “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” policy was in effect.

    But now, I am so very happy to be able to be out and about, and I intend to make up for “lost time.” I believe in Jesus Christ: Christianity is NOT a “negative” that hates and condemns other men and women. The way these anti-gay folks would have it, though, they are as hate-filled as the most vicious Jihadist. I will always stand up for men and women of Faith who are persecuted, but I will not endorse persecution by them.

    I was grateful that Israel, at Ad Vashom, acknowledged the murders of homosexuals by the Nazis and Adolph Hitler, this year. Very grateful, indeed, since I stand up for Israel and its right to exist as a Jewish nation, albeit in a two-state solution. I have visited the Holocaust Memorial, by the way.

    I am sorry for the unkind comments you have received.

    I serve as a U.S. Soldier in Uganda, and I am sorry that they are not more welcoming to us, as I really grew to love the Ugandan people. But here’s a question for them: I served in the Karamoja region, and I know that the “Great Warriors” of the Karamojong have 15 wives and more. So, what do the other guys do???? My guess is prostitution, but I suspect a certain amount of homosexuality, as well. They should be lucky that we are not in competition with them. . . .

    1. Thank you James i really support your work and hearing from someone who has indeed experienced the wonderful people of Uganda. i currently am trying to help over 40 Ugandan LGBT people living in hiding, in fear for their lives, and who have been directly impacted by this awful persecution. The Ugandans are wonderful people and it is so sad that have been hit hard by these opportunistic zealots who see a perfect chance to scape goat and hide the real problems of Uganda. What i find so sad is the poverty that is exacerbated by corruption of the dictator. It has resulted in many women having to go into prostitution to feed their kids. And the irony is that the men servicing the prostitutes are spending their money on multiple sex partners rather than spending that money on child support – so the woman could live in dignity and be with their kids. where is the morality in that straight way of life? And they target a tiny minority of gays who just want to love in private.,

  56. Melanie, again, you continue to misinterpret ,my message as you have all the preceding messages. What you are trying to do is actually what you are saying a toad trying to eat a flying eagle. You are here in USA, “toad” you are tring to meddle in the affairs of another country, more so of a religious organization that has a right too like you have a right. The bishop was not forcing anything on anybody. He was basically talking to his congregation that has the same beliefs with him. If he went to a gay parade in New York or in New orleans or even in kampala to talk what he said, then I would not support that. He did what you are doing right now, ranting about what he said and actually you are doing reverse pschology here in that you are doing the exact opposite of what you want done to you. I agree with James Wherry, we should all be peace loving people and people who unite and not divide. If the bishop said something that was not palatable to you Melanie or others who are concerned, is there anotr way you would convey your message of dissatisfaction without ending up also conveying even amore unpalatable message to others. Do what you are trying to preach by example and not contradict yourself, and being a shadow ofyour own though process and logic and end up at the end making no sense. Again, I love gay people and have a lot of gay friends, but Melanie is trying to propagate messages and information that is not good for all people whether gay, straight, bisexual, name them. You do not try to say you are saving someone by ending up killing thousands, it does not make sense. Melanie, change your writing skills and make them more appealing. You will get more sympathizers than when you try to be disrespectful too. Thaks all folks who contributed to this very interesting topic.

    1. Are you serious RESPECT? You are painting me the villain LOL seriously??? when all i have done is write an article calling the Bishop out on his words and what it means o the context of where he is and the milieu of hate? Typical apologist blames the messenger and the victims. i find that such weird behavior on your part. But of course for as long as you shield yourself behind a pseudonym there is no level playing field and we cannot have a reasonable discussion. You are RESPECT and I am mere Melanie! YOU SAID “Melanie or others who are concerned, is there anotr way you would convey your message of dissatisfaction without ending up also conveying even amore unpalatable message to others.” The only thing unpalatable here is what the dear Bishop said. Allow me to repeat it in the words of the youn terrified man in hiding:

      “From the voice of a young man “accused” of being gay who is in hiding in Uganda:

      “The Bishop of Jinja Diocese – Bishop Rt. Rev. Fr. Charles Wamika, in today’s Easter Message delivered at St. Chalres Lwanga Catholic Church, praised the Members of Parliament for taking a stand to see to it that the Anti-homosexuality bill passed into law, he went ahead and called on the faithful to vote for President Museveni in 2016 general elections for signing the bill into law.

      He reminded the Christians that, it has been a law and he sent blessings to all Christians who have been working so hard to make Jinja a land free of gay persons. He said throughout human history the catholic church has fought evil and blood has been shed, he called on all the Christians to do whatever they can in their own means to clean this city.

      I am surprised that a well educated bishop, well traveled and studied in different western countries uses his position to justify killing. He asked parents with gay suspected children to handle them over to authorities and their reward is in heaven. This is too much hatred. I wonder if we will hear from the Pope on this. If not, I lose all hope.””

    2. Thank you know I dont take any of the comments personally – and this time have allowed many through that I might otherwise have trashed because they are just too disgusting. However in the context of what this Bishop said, i believe its important for people to see that when these BISHOPS and PASTORS spew this stuff it does indeed spark hate.

      You will notice from many of the comments – me, melanie, the mere messenger – with an opinion – is the bad guy – while the “Bishop” is just doing his job. LOL seriously people really think like that.

      And what is so scary that is being flushed out – is the fact that people believe this stuff. And so why I must put it out there – well so that people can really see that our LGBTI friends in hiding are there for a damn good reason.

    3. Again, you are trying to play the victim. What we are trying to do is to stop the abuse, imprisonment, torture and murder of innocent, homosexual Ugandans. You can live your life, as you want: you are not obligated to engage in homosexual activity. But leave us to live our lives, as we choose.

  57. Gay is a culture. Homosexuality is the orientation. There are homosexuals who are not gay. In other words, they do live or practice the gay life style. I know a lot of homosexuals who are chaste and celibate; who uphold the Church’s teachings on sexuality, et al. I pray for the safety of all people: LGTBI! Are these homosexuals who are faithful to God and His Church are to be condemned to death? God help the Ugandan Church and may the Holy Spirit guide our Shepherd, Francis, to deal with hatred and fear.

    1. I forgot the word “NOT” in the sentence: “In other words, they do NOT live or practice the gay life style.” Please forgive me.

    2. Gay is human sexuality – its a word we use for homosexuality – this is not a lifestyle. Do I say the heterosexual lifestyle? I buy the same furniture eat in the same restaurants chew he same chewing gum and go to the same beaches as my heterosexual friends- that is lifestyle- Sexuality and chastity are 2 separate issues. Once can choose to chaste and one cannot choose one’s sexuality. Sexual orientation is not a choice whether gay or straight- having sex as in the act of sex is a choice. Too many ignorant people tend to define homosexuality as a behavior when it is an orientation. What is unfair is when people impose their religious beliefs on others and fail to truly live within the realm of religious freedoms. Which means that Bishops should NOT be pronouncing on Secular law any more than secular law should be telling he church what to do. . Sp when Mr Bishop gets out of LGBT people’s rights to their sexuality – then perhaps we will stop writing about him…..

    3. Gay is a synonym for homosexual. If a person is gay, that person is homosexual. If a person is homosexual, that person is gay, whether he/she uses the word or not. There is no such thing as a gay lifestyle. Just like straight people, gay people are individuals, and they have ordinary lives.
      Before you go telling anyone to live their life in celibacy, you had better be prepared to do it yourself. Scripture acknowledges that celibacy is not for most people. Very few, in fact. Most people could not live that way, because, frankly, it’s not natural.
      While the Catholic church holds that gay sex is a sin, not all churches believe that. Many churches fully accept gay people and same-sex marriage.

  58. I have been looking for recordings or texts of this alleged sermon and have not been able to find any.

    Does ANYONE have any links to original material?

    (btw – the given links to the diocese don’t seem to work)

  59. Just a quick FYI – the stuff about “put them to death and let generosity rise up within us and flow out in abundance” was quite specifically about greed and corruption, which plague Uganda and other countries in the Horn of Africa.

    Uganda has indeed passed anti-gay laws and I can indeed find specific references to praise for anti-gay measures by Clergy in the country – but that’s a long way from calling for genocide, a campaign of murder. So far, no confirmation at all. I am continuing to look but if it emerges there was no such call, can I ask what you will do?

    1. Well Duh Ruarijm…. but look at context context context And as to you other question – my late mother had a saying – “If my aunty had balls she would be my uncle” – I dont deal in hypothetics. I have 3 sources who heard the sermon and one transcribed it. The second confirmed the wording of the transcripts and the third confirmed it via a third party. So I believe my sources as reliable and credible. I dont reveal sources. I dont have a voice or film recording. It would be great if someone did have such and it could be provided unedited. My point is if you doubt my article then YOU prove it wrong. It is not incumbent upon me to go any further than utilize my sources whom I believe. If you allege anything to be false – then the onus is on you prove it is false. As the BLOGGER delivering the message , I am satisfied my sources are correct.HENCE the ball is now in your court. Of course the easiets thing for you to do will be to get a statement from the Bishop himself. I am sure he will confirm his words, and deny the intention of genocide. He probably had a poor choice of words. HOWEVER the use of his chosen words incite violence and while he may deny the intent – it is imperative to expose the recklessness of words like he used in this context…. and so the intention of the article has been accomplished. To set off an investigation and to create awareness. The article does not say he caused a genocide or that it is happening. It points out that the words used invoked an Easter Message tantamount to a call for Genocide ….. gald you taking it seriously… now please have at it..

      1. Well, duh, Melanie Nathan…

        I have been scouring news sources across the world looking for ANY confirmation at all and I can find NONE.

        “I dont have a voice or film recording. It would be great if someone did have such and it could be provided unedited. My point is if you doubt my article then YOU prove it wrong. ”

        I suspect you are merely an anti-Catholic bigot. YOU prove me wrong.

        (providing corroboration would help. aim told that you are a lawyer so the concept of corroboration should be familiar to you)

        1. Your entire purpose has just unravelled RUARJM and my suspicions confirmed. Your inquiry and bashing at me to reveal sources and provide you with the “PROOF” you would like to see a mere to ruse to accuse me of Catholic bashing. Your motivation now clear for all to see- and one which i suspected at the start of our thread. That said, what you are doing in calling the messenger a bigot is the age old attempt to deflect from the message and the importance of the story. The story reflects the words of the victims and target of religious bigotry and I am the messenger. Yet you ignore their plight, have barely acknowledged their pain or vene for one second reflected any concern on what is really going on in Uganda. there is plenty of support online for the context of all this and much verification for the animosity of clergy in leadership as well as their overt persecution of gays in uganda. Yet you ignore all that to attack Melanie the messenger. Shame on you!!! A mere further indictment to those who you seek to protect by trying to discredit mys sources without any proof that what I deliver is not true.

    2. Please read the article carefully. The wording used by the Bishop is tantamount to a call for Genocide.
      History teaches us to speak out before things escalate.
      The speech is reckless and irresponsible in the context.
      3 sources confirmed.
      if you find otherwise- an unedited and dated taped or film recorded version great lets see it.
      In the meantime I take my sources at their word.
      If you think what I am saying is untrue then the ball is in your court to disprove the statement
      A Tip – start with the Bishop himself and ask what he said… see his response… it will be telling.
      The article has provoked some further sourcing for me which makes me stand by my assertions even stronger.
      I am sure the Bishop will deny his words were intended to cause or suggest a genocide.
      But he is a well traveled smart man and knows where such rhetoric leads…
      have at it..

      1. “If you think what I am saying is untrue then the ball is in your court to disprove the statement”

        You are a lawyer. You have made a serious accusation. If you are any good as a lawyer you should know that it is up to YOU to prove it.

        Go ahead – make my day.

      2. This article appears to be misguided. The author makes bold an serious accusations but fails to back them up! The article contains only a tiny smattering of the bishop’s own words! That’s very suspicious. And when the bishop is quoted, we get this:

        “…lay down greed, corruption and put them to death and let generosity rise up within us and flow out in abundance.”

        This was evidence of a call to genocide?! Obviously the author has a language comprehension issue. The bishop is calling the congregation to put to death their feelings of greed and corruption. This is typical language as followers of Christ are called to “die to self” meaning putting their selfish desires and wants aside to follow Jesus and to serve God and love their neighbour.

        The last thing the above quote was doing was calling for killing homosexuals! This blatant misunderstanding would be downright comical if it wasn’t such a serious accusation.

        1. READ THE ARTICLE AGAIN – you misread…. “lay down greed, corruption and put them to death and let generosity rise up within us and flow out in abundance.”” was a later update by a different member of the clergy…. showing more calls to praise the anti-gay laws from other clergy as reported in the UGANDAN monitor.. I never said it was the Bishop who made that statement. Read it again and you will see who did. Sheez people READ!!

          1. It doesn’t matter how often one reads or re-reads; this ‘article’ (I thought it was a BLOG!?) is still unsubstantiated and uncorroborated, based on anonymous allegation and hearsay.

            1. OK – thats your opinion. Over 45,000 people have now read this article. The Bishop too knows about it. He, not denied using these words publicly. He knows he cant because he said it. And because many many people heard him say it.

              1. I don’t know if you’re aware but millions of flies eat merde and thousands of lemmings jump off cliffs every so often. Heck, people vote Republican. Or Democrat. Doesn’t make them right – and your audience of whatever size cannot all be assumed to be in agreement with you. I am not and I am not alone, even among your commenters.

                It is my firm conviction – based on evidence – that you have an agenda and your own statements indicate that you do not regard truth and accuracy as particularly important in promoting it.

                I am sure you are loving the attention – probably more than you have ever had in your life. Enjoy it while it lasts.

                I have pursued the matter again with the local diocese and impressed upon them that, while they may be unaware, there are scurrilous accusations doing the rounds. The Bishop was at an education board meeting for most of the day; actually, you have really not been regarded as that important. I have tried to get across that this boil should be lanced, sooner the better, but – believe it or not – hunger, women’s rights, education for girls and boys (Uganda is one of the best countries in Africa for that), overcoming tribalism and funding, maintaining and staffing AIDS and other health clinics seem to be higher up the agenda.

                1. And yes I definately have an agenda – to expose religious and other forms of bigotry. please read my BLOG – at your leisure of course – there are plenty of exposures – in fact I veen expose members of the LGBT community where I see an injustice. I write about politicians, religious leaders and all those who persecute people. This includes exposing Red Pepper magazine, University professors who get haters to lecture in their classes, I also help LGBT people into safety who are now in hiding from persecution. I dont see the catholic Church providing shelter in UG to those in hiding – kickec out by family , village leaders, neighbors, fired from jobs, expelled from school just on suspicion of being gay. Where is the catholic Church of Uganda or the world? I have over 30 people I am helping in hiding. plenty of evidence. Well known fact. Check with the US State department – they know whats going on.

                  Yes and all that said not one workd from you for those impacted by the persecutory laws which i am sure you agree with…. your silence on the real issue is deafening. you dont give a damn about persecuted gays, …so I noticed you cared about the victims as long as they are not GAY…

                2. Now, you are just talking excitable crap.

                  You have no idea what I have done for Uganda, Congo, Ruanda or anywhere else. Regardless of people’s sexual orientation. You have no idea what I have done for gay rights, either. I really don’t give a tuppenny one who people go to bed with; it’s none of my business unless someone chooses to make it so. I would certainly not target particular groups for help based on their sexual proclivities, and to hell with the rest of them.

                  You are stirring a pot of poison and you seem to enjoy it. In your Californian smugness you cannot even conceive of the damage you may be doing, with a neo-colonialist, white superiority attitude that simply gets people’s backs up.

                  If you want to find out what the Catholic Church, Anglican Church or other mainstream churches are doing in Uganda – I would recommend going there but that, of course, is out of the question.

                  But it really does not take much investigation, even from 12000 miles away, to learn that the Churches provide most healthcare in the Horn of Africa and have done for decades, in the face of discrimination and hostility from a succession of ruling elites, they provided and staffed the orphanages that looked after the 10s of thousands of AIDS orphans and they have provided education. That is what they have done – but I don’t expect you to even try to find out. Some people find ignorance and prejudice just too comfortable.

                3. Yes I have no idea what you have done – all I know is that you are expending a lot of energy defending bigotted Bishops while you have yet to say one word about those they are persecuting with his stance that the anti-gays laws in Uganda. Not once have you reflected on the victims – I can only deduce your agenda is to protect and agree with their stance. AND THEN you give it all away

                  You give so much of your own bigotry away when you define gays by sexual activity – and that you clearly do when you say:”I really don’t give a tuppenny one who people go to bed with; it’s none of my business unless someone chooses to make it so. ” So YOU are indeed one of those. who thinks same-sex love is ALL and only about the bedroom. Well it is NOT – its about love, life, and companionship – its about sharing electrical bill, rent, looking forward to buying that first home together, growing old together and reclining on the porch with a cup of tea remembering the old times and being thankful that my daughter brought the grand kids over. So you too have conveyed your misconceptions/bigotry/ignorance – call it what u will – by showing how you perceive GAY people.

                4. ” If you can’t find evidence of a conspiracy then you aren’t looking hard enough…”

                5. Oh, my! You have been looking hard!

                  If only you had devoted the same level of effort to substantiating the stuff you laid out three days ago!

                6. lol looking hard – did not take very much… i think yu are a suspicious person because you do not trust yourself. I have always thought that of conspiracy theorists too – so busy conspiring that everytime must be just like them?

                7. Oh and I forgot to thank you for doing all that leg work. It helps my agenda – it really does. The exposure is worldwide and will continue. I dont care if the Ugandan Bishop thinks Melanie Natha is significant or not lol. seriously. The only thing i care about is is getting rid of bad laws that persecute people and askin clergy to speak out against it. Though honored, I dont do my work to be chosen as grand marshal for San Francisco Pride to wave to 2 million people. So really the Bishop is an important man in his country and he must come out against the anti-gay laws. instead he and his colleagues have praised them.

  60. Just curious….what might Pope Francis think of the Archbishop’s little Easter message? Or is the Catholic Church going to once again bury its collective head in the sand like it did with slavery in the US and the Holocaust in Europe?

    Oh…and the Archbishop sure is sportin’ some FAAAAAAAAAABULOUS threads. Don’t all redundantly heterosexual men wish they could dress like that?

  61. As much as I do not like their behavior as gays, I would never shun them from the Church. Where else would they hear a message that the Bible speaks against that behavior then in the Church. They need to pray for the Will of the Lord in their lives and let the Lord lead them to the life they think is right for them. If we shun them from the Church then they would not know the love of God and change their ways….at least in time. I don’t think the Church should ever marry gay people though. That would be carrying it too far. They could not be fruitful and multiply as gays. Amen.

    1. Thank you Donna for your consideration that gays should not be shnunned BUT – “GAYS BEHAVIOR???? ” Gays behave in exactly the same way as straight people. Gay people fall in love – share rent, share water and electircal bills, go to movies together with their partners, pay taxes, do the jobs of doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, scientists, housekeepers, police officers, members of congress, They provide charity, they love their partners for companionship just like straight people do.,

      AND yet they do not say they do not like the behavior of straights!!! Just because they do not like straight sex!!!

      The point is you must stop defining gay people’s relationships as behavior or defining it by what they do in their bedroom. Straight relationships are not defined by the sex – and some of straight sex is pretty damn icky! The laws in uganda seek to outlaw gays from existing or having their relationships. And it is all because of thinking that you seem to tap into. Gay is not a behavior it is a sexual orientation.

      Gays dont want to change you – what gives you the right to want to change them.

      And science has proved that you CANNOT change a person’s sexual orientation. Yes people can abstain fro sex – but surely surely you have no right to judge whta people do in the rpvacy of their hoes and bedrooms.

      AND your statement “They could not be fruitful and multiply as gays” – sorry but I do not understand how you make this statement – I am gay and my parents were straight. Are you saying gay people make more gay people through marriage? I dont get it?

      1. Melanie,

        I am Bishop Pat Buckley from Northern Ireland and I carried your story yesterday about Bishop Wakami in my BLOG calling for “gay genocide” in his Easter message.

        Initially I did not credit you for the story – SORRY – but immediately corrected that when you twittered me.

        I spoke to Bishop Wakami today on the telephone and he denies your story completely.

        Can you provide us with back up and verification for your story?

        +Pat Buckley

        1. Thank yu Pat. I have 2 people who heard him say these words. I expected him to deny the story as there was no recording. Did he deny thanking the President? Did he deny expressing gratitude for :getting rid of gays in Jinja?” Or did he deny his intent to incite Genocide. I have it from 3 sources that he used the words expressed. Perhaps he can provide a recording of his entire speech? I was sure he would deny it.

          1. He denied it to me as well, when I spoke to him about 90 minutes ago.

            He doesn’t know me from Adam, btw.

        2. Also seeing as you were able to make contact – perhaps he would put it in writing to me that he did not say those words. And also perhaps he would go a step further and decry the Jails for Gays for Life Bill in writing to me. It would also be helpful if he would speak out against his clergy colleagues in Uganda who made similar remarks and who were reported in the ugandan Monitor. Thank you for going to this effort.

          1. I am sure that he would have been pleased to give you the information you seek…

            …had you bothered to get in touch with him before publishing allegations that are STILL uncorroborated or supported.

              1. You say that two people told you he called for genocide against gays – but you are unable or unwilling to identify them.

                You now have two people who have spoken to him – independently, I might add – who tell you that he categorically denied any such thing.

                Is that not a tie?

                1. u know i cant reveal sources….. and yes he did say it- another person cam forward so i guess i just broke the tie..

            1. He is NOT telling the truth. Ask for a broadcast of his sermon. Ask for a written declaration condemning Jail the gays Bill. Ask him if he has ever given public thanks for The Anti-Homosexuality Act? Ask him if he is willing to speak out against all those in in the Ugandan Monitor who spoke out at Easter against Gays and praised the Bill. If he is willing to do all that you would have proved my sources wrong and/or he would be making amends to Uganda’s persecuted GAY community, LOL sure he denied it!!

            2. First of all, neither Melanie or I have used this incident as an opportunity or a reason to attack the Roman Catholic Church. Since WE ask to be judged as individuals, WE extend the same to others. It’s the anti-gay crowd that thinks otherwise.

              Second, there are positive news stories. There was a meeting, late last year, between ministers in Uganda and homosexuals there, and the ministers apologized for any wrongs done in the name of this law. The nation is about 1/3 Catholic, 1/3 Anglican, and 1/3 “other.” There is at least one Anglican Bishop that ministers to homosexuals:

              The efforts to “blame the victim” by trying to claim to be the “persecuted Christians” are absurd. I am gay and a Christian. I do treat others as I would have them treat me, and I do “love my neighbors.

              1. “First of all, neither Melanie or I have used this incident as an opportunity or a reason to attack the Roman Catholic Church.”

                Jim, look at the title of the column. Read the column. Who or what else is being attacked? did I miss something?

                1. Well, the title says Melanie is condemning this “message” as it was related to her. I certainly condemn the message, I do not condemn the Roman Catholic Church, either for its current challenges, or for past wrongs done in the name of the Roman Catholic Church, by people who used the name to justify their own brutality and inhumanity to other human beings, to include calls for the murder of non-Trinitarians in several of the creeds of the Catholic Church, the abuse of Jews, the Spanis Inquisition, the Crusades and Hitler’s little party in the 1930’s and ’40’s.

                  I am reminded that over 2,000 CATHOLIC priests were interred and abused by Hitler at the Dachau Concentration Camp, which I have visited. They were Polish and stood against Hitler, as did other clergy in Germany and in Europe. Men and Women of Faith, “Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth.”

                2. I condemn the message. I had promise in the new Pope. I hope he reins in the Ugandan message. That simple… And speaks out against the AHA..maybe not that simple if he tries to use the Ugandan Bishops to do it. I understand the battle. I also acknowledge that a lot of Catholics hid jews and helped them in WWII. Including the grandmother of my daughter who was hidden by a catholic family for 4 years in Holland- though they did abuse her – they saved her life.

        3. Support and opposition to this law, by men and women of Faith, has been split, in Uganda. Candidly, it has been a group of Evangelicals in America – who have a great deal of contempt for the Roman Cathollic Church as an “evil organization,” as well, who have championed this law. But among established churches, there have been those “pro” and “con” on the issue. From that source of sources, Wikipedia:

          “Divisions emerged in the Anglican community however. In response to the Anglican Church of Canada intervention, the Bishop of Karamoja Diocese, Joseph Abura, wrote an editorial saying, “Ugandan Parliament, the watch dog of our laws, please go ahead and put the anti-Gay laws in place. It is then that we become truly accountable to our young and to this country, not to Canada or England. We are in charge!”[83] While the Anglican Church in Uganda opposes the death penalty, its archbishop, Henry Luke Orombi, has not taken a position on the bill.[84] Some individuals within the Anglican church, such as retired bishop Christopher Senyonjo, from the West Buganda diocese, have been vocally opposed to the bill and supportive of LGBT rights in Uganda. In 2010, Bishop Senyonjo was touring the United States to draw attention to the bill.[36]

          “Evangelical organisation Andrew Wommack Ministries declared support for the bill. “I knew this information was wrong and the punishments were vastly exaggerated as is so often the case. I met with the member of parliament responsible for this bill and he gave me his reasoning for introducing this legislation. Uganda had just had the United Nations try to pressure them into passing pro-homosexual legislation in order to obtain a large sum of money offered to them (a bribe). They responded with this legislation in order to stop the strong arm tactics of the pro-homosexual western influence. Would to God American leaders had enough integrity to not be bribed or badgered into compliance. Although I knew the situation was being misrepresented, I didn’t feel qualified to deal with this personally. But Leland Shores who runs our office in Kampala, Uganda is well aware of the details and has written a response worthy of everyone who has an interest in this reading. He has included a letter from over 200 Ugandan Christian leaders explaining the situation.” [85][86]

          “Uganda’s Catholic Archbishop of Kampala Cyprian Lwanga stated in December 2009 that the bill was unnecessary and “at odds with the core values” of Christianity, expressing particular concerns at the death penalty provisions. Lwanga argued that instead homosexuals should be encouraged to seek rehabilitation.[87] For its part, the Holy See has maintained excellent relations with Uganda, with Pope Benedict XVI receiving the Ugandan ambassador in December 2009 and commending the climate of freedom and respect in the country towards the Catholic Church. During this meeting, there was no mention of the anti-homosexuality bill.[88] However, three days earlier the Vatican legal attaché to the United Nations stated that “Pope Benedict is opposed to ‘unjust discrimination’ against gay men and lesbians”.[89]”

  62. Is the UGANDAN INQUISITION the Church’s new version of the Spanish Inquisition?

    I wonder if their stand about pedophile priests is as strict?

    And just think–this is all done in the name of God.

    So many sick, misguided, ignorant people there are in the world.

  63. Yes, I would call this an effort in “genocide,” targeting a group for imprisonment and extermination, calling for their children “to be turned over to the government?!?”

    If it was said, it is sad. As to whether these statements were made by the Bishop, I’d love to hear a public denial. I am sure such a sentiment would not be endorsed by this Pope. Unlike the Anglican Church, the Catholic Church does and should speak with one voice.

      1. Yes I do, however an opinion – as opposed to a fact – is not a “witness” of anything. “You are entitled to your own opinions, you are not entitled to your own facts.”

        The definition of “genocide” is fairly open, and this fits the description. From that “source of all sources,” Wikipedia: “Genocide is the systematic destruction of all or part of a racial, ethnic, religious or national group.[1] What constitutes enough of a “part” to qualify as genocide has been subject to much debate by legal scholars.[2][3] While a precise definition varies among genocide scholars, a legal definition is found in the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG). Article 2 of this convention defines genocide as “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”[4]”

        You can commit genocide by killing ALL or PART of a group. Homosexuals are a PART of the nation of Uganda, as they are part of all nations. They are arresting, imprisoning, torturing and murdering a selective part of their own nation.

        My statement is not all that unusual in Africa. In Zimbabwe, the vile Robert Mugabe and his political supporters engaged in what has been called “politicide.” They literally slaughtered people of opposition parties, in droves. It was an “ethnic” or “religious” or “national” group, but the intent was the same.

        1. “Yes I do, however an opinion – as opposed to a fact – is not a “witness” of anything”

          Yes, it is. If it is voiced – I.e., borne.

  64. Has anybody referred to the book: Boy-Wives and Female Husbands: Studies of African Homosexualities. This body of work represents the most extensive cross-cultural scholarship on African homosexuality. Read what these Scholarly Anthropologists have to say about homosexuality deeply rooted in Ugandan Culture!

    Also, you might suggest to those singing the praises of Yoweri Museveni that they do a search on the web for the word “Scapegoat” and read how almost all societies do this as
    a means of keeping hidden society’s evil deeds and the guilt associated.

    1. Amen, Fr. Abbot. These efforts to discriminate against gays are largely distractions. Perhaps the politicians are pandering to the crowd, in an effort to doge the news story, in 2012, about the “Swiss Bank Accounts” of Ugandan and other East African elected officials, as reported in the East African, which I think is the BEST weekly news magazine out there.

      In fairness to the Ugandans, I am a gay, U.S. Soldier with the U.S. Army (views expressed do not represent the U.S. Department of Defense or any component thereof). I am happy to have worked with the Ugandan Army to promote human rights, and they have come a long way. I have participated with them in anti-HIV/AIDS training for officers. I am happy for their recent human rights transformation and for their work on Somalia against al Shebaab, but saddened by this turn of events.

      I will look up the book. I’ve wanted to know, for quite some time.

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  66. Well, of course, none of it is true, unless the Red Pepper reports it.

    For those of you in Uganda, I expect you are laughing, by now. . .

    For those of you outside Uganda, think “The National Inquirer” or “The Star” at your local grocery store checkout line.

  68. Melanie, I am amazed at your energy to maintain dialogue with so many people who are still on the road towards accepting difference and diversity.
    My reading of the Bible informs me that I am not the one to do any judging – I can only to leave that to God. Grace, however, is the focus of the New Testament – undeserved, overflowing grace to sinners.
    Thanks so much for your activism.

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  74. Don’t expect understanding, or compassion or forgiveness from the Catholic Church. As far as I can see, it’s still in the dark ages. They still discriminate between men and women for god’s sake! Then they abuse the women and deny them their human rights. Look how they criminalised Jesus’s wife and proclaimed her to be a prostitute.

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