GSA Day for Racial Justice

LGBTQ youth are taking action today–GSA Day for Racial Justice–to fight for our future and celebrate the multiple identities we hold. GSA Day for Racial Justice is more than just a day of action.  It has become a movement of LGBT youth who are fighting to end state violence against black lives, who educate each other on sexual health and wellness, and who understand that gender is a social construct that limits people in all races and ethnicities.

The movement is rapidly expanding.  Youth are emerging from the deep South in Mississippi, Arkansas and Georgia; native communities in New Mexico; urban cities like Long Beach, Philadelphia and New York; and in diverse communities like Hawaii.

No matter where we come from, youth are united in the fight to challenge homophobia and transphobia beyond the classroom and redefine how we use our GSA clubs to create social justice and change.

Will you join us? Stay up to date with actions around the country, share your #GSAs4RJ story on social media, and give now to fuel the movement.  We’re counting on your support today.

Through the end of February, we will draw inspiration from the past to fight for our future and give rise to Black Future Legends. Stay connected as we continue to build the next generation of LGBTQ+ leaders.

Strengthen the GSA movement now! Take Action, Share and Give!

GSA Network Director of National programs
#BlackFutureLegends   #GSADay4RJ  #GSAs4justice


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