Pastor sentenced to federal prison in Vermont lesbian custody dispute

Virginia pastor Kenneth Miller receives up to 27 months but is released pending appeal

By Cathy Kristofferson, March 04, 2013.

Burlington Free Press

Burlington Free Press

The Burlington Free Press is reporting that Virginia pastor Kenneth Miller has been sentenced in the lesbian custody case that led to one mother, Lisa Miller, fleeing the country with the pastor’s help rather than share custody of their daughter with her former civil union partner Janet Jenkins.

Miller, the renounced lesbian turned conservative Christian, moved to Virginia denying court ordered visitation rights to her former partner.  Jenkins has still not been reunited with her daughter who is believed to be in Nicaragua with Miller.

Melanie Nathan, who has reported extensively on this case, commented that “They should put him away until Janet Jenkins is reunited with her daughter.”

Burlington Free Press:

A Virginia pastor convicted of helping a woman flee the country rather than share custody of her daughter with her former lesbian partner was sentenced Monday to 21 to 27 months in federal prison, but he was released pending an appeal, a judge has ruled.

The Rev. Kenneth Miller has shown no remorse and enjoys the fame the case has brought, federal prosecutors say in court documents filed before Monday afternoon’s sentencing hearing. The government asked that he be given 2½ to three years in prison.

Three years is the maximum Miller could serve for his role in the 2009 flight to Nicaragua of Lisa Miller and her now 10-year-old daughter, Isabella. Kenneth Miller was convicted on a charge of aiding in international parental kidnapping. The Millers are not related.

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Note: Kenneth Miller is not related to Lisa Miller.
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    […] The LGBT community in the U.S.A. should be up in arms over the fact that a U.S. District Court Judge released convicted felon, Pastor Kenneth Miller, pending his appeal, after he was sentenced to 27 months in prison, for aiding and abetting a mother to flee the U.S. after she had kidnapped her daughter, to defy Court ordered visitation with the other lesbian mother. (See Yesterday’s article Pastor sentenced to federal prison in Vermont lesbian custody dispute) […]

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