Ugandan anti-gay pastors hold hate rally next to gay hero David Kato’s grave

Rev.Thomas Musoke who interrupted David Kato’s burial holds an anti gay rally next door to David’s burial grounds.

“Say No To Homosexuality” Campaign officially launched

By Melanie Nathan, March 31, 2013.

Ugandan Pastors Solomon Male & Rev. Musoke are conducting an anti gay rally next door to David Kato ‘s burial grounds in Mukono Uganda to not only further persecute LGBTI Ugandans, calling for hate in the name of Christianity, but also to insult the memory of a great hero and to further the pain already felt by a mother who lost her beloved son.

The pastors are accusing the Ugandan government of failing to pass the Anti-homosexuality bill, in an incoherent comment: “the bill in parliament is brought by homosexuals to fight us, fight against it. Join us against homosexuality. Gov’t has failed” is what one observer has noted in a tweet.

Male is the pastor who was recently found guilty in a Uganda court and sentenced to community service and fines along with fervently gay hating Pastors Martin Sempa, Pr Michael David Kyazze,  Pr Robert Kaira,  and others, for conspiring to tarnish the reputation and trade of Pr Robert Kayanja.

Male’s current anti-gay attack assaults the memory and the surviving mother, of the late David Kato Kisule, who was a Ugandan teacher and LGBT rights activist, considered a father of Uganda’s gay rights movement and described as “Uganda’s first openly gay man.”  He served as advocacy officer for Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG). Kato was murdered in 2011, shortly after winning a lawsuit against a magazine which had published his name and photograph identifying him as gay and calling for him to be executed.

Kato has been revered around the world as hero for his work to help persecuted and oppressed LGBTI people in Uganda.  Although his murderer was tried and convicted, receiving a light 30 year sentence, the case did not seek the truth that lay behind the murder of this gay hero.

His burial place is considered hallowed ground for LGBTI human rights defenders around the world. Today  anti-gay pastors held an anti-homosexuality rally near the grave.

Wikipedia notes the controversy surrounding Kato’s funeral:

Kato’s funeral was held on January 28, 2011, in Nakawala. Present at the funeral were family, friends and co-activists, many of whom wore t-shirts bearing his photo in front, the Portuguese “la [sic] luta continua” in the back and having rainbow flag colors inscribed onto the sleeves.However, the Christian preacher at the funeral preached against the gays and lesbians present, making comparisons to Sodom and Gomorrah, before the activists ran to the pulpit and grabbed the microphone from him, forcing him to retreat from the pulpit to Kato’s father’s house. An unidentified female activist angrily exclaimed “Who are you to judge others?” and villagers sided with the preacher as scuffles broke out during the proceedings. Villagers refused to bury Kato at his burial place; the task was then undertaken by his friends and co-workers, most of whom were gay. In place of the preacher who left the scene after the fighting, excommunicated Anglican Church of Uganda bishop Christopher Senyonjo officiated Kato’s burial in the presence of friends and cameras.

While the Ugandan anti-homosexual pastors accuse others of “promoting homosexuality” it would seem they are in fact the ones drawing attention to homosexuality through opportunities like this where they seek fit to show gay pornography, which has very little to do with loving gay and lesbian relationships – One human rights defender and observer at the rally tweets:-

“Pastor Male showing a magazine with ‘Gayporn’ pictures. Man in crowd shouts “wabilyako” lol. Do i see kids at the rally? Whoa!”

Human rights defenders tweet on the rally:

Pastor demonstrates how #homos have sex, man in crowd shouts “how do u know if u don’t do it? Stop encouraging our curiosity, u fake person” Pastor Male says the rally is held near DKK’s because David sodomized Paul Kagaba – Male’s assistant.

Continues to drop names of homos Pastor Male drops name of homosexuals @KashaJacqueline @vicmukasa @SMUG2004 smuglist is endless. #notohomosexualityrally in Mukono

Pastor Male speaking now, says #pastors Kayanja and Kiwewesi as homosexuals. Mentions Bishop Senyonjo as a promoter of #homosexualityrally Pastor Male and Rev. Musoke convening an anti gay rally next door to DKK’s burial grounds.

Breaking News : Pastors Male & Rev. Musoke convening an anti gay rally next door to David Kato ‘s burial grounds in Mukono Uganda.

Pastor Male has reiterated that Namataba and Nagojje will not be a tourist site for foreigners to come and pay pilgrimage to homosexuality.

Pastor Male “the bill in parliament is brought by homosexuals to fight us, fight against it. Join us against homosexuality. Gov’t has failed”

Nalongo [editor note: David’s mum] is at home. Can’t evacuate her without her consent. She wants to stay close to her son, made sure nothing is happening to her and her home. Officer in -Charge police post Namataba is aware she needs protection.

#saynottohomosexuality campaign officially launched in Namataba, Nagojje Mukono District by #PastorMale and #Rev.ThomasMusoke

Update 12:40ET:  “Safely leaving Namataba from witnessing the launch of #saynotohomosexuality campaign by Pastor Male and Rev. Thomas Musoke of Namataba Parish where my colleague and friend David Kato was laid to rest. His mother is weary but strong and safe. Thanks for your prayers.”

14 thoughts on “Ugandan anti-gay pastors hold hate rally next to gay hero David Kato’s grave

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  2. I know it helps nobody but I am crying. One can just get speechless to see how evil these people can be. Its shocking 😦

  3. My friend Pepe Julian Onziema, a Ugandan Transman, and I have just launched our Kickstarter Project to produce a film about LGBTI life in Uganda to be shown primarily in Uganda.
    We are almost at 11%. If we hit 20% of our goal, Kickstarter says we have an 80% chance of success. Please help us reach 20% by asking your friends to support us as well.

    thanks Pepe + tim

  4. HI Melanie. Reading about this mess, I feel great sadness. I cannot imagine. Melanie, what can I do? There has to be something I can do. As we get closer to our rights in the US….I know we must try to help our fellow brothers and sisters. Good karma must be passed along. If not, eventually, curtains for all of us.

    1. Rod, I wish I knew the answer. We must remain alert, spread the word – and demand that religious communities around the world speak out!

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  8. This makes me sick whenever i get to think about it, but its now very obvious that PASTOR MALE and GROUP put a hand it Martyr DAVID s death, and we have no question about this investigations should be carried out on these so called pastors,
    unless the government is behind them but they should be questioned why of all places they choose David”;s .

  9. Thanks for the update, Melanie. I heard rumours in London, but this brings it to life. It’s a sickening circus of self-serving hatred. Good for the bloke in the crowd who heckled – just about sums it up! The pastors sound so impotent and inarticulate. There was an interesting and encouraging article a few days before that, about how much all Kato’s neighbours miss him:
    Confirms what I’ve long suspected: that the majority of Ugandans are not violently homophobic, but have their heads twisted by the hate-bloc. Yours, in exile, DC

    1. Please support Pepe Julian Onziema’s Kickstarter Project. Pepe holds David Kato’s job now at SMUG

  10. It is amazing how there still so many dumb stupid people.
    It’s clearly that this guy is Gay! Oh, and how n the world does he knows how gay people have sex??? Uuuuuh! I have to say… Busted big time.
    He’s looking for attention.
    I feel so sorry for the Gay people there. It’s sad.
    I’m just speechless .

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