Freedom for Russia & Ukraine D.C. Rally to End the Gulag Olympics & LGBT persecution.

By Cathy Kristofferson, February 22, 2014

photo51kToday in Washington, D.C. activists are protesting for “Freedom for Russia & Ukraine Rally and End the Gulag Olympics, End LGBT persecution.”  The action was called by Spectrum Human Rights Alliance to support Russian & Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom and human rights! This action is also to commensurate the end of the “Gulag” Olympic games in Sochi and to amplify support for LGBT rights in Russia.

The situation in Ukraine remains volatile.  As many as 100 protesters have been killed in clashes over the last couple of days despite attempts at a “truce”. Today the Ukrainian Parliament impeached President Viktor Yanukovich hours after he abandoned his offices to protesters.

The Sochi Olympic Games, marred by human rights and environmental violations from the get go, will be wrapping up tomorrow. Look for actions near you to “properly” commemorate the Closing Ceremonies. I know Queer Nation NY will be out in force!

Update from event organizers: “Spectrum Human Rights Alliance activists burned down photos of Putin & his homophobic gang of the lawmakers who authored infamous anti-gay laws. Dozens of people gathered on DuPont Circle in Washington, DC to watch the images embedded inside the Olympic rings to go up in flames. This action was designed to remind the West to keep up the international pressure on Putin’s government after the end of the Olympic games in Sochi.”

Enjoy the pics of their fun!




photo31k photo11k



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