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Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr. as a leader in equality for all

Believing that Dr. Martin Luther King would have stood for marriage equality. By Melanie Nathan, April 04, 2013. When Dr. Marin Luther King, Jnr. was assassinated on April 04, 1968,  I was a small child in South Africa, living apartheid.  I came to the United States in 1985, before apartheid ended, expecting a country that […]

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Equality is waiting, History is watching….

How long will we have to wait to get our Constitution’s promise of  Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? By Cathy Kristofferson, March 20, 2013. The United in Marriage: Light the Way to Justice coalition has reached 160+ events in all 50 states and Washington D.C.  before and during the Supreme Court oral arguments […]

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Video Hillary Clinton talks about the importance of marriage equality

‘That more perfect union promised to us all” Hillary Clinton By Melanie Nathan and Cathy Kristofferson, March 18, 2013. Former Secretary of State speaks out about marriage equality and respect for LGBT Americans, through her international experience and as a mother. “Full and Equal rights and deserve full citizenship -“ Marriage is a fundamental building […]

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Gay LGBT Leadership must take note as President Obama establishes the cue for Full Equality

The President gives the cue will our leadership follow?  – A FULL EQUALITY BILL is the imperative benchmark; The  Omnibus! Civil Rights Act Amendment to include Gender, Sexual orientation and Gender identity  – if South Africa can do it so can we.. At least set the benchmark. By Melanie Nathan, January 22, 2013. Yesterday, Barack […]

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THE LGBTQI PINK PRINT – A Liberation Plan for Gay USA

Simplicity in the name of a movement By   MELANIE NATHAN, April 10, 2010 What happened to our LGBTQI movement?  Since 1970, post Stonewall ?   We have a quest for gay marriage rights, we have a quest for social security, we have a quest for immigration equality, to serve openly in the military, to […]

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Ask your Congress Members to Redeem Themselves….

      This is what we need to see more of – We should urge all those who voted for DOMA to now co-sponsor its repeal under the new Respect for Marriage Act introduced this week by Rep. Jerrold Nadler.     Proudly changing my position on DOMA (Rep. Earl Blumenauer  By Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) […]

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Calling for Leadership to Move LGBT Legislation Forward

This past week I was interview by Matthew S. Bajko of the Bay Area Reporter and here is a piece from the column – Article which can be found at http://www.ebar.com/news/article.php?sec=news&article=4188: Political Notebook: LGB pressure builds on Boxer, Feinstein        Published 09/10/2009 Bay Area Reporter: by Matthew S. Bajko “It is unlikely she will face a Democratic […]

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AJR 15 -California on its way in Support of UAFA

Today, together with Gina Capiro, I had the great honor of providing testimony on behalf of the thousands of binational same-sex partners, for Resolution AJR 15 which in essence will serve to provide California‘s legislature’s support of the Uniting American Families Act and equality in the immigration laws of the US, for same-sex permanent partners.  A […]

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