Video Proof that UK Christian Extremist Shinners Supported Kill the Gays Bill

Paul Shinners lie finally exposed after he tried to accuse me of defamation

By Melanie Nathan, June 25, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.56.26 PMSince exposing Paul Shinners, the U.K. St. Neots owner of Cornerstone Christian Coffee and Bookstore,  as an Evangelical Christian extremist, who spoke at the Ugandan New Years Eve Rally, commending Ugandans for their legislative stance against homosexuality, Shinners attempted to accuse me of defaming him, and tried to distance himself from the clear anti-gay speech he made at the Uganda rally.He used local journalists to try and further his claims of defamation and never once took ownership of his words. Now activist and blogger DB Law has uncovered this explosive  video that Paul Shinners wanted to pretend never existed. We now have evidence emblazoning the Shinners hate in history, forever.

At the time of making the speech where he actively promoted the Anti- homosexuality Act, Shinners knew very well that the much publicized Bill was known as “The Kill the Gays Bill,” as it had a death penalty for so called aggravated homosexuality.

Hence I advance my assertion to note that Paul Shinners believes LGBT people should receive the death penalty.

Shinners and I communicated by e-mail after I wrote my article which exposed his speech at the December 31, 2012 rally. Every word now a sure lie. And it is now abundantly clear from this shocking video, where he does nothing more than openly incite hatred against gays. 

After we e-mailed Shinners tried to counteract the truth of his hate with the following statement on his own blog:

Supporter of The Kill the Gays Bill Paul Shinners
Supporter of The Kill the Gays Bill Paul Shinners

The purpose of my visit on the 31st December 2012 to The 7th National Day of Prayer in Uganda was simply to preach the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which I did.This event is a New Year’s celebration for Christians and non Christians alike. It is NOT an anti-gay rally as has been wrongly stated on Facebook.I am NOT HOMOPHOBIC. Never have been. Never will. I have NEVER ever made any homophobic comments. As Christians we follow the commands which Jesus taught, to LOVE GOD AND LOVE PEOPLE. That means ALL PEOPLE, irrespective of race, colour or sexuality. I do not and will not support any legislation or law which condemns anyone on the basis of the above criteria. However, It is also not right to slander or demonise Christians on Facebook. I would ask that people respect my staff and customers at Cornerstone. We had to close the shop on Saturday 5th January as they were frightened to come in. This is not right. I hope that this clarifies our position.”

Sorry to inform you Mr. Shinners, but I think most Christians reading this and hearing the video below will agree that you did anything BUT preach the “the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ”.

In the video you can also hear Shinners attack President Obama for his stand against the Anti-Homosexuality Act. 

Paul Shinners is an official inciter and promoter of the “Kill the Gays Bill” –  and he can take great pride amongst his fellow Christian extremists that they have all joined together and succeeded in ensuring the enactment of this law that they supported.You only have to hear the response of the crowd and Shinner’s feeding off the accolade.

They have helped to incite and enact as law that, even though now provides life in prison for gays and lesbians, instead of the death penalty, is still the underpin for an extraordinary amount of violence and persecution of gays in Uganda. Since the Bill passed, upon Mr. Shinners approval, over 165 cases of severe persecution have been reported by Uganda’s LGBT community. These cases include banishment, excommunications, evictions, firings, assaults, torture, and mob violence.

I wonder – maybe Shinners is sorry the death penalty is out – perhaps we should ask him – because he certainly supported the BILL when the death penalty was iin.)

I was contacted by several journalists at the time I exposed Mr. Shinners in the western press – and here is an example of the kind of avoidance and run around the liar gave to journalists trying to ascertain whether the words I said were uttered by him or not:

“I have just spent 90 minutes with Paul going through things from his end and I had a look at his preaching notes from that day (although he spoke without notes I believe). To be quite honest with you it seems to me, given what there is to go on (i.e. one newspaper report), that it is possible he was quoted either out of context or incorrectly. The Daily Monitor appears to be vehemently pro the legislation so it is not hard to imagine their motivation for getting a white, British person quoted in this way. I’m currently on the hunt for any other reports or evidence. I must say it is surprising there are no other recordings, reports or videos of such a big event. A recording say, could clear up the whole question quite succinctly.”  Edward Curwen – Cambridge News.

I am now able to inform this reporter and the many others who contacted me that we now have the video.

Two other bloggers Barry Duke and DB Law picked up my post and believed me, whereas other non LGBT reporters were skeptical of my claims and Shinners told them he had demanded an apology from me. Let me say this I now demand an apology from Shinners as does the entire global LGBT community to include UK, USA and most importantly, Uganda and the rest of Africa.


Barry Duke, editor of the atheist magazine Freethinker, and the human rights campaigner Melanie Nathan, who writes the blog, insisted they were right to post the items about Cornerstone Cafe owner Paul Shinners on their respective websites.

The pair alleged that Mr Shinners had said that Uganda, the country he was visiting, would be “blessed” if it passed the controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill – a claim Mr Shinners vehemently denies.

However, Ms Nathan said she would not apologise for the post and said Mr Shinners had not contacted her directly to ask for an apology.

“There is no question about it in my mind at all,” she said. “He stood on that stage and spoke those words.”

Ms Nathan said she used “blogger’s licence” to report his words as quoted by The Daily Monitor newspaper in Uganda. She said she did not contact him to ask him about his remarks until after she had posted the piece.

Mr Shinners says the quote was not related to the anti-gay bill and that she and Mr Duke should have contacted him first for an explanation.

“People picked it up and ran with it,” Ms Nathan said. “I’m actually really glad it went where it did. People from his local area started to ask questions about the guy in their midst.”

Mr Duke, who lives in Spain, said: “He hasn’t explained an awful lot about how that comment came about. If he has a genuine, plausible explanation I would be more than happy to discuss with him, carry a statement to that effect and blog it accordingly.”

I have no doubt that this video now firmly places Shinners on our persecutor haters list here in the U.S.A.. I will be providing his name to the State Department to ensure that he too is placed on the persona non grata blacklist. He will never be allowed to travel to the United States – let us see how the United Kingdom’s activists choose to deal with him now.

Here is DB Law’s website where he first released the uncovered video



MY LETTER TO SHINERS JAN 2014 giving him an opprtunity to speak out against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill before it was signed into law, and to exert his influence in Uganda. He refused and failed, instead standing by the law.:

Dear Mr. Shinners,

In Dec 2013, the Ugandan Parliament passed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Over a year ago, you stood on a Ugandan stage at a Christmas Rally and together with a group of anti-gay Ugandan Pastors, called for the passing of the AHB. You stood on that stage with them and heard their rhetoric and then you stood up and endorsed the Bill publicly, providing it with your blessing, knowing that the Bill had the death penalty for homosexuals attached at that time.

Over a year ago, you were taken to task by both Mr. Daniel Law and me. At that time you did not deny what you had said and done on that stage and you said you would provide a statement to clarify your views on homosexuality, which you have, to date, not provided. Now a year has gone by and the BILL passed Uganda’s Parliament. You could have established a driving Christian force to prevent its passage, but you failed.

Now President Museveni has just received the Bill. He has 2o some days left to assent to it if he chooses to do so. There is still time, albeit minimal, for you to exert your influence in Uganda, toward thwarting this Bill, but you continue to remain silent.

While prior to its passage, it may not have been as easy to attach your words and actions, directly to the persecution of gays in Uganda, – however now that it has passed, we can. You join Scott Lively, Lou Engle, Ssempa and others, in being one of the Christian pastors who have called for its passage. And so you have officially joined the ranks of those who persecute LGBT people in Uganda, with a stemming tide to the rest of Africa. Your support for the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is clearly on the record and it has now passed. I do not think you realize just hwo important this is and how profound your voice for change can be. But then you probably want the Bill to continue to its final enactment, as that is what you suggested on that stage.

Unless you speak up during the course of this week, your opportunity to impact the Bill’s demise will be completely over and you will continue to be holding hands with Lively, Engle and Ssempa on this.

Unless I hear from you and unless you provide a formal retraction of your support for the BILL, together with an apology to the Ugandan Gay community for what you did on that stage, within 72 hours of this e-mail, I will presume you stand by what you said and the impact of your actions moving forward.

After 72 hours, I plan to evaluate the following:-

1. Pursue the investigation of crimes against humanity under International, UK, USA, EU laws in similar fashion to what we did here in the USA with Scott Lively, in SMUG vs. Lively, as undertaken by the Center for Constitutional Rights (;
2. Pursue including you on the developing Magnitsky-type list of LGBT persecutors denied entry into the USA;
3. Pursue civil lawsuits as are available to the people directly impacted by your persecutory actions.

Now we all know you are entitled to your belief and your interpretations of scripture. However surely that should be kept for Churches and not used to create civil laws that jail people. What you cannot do is directly involve yourself in legislation or other actions that serves to persecute people through jail and death, a complete violation of their basic human rights, even if in the name of your interpretation of scripture. What happened to respecting freedom of religion? That means those who do not adhere to your belief should not be imposed upon through civil laws that turn them into criminals because you say your “Bible says so?”.

It is my opinion that you have directed your attacks against gays in uganda, while hiding behind your interpretation of scripture and persecuted by actions to impact civil law, disguised as preaching. That rally was nothing more than an effective call to lynch gays and you were there.

Now is your chance to make amends.


SHINNERS’ RESPONSE:  via [email protected]:

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 4.28.34 PM

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