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Shocking persecution of lesbian couple and mother by Republican Judge

By Melanie Nathan, May 17, 2013. Morality clauses are hardly enforceable in divorce agreements to start with, and so imagine when a Judge knowingly orders such a clause in a divorce judgment that in essence forces partners apart because the law fails to allow them to marry. Well, while the couple in this story is […]

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Maine and California – “BAN DIVORCE” – next obvious step for the Sanctity of Marriage

  Read my post on LEZGETREAL Blog site its serious now oh and boycott Maine Lobster – not Kosher:  Indeed the next obvious step is legislation that prohibits one’s right to divorce.  Divorce is not an inherent right; it is one that is granted by specific statute. For example in California there would be no […]

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reBlog from lezgetreal.com: Silly Them! AG in Texas takes Risk Fuelled by Homophobia

I found this fascinating quote today: Go to link….. Mel 680 hits in 4 hours… its the slant…. So we can slant this in our favor, my LGBT friends in Texas, if the AG, Abbott fights this he will be doing us a favor, a big favor, because they will be impounding their own Constitution […]

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Ca Traditional Marriage Defender getting divorced…. ala ugly

 I was quoted today in an article by Paula Brooks: Melanie Nathan, a Private Courts mediator in California told LGR this morning, “Under California law, the moment a divorce is filed and the papers served, both parties are automatically restrained from alienating community property. It is hard to imagine that a sophisticated businessman like Mr. […]

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PAS Parental Alienation Syndrome

PAS – Canadian Judge calls treatment quakery …. Parental alienation syndrome..

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Pre-divorce mediation

The long term impact of divorce on a family, especially children, has much to do with the level of cooperation between the X-2-B’s.

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