Report says Uganda likely to have violent instablity 2014

75px-Coat_of_Arms_of_UgandaBy Melanie Nathan, April 06, 2013.

Uganda is “at risk of violent instability” come next year (2014), a US Intelligence threat assessment report has stated. This report is released every four years after the US President is elected, by the National Intelligence Council, and it names Uganda among 14 other countries that risk becoming a failed state, given their potential for conflict and environmental evils, which in Uganda includes poor governance, corruption and poverty.

“Throughout Africa, violence, corruption, and extremism pose challenges to US interests in 2013. African countries are vulnerable to political crises, democratic backsliding, and natural disasters. ”

“The region endures the chronic pressures of weak governance, ethnic cleavages, and active rebel groups. US Government-sponsored modeling suggests that Burundi, Congo (Kinshasa), and Uganda are all at risk of violent instability during the next year.”

Since 2008, Uganda has deployed troops across Congo, South Sudan, and Central African Republic to pursue Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), with US assistance, including approximately 100 US military advisors. While LRA foot soldiers terrorize civilians in the region, Joseph Kony and his top lieutenants evade detection and tracking by keeping low profiles and moving in scattered bands across a remote region.

The report can be read here:

  • Kony 2013: Uganda suspends hunt for fugitive warlord (

2 thoughts on “Report says Uganda likely to have violent instablity 2014

  1. I the Gorvernment has selfish, and ingnorant citzens then we cant STOP having selfish and ingnorant LEADERS, Thought the minorities have come out with a very designed master piece of mind to help.

  2. If the Government continues to have selfish and ingnorant citzens, then we cant avoid to have selfish and ingnorant LEADERS too. though the minorities have shown a very organised master piece of mind to help the innocent

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