Ugandan Pastor Arrested in Museveni Anti-Democratic Clampdown

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Pastor Happy Ngabo under arrest by dictator Museveni

In a clampdown move by the Museveni dictatorship and in sharp contrast to the democracy the Ugandan ruling administration expects the world to believe, Ugandan Police have shockingly arrested a city pastor on his way to deliver prayer.

Pastor Happy Ngabo, Clergy for the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) , was arrested this morning while on his way to the FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi where he was going to lead the ‘free my vote campaign’ prayers. The campaign started by the FDC party to elucidate dissatisfaction with the February general elections, is under attack by the Museveni regime.

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Pastor Happy Ngabo under arrest by dictator Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni of the NRM was reelected into a 30th year of rule, amidst serious and legitimate allegations of voter suppression, election fraud and political oppression of the opposition candidates, through the unconstitutional breaches of democratic principles such as curbing of freedom of speech, press, social media and the people’s right to assembly.

For over two months now, FDC leaders and members have converged at their Party Headquarters every Tuesday for prayers. The prayers are reportedly meant to prevail over God who should in turn help them regain their former Presidential Candidate, Dr Kiiza Besigye’s ‘victory’ that was allegedly stolen by the President elect, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Press reports allege that the Police in arresting the Pastor and two others,  were following the orders of the Supreme Court which apparently banned the so called “defiance campaign” last week.

Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma on Friday, issued an interim order to stop opposition leader, Dr. Besigye and his Party, from holding the planned peaceful demonstration at Nakivubo Blue Primary School scheduled for Thursday May 5th.  Apparently, Justice Kavuma sneaked an additional ban into the order,  stopping the party’s ‘Free My Vote’ Tuesday prayers as well as banning media houses from carrying any coverage of the same.

Immediately after the release of the interim order, Dr. Besigye told the media that Justice Kavuma’s ruling was unjust and that they, as a Party, would defy it.

Upon his arrest, Ngabo was briefly detained at Katwe Police Station from where he is reported to have been transferred to yet unidentified location. Meanwhile police have staged a blockade at Najjanankumbi and are not allowing any one to enter the FDC party premises.


Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 1.36.02 PMIn an added twist to this story, the Pastor’s wife , Pastor Sandra Katebalirwe Ngabo, took to Twitter blaming the death and injuries from a lightening strike at the State House, Entebbe, the official residence of Museveni, on the detention of her husband. Upon his arrest, the wife took to social media, claiming that God had earlier revealed to them the ‘ugly’ developments:

“It’s well; God revealed it to us before hand and all is in plan so we are strong! Shame upon the Loser! The Devil! God is mighty to save Deut 29:29 whatsoever is revealed to us God has empowered us to face and overcome it!”

“God is working in mysterious ways. Have you heard, Lightening just struck Statehouse and some soldiers are reported dead, others in critical condition? Touch not that which is anointed! The fight is now on another level! Daniel was thrown in the den of lions and he survived but those that conspired to throw him there, once they were thrown in and their families none survived! Watch this space!”


Pastor Happy David Ngabo was thrust into the public eye about a month ago, when the Forum for Democratic Change started its weekly prayers as part of the “Free My Vote” campaign.

It is Pastor Ngabo’s fiery sermons that point at injustices purportedly committed by government that have caught the attention of Ugandans, especially those who support the opposition.

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By Melanie Nathan
[email protected]

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3 thoughts on “Ugandan Pastor Arrested in Museveni Anti-Democratic Clampdown

  1. Iam calling upon all religious leaders to come out and criticize the torture of civilians by the regime.

    1. Too many religious leaders are in Museveni’s pocket and have longed turned their backs on real human rights for Ugandans. Lets see who has courage and lets see who sits in Lucifer’s corrupt lap!

    2. James mugabe don’t even talk about Ugandan religious leaders most of the M7 is the source of income and they do what he says

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