San Francisco Groups to Protest Trump Hate Fest and Violence

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.55.22 AMFrom many of our perspectives,  Donald Trump is promoting a series of hate fests at his Presidential campaign rallies. San Francisco activists are getting together to protest Trump and his underlying message which is serving to promote violence, corporate greed, homophobia, Islamophobia and anti-immigrant sentiment.


Here is the Press Release:

San Francisco to Protest Trump Rally Violence

San Francisco – Activists and community will join together outside Trump Luxury Towers, in San Francisco, at noon on Tuesday March 15, to protest the violence, the corporate greed, the racism, the homophobia, Islamophobia and the anti-immigrant sentiment that Donald Trump has been promoting at his presidential campaign rallies, all across the United States.

The activists assert that Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump,  has been directly inciting violence at his rallies, using the power of the presidential election campaign process as his stage.

Trump quotes which are inciting violence against rally attendees of color and against those who are peacefully protesting his policies, include: “Knock the crap out of him”; Get him out “Bye-Bye”; “You know what we used to do, carry them out on a stretcher”; “I would like to punch them in the face, I tell ‘ya.”

This incitement has led directly to actual violence at Trump rallies. One incident that stands out is where a white man, unprovoked, lashed out and punched an African American, hitting him in the face, while the man was being led out in the supposed safe custody of security. After the event the man said: “Next time we see him we may have to kill him.”   There have now been several assaults and injuries sustained at Trump rallies. These tend to be racially motivated. When asked to denounce the violence, Trump doubles down and says its well deserved.

“Donald Trump’s behavior, in the name of seeking the US presidency, is so outrageous that we must speak out, now,” says Melanie Nathan, of the African Human Rights Coalition. This type of rhetoric is harmful, not only to the minorities that he targets, but also to the country as a whole. Trump is hurting our country’s image. It is no wonder that he has attracted endorsements and attendees from the KKK. Surely that speaks volumes,” said Nathan.

A highlight at the event will be a Trump pinata, with a big head that will be draped in a KKK white hood, will be whacked to emphasize the KKK support and the hateful violence that is emanating at Trump Rallies.


Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 2.10.54 PMWHERE: Trump Tower San Francisco, 555 California Street, San Francisco, CA

WHEN: March 15, 12:15 – 1:00 PM

HIGHLIGHT: A Trump pinata, with a big head that will be draped in a KKK white hood, will be whacked to express our dismay over Trump’s hateful and dangerous agenda.

BRING SIGNS: Be creative!

Contacts: Melanie Nathan:
African Human Rights Coalition
[email protected]


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