Hate crime charges for anti-gay graffiti at UC Berkeley

Man charged with hate crime for anti-gay graffiti at UC Berkeley

Anthony Garcia, 23, of Huntington Park, Calif. was booked on a felony hate crime charge after UC Berkeley after officers spotted him spray painting anti-gay graffiti on campus buildings over the weekend, UC Berkeley police said Tuesday.

Garcia of Huntington Park was booked on a hate crime charge after officers caught him following a foot chase on Saturday night. During the chase, police said Garcia fell and cut his forehead. Garcia is not enrolled as a student at UC Berkeley, police said. Police said Garcia, and another suspect who got away, spray painted the graffiti on La Ka Shing Center for Biomedical Sciences, Mulford Hall and a campus tree.

If anyone has information contact Berkeley police. It is always good news to hear that someone got caught in the act, rather than to keep wondering which trash is invested in such hate.

  • Man charged with hate crime for anti-gay graffiti at UC Berkeley (mercurynews.com)

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